Eternal Holy Emperor Chapter 4471

Chapter 4486: 72 pillars (super large

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After three hundred thousand years, Ye Chen finally became Taizhen and Supreme, and even in terms of combat power, he was able to fight against the Heavenly Overlord, such as the Supreme King, at the pinnacle of life and death.

It is conceivable that now he has reached such a terrifying level in terms of cultivation base, combat power, combat experience, and combat consciousness, reaching a height that is unimaginable by the world.

No wonder, at the beginning, he was able to defeat the brand of fighting with the realm of Zhentian War God in his youth.

Today, he can be regarded as the strongest of the first echelon under the Great Venerable. Except for Hun Wuji and Huangxu, he can be called fearless of everything.

Naturally, even today's Tiantian Clan also attaches great importance to the Taizhen Supreme, who is hard to find rivals like Ye Chen.

Especially when the high-ranking members of the Sky Patching Clan learned from the Sky Patching City Lord that Ye Chen's combat power was not inferior to that of the Sky Overlord, everyone was stunned.

The overlord of the sky, but the peerless king who was too on the list of origins in the world, the overlord of the prestigious generation of the sky, the prestigious overlord, the crown of the origin, the heavens are difficult to find an enemy, and the strongest in the first sequence under the great exalted.

Even the Master of the Sky Patching Clan, the patriarch of the Sky Patching Clan, if it were not for the blessings of the Sky Patching Hall and City Patching Sky, he would not be the opponent of the Heavenly Overlord, the Supreme King.

Moreover, Ye Chen 300,000 years ago, was only a mere Taixu Realm, although Taixu Supreme, but still not in the eyes of the heavens.

Now, in just 300,000 years, it has been such an unparalleled and unparalleled Taizhen Supreme, which is really unimaginable.

"Too true and supreme, it is comparable to the existence of the king, I did not expect to appear in front of my eyes!"

A half-step overlord of the Supreme Realm of the Sky Patching Clan sighed. Although the same is the Supreme Realm, he clearly understands that the King of Supreme Realm is far superior to the ordinary Taizhen, not to mention the Supreme Realm of the Supreme Realm, who is said to be absolutely invincible. , Is enough to top the Taizhen list first, and has the absolute number one battle power that makes all Taizhen kings undisputed.

The King of Supreme Realm is still reversible, against the overlord of the Supreme Realm, let alone the Supreme Realm.

In this way, it is not unimaginable that Ye Chen, the newly promoted Taizhen Supreme, can face off against the overlord of the sky.

A Taizhen Supreme, who is comparable to the Supreme King, has to be taken seriously. Even the Eternal Celestial Clan will not be underestimated. Moreover, the Mending Celestial Clan is only the most declining eternal Celestial Clan in the world, let alone being arrogant and arrogant.

The Patching Sky Clan knew that as long as Ye Chen could continue to make good friends, and even deepen his original relationship, if Ye Chen could really prove eternal in the future, it would be extremely beneficial to the Patching Sky Clan.

Just like the original Chaos Emperor, it is precisely because of a good relationship with Chaos Emperor that he helped him when he needed help, so that the current Mending Sky Clan no longer fears the oppression of the Ten Thousand Profound Sky Clan, or even the Chaos Sky Emperor repairs it. By replenishing the heavens, the Replenishing Celestial Clan was officially born.

If you make good friends with a Supreme Heavenly Sovereign, the future benefits will be infinite for the Sky Patching Clan.

Of course, the premise is that Ye Chen can really prove eternal success in the physical body, but at least for now, he sees a lot of hope.

Mi Tian Shao Zun smiled bitterly: "Brother Ye, it has only been many years. After you became Tai Xu Supreme, it only took you 300,000 years to become Tai Zhen Supreme comparable to Tai Shang Wang. I really want to I know, how exactly do you practice?"

This question is what other people want to know.

Ye Chen smiled and said, "I have experienced a lot to get to this point, but I mainly thank Tianzun for the help."

These words made the eyes of all the powers of the Tianzun tribe shook. Could it be that there are other hidden secrets in the Tianzuns blood pool, and there are even other Tianzun inheritances left by the Tianzun, otherwise Ye Chen would be as short as thirty. Ten thousand years will be able to break through the border and become the supreme invincible.

Ye Chen probably knew that Bu Tianzun did not leave the true blood and the origin of the Tianzun to these Tianzun descendants of the Bu Tian tribe, it was for him alone.

Although he didn't know why Tianzun was only left to him, not the entire Tiantianzu, but these are not easy to say. The only thing to do is to repay these after he proclaims to the highest heaven in the future. To supplement the heavenly clan.

Naturally, in order to better befriend Ye Chen, after numerous decisions within the Patchian Clan, Ye Chen was eventually named the honorary deputy head of the patriarch.

Although he is not the real deputy chief, and his power is not as great as the deputy chief, the ability to make a foreigner as the honorary deputy chief is also enough to show that the Patchian Clan attaches great importance to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen also possessed a monstrous power second only to the clan chief and deputy clan chiefs, and he only needed to help the Sky Clan at a critical moment.

In this regard, although Ye Chen said that even if he did not have the position of honorary deputy patriarch, he would definitely make a move, but the Patchian Clan still insisted on giving him the position of honorary deputy patriarch.

Regarding this point, Ye Chen kept it in his heart, knowing that this was the intention of the Sky Patching Clan, and it was not easy to refuse.

With the passage of time, not long after, everything that happened in the wild world was still widely known after all.

There was a great robber who shot in the wild world, trying to kill a peerless heavenly arrogant who had just crossed the catastrophe, but was stopped by the teacher of the wild heaven.

Moreover, in the unknown place, Jie Tianzun also came, but Huang Tianzun also shot, and the unknown heaven battle broke out.

In the end, it was heard that the robbers were killed, and several robbers, Taishang, were beheaded.

The robbery organization suffered heavy casualties.

Undoubtedly, this made people more and more shocked by the horror of the Huangtian Clan. The robbery organization came in person, and even Jie Tianzun came forward, and the robber Great Lord was still hit hard.

Huang Tianzun, the eternal supreme heavenly being who witnessed the Dao in the flesh, was so terrifying!

At the same time, some people were amazed, how sacred is the peerless Tianjiao who was robbed of the desolate universe at all costs.

Soon, there was an astonishing news that the peerless Tianjiao was an eternal demon who walked on the path of eternal attainment in the flesh. His name was Ye Chen. He was the same as the real name of the emperor of Chaos Tianfu, and was extremely terrifying. It has only been hundreds of thousands of years since the cultivation, and he broke through the realm not long ago and became the Taizhen realm.

Moreover, that is too true and supreme.

Because someone once needed to attack Ye Chen and seize his physical invincible Dao Fruit, he was a supreme realm overlord and was repulsed.

Afterwards, the second more powerful supreme realm overlord appeared, he was the overlord of Juechen, who chased and killed for a long time, and even entered the deserted world.

However, the overlord of Juechen fell, suspected of being killed by Ye Chen, and it was confirmed that Ye Chen was the existence of the Supreme Physical Road Taizhen.

As soon as the news came out, it caused an uproar and caused a huge shock in the origins of the heavens.

Everyone knows that the Supreme Being who has stepped into the Three Heavens and Three Empresses does not represent the title of Jietian Realm as known in the past, but the most extreme manifestation of combat power after a great realm.

Taixu Supreme, Taizhen Supreme, and Taishang Supreme represent the most powerful and extreme levels of their respective realms in the Three Tai realms.

For example, the Supreme Supreme Mixed Promise and the Desolate Ruins are all beings that can peak against the ancient Great Lord, and there is great hope for proving the Supreme Heaven.

Now, that Ye Chen first became Taixu Supreme 300,000 years ago, sweeping the Taixu Realm and invincible. Even the Ten Thousand Saint taught by Wanzhan, the strongest son of the Ten Thousand Profound Celestial Clan, is also the Taixu King. , The combat strength was unparalleled, extremely terrifying, but was also crushed and strongly defeated by Ye Chen, who was also in the Tai Void Realm, and he was not an opponent at all.

Now, it only took 300,000 years to become the Supreme Supreme, and the speed of such an enchanting cultivation was truly unprecedented.

The world is horrified!

After Hun Wuji and Huangxu, the two Supreme Supreme Beings, Ye Chen is also considered to be the third person who finally hopes to prove Dao Supreme Supreme.

Naturally, and precisely because of this, many forces have begun to trace the past of this Taizhen Supreme, hoping to find all the traces of becoming Taizhen Supreme.

The outside world is boiling.

Ye Chen naturally knew about these, but after he returned from the catastrophe, he asked the Sky Patching Clan for a temple and began to meditate.

The cultivation base and combat power are advancing by leaps and bounds, and it is necessary to consolidate the cultivation base to prevent the slightest blemish.

Fortunately, his foundation is extremely solid, and there are no problems.

Especially in the robbery, he benefited a lot.

It is not only breaking through the realm to become the Supreme Supreme Being, the cultivation base and combat power are advancing by leaps and bounds, but also because of the fight against the ancient and modern heavens when crossing the tribulations, and the vision of the mission of'inclusive of all rivers, tolerance is great', branded With the eternal power of the heavens from each of the heavenly deities, they are integrated into the body.

This is the biggest gain.

Now, as long as he is willing, he can fully mobilize these eternal heavenly powers for his own use. Although not many, the mystery of the eternal heavenly powers is that he can't understand the truth, enough for the overlord of the supreme realm to study. Endless years, that is a shortcut to spy on the realm of Tianzun.

It also means that once Ye Chen's physical body attains the highest heavenly position and becomes the physical heavenly sovereign, his eternal heavenly power will also be unique.

While submerging, Ye Chen has also been studying the power of these eternal heavens, and gradually strengthened the eternal power of the heavens, from the original trace to the root, to the back of the road, it becomes more and more powerful. Up.

At the same time, Ye Chen was also carefully considering the next step of the road to Tai Shang.

Now that he has become Taizhen and Supreme, he is basically unable to enter, and the next step is Taishang.

This is enough to make countless monks in the world envy and envy, because how many half-step overlords of the Supreme Realm, after reaching this level, it still needs to spend many epochs at every turn to gradually set foot in the middle of the real realm. At the later stage, at the peak, etc., you can even climb the upper realm.

How can you be like Ye Chen, once you enter the Taizhen state, you will be at the peak, and you can go on the Taihang road.

After 30 years of thinking, Ye Chen found that it would be too difficult if he wanted to be too high.

Because based on his current foundation, once he stepped onto the top of the list, he would at least be one of the top five cultivation bases, and it was even possible to become the supreme Supreme, no less than the Hunwuji and the ruins.

But it is exactly the same. He wants to be too top, too difficult and too difficult, and the foundation is too terrible.

The true blood of the Tianzun and the source of the Tianzun left by the Tianzun are enough to make a Supreme Realm hopeful to become the Great Lord of the Ancients, but it only allows him to step into the Supreme Realm.

It is conceivable that his path to being too high must be extremely difficult.

In other words, the Sky Patching Clan doesn't need to stay any longer, he must go to other places to find opportunities left by other Supreme Heavenly Sovereigns.

Ye Chen had a faint feeling, since the Sky Patching Clan left him a corresponding back hand, then other Supreme Heavenly Sovereigns, piercing the past, the present and the future, will also leave him with the corresponding means like the Patching Sky Clan. .


Of course, if you increase the power of the eternal heavenly paths of the heavens, once you reach a certain level, you will also hope to help yourself break through.

However, according to the current advancement, it would take hundreds of millions of years to fully strengthen these eternal heavenly powers to reach the state of conformity and destruction.

Hundreds of millions of years seem to be very short, not very long for many supreme, but for Ye Chen, it is too long, he can't wait.

The only way to go to other places where the Celestial Exalted remains, or the eternal Celestial Clan, the Celestial-class forces, can see if they can get the heaven-defying chance left by other Supreme Celestials.

After a hundred years of rest, Ye Chen left the Heaven Patching Realm and went to the Heaven Patching Palace, where he met with City Lord Patching Heaven.

City Lord Patching the sky personally met Ye Chen, and felt that the latters aura was restrained, like an ordinary supreme, but he clearly understood how terrifying the young man in front of him was, even the veteran of the sky overlord. The overlord is at a disadvantage, if he does not have the blessing to make up the sky city, he will not be an opponent.

The two chatted for a while, and Ye Chen asked to leave.

City Lord Patching Sky did not keep him, because he knew that the patching sky clan today did not have the ability to leave Ye Chen, and he also knew his sky-defying, destined to soar into the sky, he couldn't help but sighed: "Indeed, you should leave Patching the sky. Although there are many opportunities for replenishing the heavenly domain, you have even gotten the chances of the Heavenly Venerables blood pool. No matter how powerful other opportunities are, it is impossible to compare the Heavenly Venerables chances."

For this, Ye Chen was grateful and clasped his fist, saying: "This point, thank you for the gift from the Sky Patching Clan, someone from Ye will surely repay you in the future."

This is what you are waiting for.

City Lord Patching the Sky laughed loudly: "Friends of Taoism are humble. This is your chance."

Ye Chen rolled his eyes helplessly.

After leaving City Lord Patching the sky and saying goodbye to Shao Zun Mitian, Ye Chen was ready to look for the Emperor Zhenzi and others.

Three hundred thousand years have passed. Ye Chen didn't know where the old prisoners and other old friends had gone, but before leaving, they exchanged corresponding communication cards and the like to facilitate communication.

During the 300,000 years of retreat, he also received many messages from the Emperor Zhenzi and others, but he was at a critical moment in the transformation of the Heavenly Sovereign's blood pool at the time, so he has never responded.

After leaving the Pass, Ye Chen already knew through the various messages sent, that they had basically become the supreme Jietian realm over the past ten thousand years.

Even the Prisoner King was a quasi-giant who patched up the sky, the most powerful.

It can be seen that in just 300,000 years, they can get to this point, and they must have got a lot of opportunities.

However, under the impetus of the deities of heaven, it is reasonable to have infinite opportunities to be born.

Of course, compared with Ye Chen's progress, these improvements are a world of difference.

But after all, not everyone is a pervert like Ye Chen.

After Ye Chen responded to the Emperor Zhenzi and the others, he also learned their relative positions.

It should be a gathering for three hundred thousand years. By the way, I also understand whether there are other heavenly destiny left by the Supreme Heavenly Sovereign.

In the evening of the heavens, too many Supreme Heavenly Sovereigns fell. It was a **** chaos era. Even the Supreme Heavenly Sovereign fell for more than half, which can be imagined how tragic it was.

Although there have always been rumors, the Supreme Heavenly Sovereign is immortal, they are immortal, and one day they will return against the sky.

But no one knows when the fallen Supreme Heavenly Sovereign will come back against the world. They have left their own Heavenly Sovereign inheritance in the world. They may not all stay in the Eternal Heavenly Clan or the Heavenly Sovereign-level forces, but will also be accompanied by them. Really born in this life.

Ye Chen came to the teleportation domain gate of Patching Heaven City. When he arrived, thousands of cultivators had gathered here, ready to go to other distant places.

Although the Thirty-Three Heavenly Regions are only the tip of the iceberg compared to the place of origin, in fact, any eternal Heavenly Region is terribly vast and vast, even more astonishing than the ancient Chaos Universe.

Moreover, the Thirty-Three Heavenly Territory is the absolute core and central place of the Origin, and there is the place where the traces of the gods of the past are left. The heaven and the earth are extremely stable, suppressing the cultivator, even if the supreme wants to cross an eternal sky. It takes dozens of hundreds of years for all domains.

As for the transmission across the eternal horizon, ordinary domain gates simply cannot transmit that far distance because of the rules of heaven and earth.

Only the great ancient cities of heaven and some legendary giant cities have teleportation gates built by immortal great existences that can cross the distance of eternal heaven.

Therefore, countless cultivators have used the teleportation gate of Mending Heaven City to travel to other distant places.

The teleportation gate of Mending City is only opened once a month, and every time it is opened, it can be teleported to many places simultaneously. It is an extremely powerful teleportation gate.

Such portals, generally speaking, are only owned by the Eternal Celestial Clan.

Of course, the energy that needs to be consumed is also extremely large, so the wealth that needs to be transmitted is enough to make the most powerful people feel distressed.

Therefore, generally speaking, few cultivators will open it once alone, usually once a month, and then gather enough wealth to fill the heavens to open it.

Now, there are still ten days before the portal of the teleportation domain opens.

At this time, the restrained Ye Chen came to the teleportation domain gate. The teleportation domain gate was an elder of the Heaven-Mending Clan, who was at the Heaven-Mending Realm level. He was guarded at the teleportation domain gate all year round and was also practicing.

Because every time the portal of the teleportation domain is opened, it will activate the secret pattern of the Tianzun that was portrayed by the ancestor of the Tianzun, and it also has a huge training effect on the quasi-giant of the Tianzun realm, so this elder will actively stay here.

He saw Ye Chen but didn't recognize it, because the retreat for a million years has only ended in the last 100,000 years. It is normal to miss the time when Ye Chen became famous.

The elder of the Sky Patching Clan felt that Ye Chen in front of him was extraordinary, but he was not afraid, because behind him was the Sky Patching Clan, and said indifferently: "There are still ten days to open the teleportation domain door."

Ye Chen directly took out an ancient charm token with two words on it: Patch the sky!

When he saw this token, the elder of the Sky Patching Clan changed his expression and hurriedly bowed to him.

This is an order to patch up the sky. Looking at the entire sky patching clan, only a handful of people can have it. For example, the City Lord of Patching Sky, several deputy patriarchs and veterans, etc., are not qualified to have the Young Master of the Sky, which shows that.

This elder had also heard that an honorary deputy patriarch appeared in the clan, who was in a high position, and this person must be right now.

And I think of the thing about the Taizhen Supreme Ye Chen not long ago, and now I know that the honorary deputy patriarch is this person, that is, the Taizhen Supreme Ye Chen.

Ye Chenlian stopped the elder's salute, and the sound transmission said: "The elder is polite, I don't want to reveal my identity."

The elders naturally understand.

After the two exchanged for a while, they learned that Ye Chen was going to Kunlun Skyland, and immediately claimed that there was no need to wait, and the portal could be opened immediately.

Ye Chen waved his hand: "I can just wait, I don't need to turn it on right away."

The elder smiled and said with a voice: "The deputy chief of the clan, you are serious. In fact, the energy that opens the portal of the teleportation domain is dispensable for my sky-filling clan. Even if it is opened at all times, it can be maintained. Because the portal of the portal is What the ancestor of the heavens left behind can absorb the energy between the heavens and the earth and does not need to be maintained. It is said to the outside that it needs a lot of energy, just want to get some precious treasures."

Ye Chen smiled. He understood what he meant. Some treasures are not necessarily precious, but they are rare. The Sky Patching Clan does not necessarily own them, but they can be collected with the help of the teleportation gate.

Moreover, this was originally a teleportation gate belonging to the Sky Patching Clan, and for other cultivators, it was just a transaction.

After a while of preparation, under the shocked eyes of a crowd of cultivators, the teleportation domain gate of Patch Sky was opened in advance.

They looked at Ye Chen one after another, but Ye Chen changed his true face and didn't want to be too revealing, so no one knew his true identity.

After many cultivators hurriedly gave the corresponding teleportation rewards, they entered the portal of the teleportation domain and officially began to teleport.

The teleportation domain gate of Mending City opened a stable and colorful teleportation channel in the endless void space, divided into multiple channels at the same time, and teleported to other places.

Among them, the transmission channel where Ye Chen was located led to the Kunlun heaven.

After the prison emperor and others left Butianyu, they went to Kunlun Tianyu.

The Kunlun Cosmos is the eternal cosmos created by the legendary Kunlun Heavenly Lord of the Heavens. It is vast and boundless, and it is not smaller than the Patch Cosmos.

In the Kunlun universe, the Emperor Zhenzi and others have gained the inheritance of the giants of the ancient Taixu realm, and they have quickly risen through the border.

Even almost, it is said that the Supreme Realm originated from Zhu Tian Ji was born.

Of course, even if it is the inheritance of the Supreme Realm, Ye Chen can still treat it calmly. After all, he is now on the same level as the Supreme King who is on the list.

However, it was recently rumored that another Supreme Heavenly Venerable who had fought against Kunlun Heavenly Venerable had appeared there recently, leaving behind a related opportunity for Heavenly Venerable, which caused numerous powerhouses in the 33 Heavenly Domain to rush over.

Moreover, he learned from the Prisoner Emperor that there was indeed a trace of the Heavenly Lord of the Demon Dao Heavenly Sovereign who had been born a long time ago. Over the years, there has been a rumor that the Heavenly Sovereign inheritance is about to be born.

Naturally, the Mending Clan had powerful intelligence. As the Deputy Clan Chief of the Mending Clan's Hades, Ye Chen naturally received relevant information and confirmed that there was indeed the birth of the Tianzun ruins.


Just when Ye Chen was sitting on a divine ship, waiting to go to Kunlun Tianyu, fierce battle broke out in the endless emptiness, and the giants of the Taixu realm were fighting, which was very fierce.

However, the transmission channel is also quite stable, and even the duel of the giants of the virtual realm can hardly affect the channel.

Of course, the most important thing is that the battle of the giants of the illusion is far away, at least more than hundreds of millions of miles away, because the aftermath is already very weak when it hits.

The closer you get to the Kunlun Heavenly Territory, the more fierce battles of this kind will be. This shows that there are so many powerful people going to the Kunlun Heavenly Territory.


Suddenly, in the endless void space, its colorful avenue storms appeared, with two terrifying strongest fighting fiercely.

"Oh my god, it's the half-step overlord of the Supreme Realm!"

"Two Half-Step Overlords of Taizhen Realm are fighting fiercely in the endless void space!"

"It's terrible, it's simply ruining the world!"

The cultivators in the transmission channel were shocked, and there was a kind of trepidation. Those levels could be stronger than the emptiness realm. Once they were too close, the transmission channel would be blown up.


At this moment, due to being too close, the two Taizhen realm half-step overlords shook the transmission channel, submerged in it with unparalleled destructive power, and caused a devastating impact on all of them.

However, the two half-step overlords of the Taizhen realm didn't even bother, and they only had each other in their eyes.

And these people, to them, are just ants, not enough!

At this moment, Ye Chen stood up, and a surge of blood came to the sky, directly and forcibly suppressed all the destructive power that was submerged in the transmission channel, and at the same time, there was an indifferent voice resounding in the endless emptiness. In the space: "Go!"

The endless blood energy turned into a great hand that could reach tens of billions of miles in the void, shining crimson like the sun, and slapped on the two Taizhen half-step overlords in the blink of an eye.



In the transmission channel, the two peerless half-step hegemons of the thirty-three heavens are now so vulnerable. They are blown to life by a slap, and become two masses of blood fog. The endless rules of the avenue are flying, and the divine power is mighty.

This is really unimaginable, this is the half-step overlord of Taizhen, the unique existence of Gedai Wushuang!

After the teleportation channel quickly disappeared in the endless void space, the two figures regrouped. However, the Qi machine plummeted by a large amount, and I looked at the disappearing direction with lingering fear.

They all know that this time they hit the iron plate, who can imagine that there is such a worldly existence in the transmission channel.

Generally speaking, after reaching the realm of the real world, the world is so big that it can be gone. Not many people will teleport through the portal, because the speed may not be able to catch up with them.

Especially those who can slap them with one slap, that level must be the supreme overlord.

Although I have just experienced a huge impact caused by the half-step overlord showdown between the two Great Realm Realms, as the teleportation continues, there are still many peerless powerhouses in the showdown in the endless void space, affecting the operation of the teleportation channel.


With a sigh, Ye Chen stretched out his hand like a curtain, easily tore open the barrier of the transmission channel, and entered the endless void space, because if this continues, he will also be disturbed.


Break away from the endless void space and return to reality.

It is still in the patch sky domain.

Now, with his power, even the size of the 33-origin universe can be gone.

Butian domain is said to be big and big, and it is many times larger than the immeasurable domain and the southern barren land combined, but it is said that it is small and small, which is aimed at other eternal heavens.

Ye Chen's speed is very fast. As the Supreme Supreme, his speed is no less than that of the Supreme King. Even if he can't cast spells, but at this level, the mystery of the flesh is no less than that of the Supreme King, time and time again. Jumping into the void, every time tens of billions of miles or more, amazingly fast.

Not a long time, Ye Chen has truly entered the Kunlun heaven.

The Kunlun universe is extremely vast, with ridges on top of each other.

The legendary first mountain of origin, Kunlun Mountain, originated in the Kunlun heaven.

Kunlun Tianzun, it is rumored that Kunlun Mountain was born with spiritual wisdom and cultivated.

Therefore, there are many mountains in the Kunlun universe.

Ye Chen walked in the Kunlun Heavenly Territory. Because of the fall of the Kunlun Heavenly Venerable in the past, the Kunlun Heavenly Clan also perished in the long river of years with the Kunlun Heavenly Clan. According to reports, there is only one person left now, who belongs to the Chaos Heavenly House. That great Kunxu.

It is said that the Kunxu Dazun was the heir of Kunlun Tianzun, and it was also widely known later.

Kunlun Tianyu has also become a land of no masters because of the death of Kunlun Tianzun and the disappearance of Kunlun Tianzu. Even after the Kunxu Great Lord was confirmed to be the heir of Kunlun Tianzun, he never returned to this heaven. Allow all parties to get involved in this vast expanse of heaven.

Entering the Kunlun heaven, Ye Chen traveled all the way, crossing the endless sky, tens of billions of miles in one step, and the speed was extremely fast.

Along the way, naturally, I also saw a lot of Xeons, rushing to the place where the traces of Tianzun were born.

But they couldn't be as fast as Ye Chen.

Soon, he came to the place mentioned in the jade card of the communications jade plate, the Seventy-two Pillar Realm!

The Seventy-two Pillar Realm is located at the core of the Kunlun Heaven Realm, adjacent to the former Kunlun Heaven Realm.

From a distance, there are huge Optimus pillars standing upright, as if propping up the entire vast world.

It is also the place where the relic of Tianzun was born this time.

This vast and endless world was soaked with terrifying devil energy, it was as black as ink, and extremely dim. Even the sun of the sun of the sun could not break through the heavy demon clouds of the seventy-two pillars realm and shining into it.

Terrifying monsters criss-crossed the 72-pillar realm, and there were no shortage of those above the supreme realm. They were full of dangers.

Rumor has it that the only Demon Dao Heavenly Sovereign in Zhu Tianji is the place where the Demon Dao Remains left by the Extreme Demon Heavenly Sovereign.

Rumor has it that in the dusk of the heavens, the Extreme Demon Heavenly Sovereign fought the heavens and led the endless demon army into the Kunlun Heavenly Territory. He wanted to kill the Kunlun Heavenly Lord, slaughter the entire Kunlun Heavenly Territory, and swallow the endless blood to expand the strength of the Demon Empire.

Kunlun Tianzun once fought a heavenly battle with this Demon Heavenly Lord, and the Seventy-two Pillar Realm was the strongest Demon Realm left by the endless demon army under the seat of the Extreme Demon Heavenly Lord who attacked the Kunlun Heavenly Realm.

Because the Seventy-Two Pillar Realm is the legendary 72-pillar Demon God, representing the 72 strongest demon gods under the command of Demon Dao Tianzun, who once caused a **** disaster in the dusk of the sky.

In the Seventy-Two Pillar Realm, each Demon Pillar is an ancient vast world.

The Seventy-Two Pillar Realm is not only a world of seventy-two large worlds, but also a large world of super magic roads gathered together, no less than a chaotic ancient universe.

In the twilight period of the heavens, where the Seventy-Two Pillar Realm passed, the endless land of the devil, the heads of endless creatures rolled to the ground.

Its a pity that the prestigious Seventy-Two Pillars Realm finally stayed in the Kunlun universe forever. According to historical records, the Seventy-Two Pillars Demon God led the endless demon army of the 72 Pillars and fought with the Kunlun Celestial Clan. , In the end the same will die.

The Kunlun Celestial Clan disappeared in the long river of history, and the Demon Dynasty of the Extreme Demon Tianzun also became history.

"It is rumored that after the Heavenly Demon God and the Kunlun Celestial Clan started a life-and-death battle, both of them were suspected to have fallen. And the Seventy-two Pillar Realm suddenly disappeared in the Kunlun Celestial Territory after it died with the Kunlun Celestial Clan. Within ten thousand years, it was finally manifested in the world under the impetus of the gods of heaven, that is to say, the inheritance of the gods of the demon **** is likely to be within the seventy-two pillars."

"But there are also rumors that the Heavenly Demon God and Kunlun Tianzun were in a life-and-death battle, and both were injured. Other Supreme Heavenly Sovereigns secretly took advantage of the opportunity to kill the two great Heavenly Sovereigns. The most suspicious one was Taiyuan Heavenly Sovereign, because the Chaos Heavenly Sovereign took away from Taiyuan Heavenly Sovereign back then. One sky coffin, that sky coffin buried Kunlun Tianzun."

Before Ye Chen left, he had used the Butian Clan to know a lot about the past and present.

Of course, it originated from the longest twilight of the heavens, even though many secrets were not known by the Sky Patching Clan.

Ye Chen stepped into the Seventy-Two Pillar Realm, and in an instant there was endless demon energy rolling in. He wanted to invade and transform Ye Chen into a creature of the demon race.

But he couldn't succeed, because his physical body was too strong, and the devilish energy couldn't invade even the slightest.

However, the devil qi in the Seventy-Two Pillar Realm was also terrifying enough, and even a practitioner of the Great Power Realm could hardly resist this devil qi.

Ye Chen tore through the billowing demon energy, and went at a speed, and finally came to the vast world of one of the relatively core Demon God Pillars, also known as the Pillar Realm.

This column boundary is called the Tianluo column boundary.

Tianluo Zhujie is the column world of Tianluo Dazun, one of the seventy-two pillar demon gods of the former Demon Dao Tianzun, Extreme Demon Tianzun. Tianluo Dazhong is the most powerful demon **** even among the seventy-two pillar demon gods, and it is said to have reached the ancient great demon. level.

There are rumors that the Tianzun inheritance of the Extreme Demon Tianzun has appeared in the Tianluozhu realm.

The Tianluo Pillar Realm is very large, vast and boundless. If it is a chaotic ancient universe, there are rumors that it was formed by the original universe left by the Great Lord Tianluo, and it is majestic and endless.

In the Tianluozhu realm, it is a land of endless starry sky. The demon mountain and the great mountains are billions of weights, suspended in the starry sky, and some demon mountains are bigger and countless than the stars.

One of them stood in the center, as magnificent as Tianzun Mountain.

Because of the rumors of the birth of the Supreme Demon Tianzun, countless powerful people in the 33 heavens rushed to come. In the Tianluozhu realm, a stream of light flashed, and they were the supreme realm people at every turn, crossing the sky, rushing to the place standing there. Tianluo Mountain in the center of the Tianluozhu boundary.

Especially the cultivators of the magic path, there are even more countless, rushing from afar, and entering the seventy-two pillars realm like a fish in water.

The Seventy-Two Pillar Realm has a great effect on improving the cultivation of the magic way cultivator.

Along the way, there are also many stars. For many years, they naturally have the ultimate devilish energy. They are taken away by a strong person. They are all treasures of the demon path, and they can have a great deal of the demon path. Not a small increase helped.

Ye Chen ignored it. He walked leisurely. Every time he stepped, he traveled tens of billions of miles. He quickly traversed the heavy star field, and soon came to the endless debris area floating outside Tianluo Mountain.

It is said to be fragments, but in fact, each piece has thousands of super fragments, or even more than 100 million miles, but it is small compared to Tianluo Mountain.

Rumor has it that this was the result of a duel between the Great Demon Tianzun and the Kunlun Tianzun when the Great Demon Tianzun's line fought against the Kunlun Tianzun line.

The two ancient great lords fought fiercely, tearing the world apart and destroying the endless world.

The magnificent Tianluo Mountain, which resembles Tianzun Mountain, was finally destroyed by the Kunxu Great Zun in the upper half. The majestic and majestic mountain shattered innumerably, resulting in endless fragments. However, because Tianluo Mountain has a special magic power, Always pulling these fragments, making these fragments always surround the collapsed Tianluo Mountain, never leave, forming such a spectacle.

Ye Chen did not go straight into Tianluo Mountain, but a piece of debris that fell down was a million miles long. Civilization has been derived here. There are countless cultivators living in this area, and the population can reach tens of billions. many.

Among the fragments floating around Tianluo Mountain, many fragments also gave birth to birth spirits and cultivation civilizations.

When Ye Chen fell on this piece of debris, suddenly, a powerful spirit came over: "Outsiders, please leave this place."

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows, and he could feel that the master of Divine Sense could be regarded as a strong man, reaching the supreme level of the Heavenly Recognition Realm, which surprised him.

After all, this one million li fragment is said to be small but not too big, and it can actually spawn a supreme powerhouse.

But soon, Ye Chen knew, because this place is quite close to Tianluo Mountain, Tianluo Mountain is full of devilish energy, has the majestic Qi machine that Tianluo Great Lord has fallen, and this fragmented continent has Tianluo Great Lord's remnant Demon God's blood. Traces of other Xeons, so this fragmented continent derives a powerful demonic civilization.

Naturally, the supreme on Fragment Continent is also a cultivator of Demon Dao, and his mouth is considered polite. He drove him away without any evil words, and he didn't take any action. So Ye Chen responded gently: "I just stayed for a while, and I didn't intend to disturb you."

After the other party was silent for a while, he agreed and said: "Okay, yes, but if you dare to make a shot at the Star Luo Continent, don't blame this emperor for being ruthless!"

Because Ye Chenchun cultivated his physical body and his cultivation level was extremely high, the other party didn't know how strong he was, but vaguely felt that he was an unfathomable generation.


Although Ye Chen's finger is enough to crush the opponent, he is not a person who likes to kill. This time he came to find the Tianzun inheritance of the Extreme Demon Tianzun, as well as to find the Prisoner Emperor and others.

He took out the communication jade card, sent the corresponding coordinates, and waited silently.

Tianluo Mountain is huge, much larger than imagined, just like the Tianzun Mountain seen in Butian Realm, of course it is not as good.

But the breath of Tianluoshan is similar.

"The Great Lord of Ancient..."

Ye Chen muttered to himself, because he sensed the threads of Tiandao Qi from Tianluo Mountain, but it was not as pure as Tianzun Mountain, which replenished the heavens. He also remembered the Qi Qi sensed by the great robber who was intercepting and killing in the deserted heaven. , Very similar, both contain part of the heavenly qi machine.

It is rumored that the ancient great deities all have the lack of heaven, failing to successfully achieve the highest heaven, making the Origin Road become the eternal heaven, but also has a part of the power of the eternal heaven, so it is also called "the lack of heaven".

Moreover, the Tianluo Great Lord possesses Tianluo Mountain similar to Tianzun Mountain. It can be seen that Tianluo Great Lord is so ambitious that he hopes that one day he will be able to complement the heavens and become the supreme eternal Tianzun.

As time went by, more and more powerful people from the outside world continued to arrive, like shooting stars, one by one on the endless fragments floating around Tianluo Mountain, looking for the legendary Tianzun inheritance.

The first to bear the brunt was Tianluo Mountain, but it was blocked by the majestic mighty force, and it was never really close.

Because on Tianluo Mountain, there is a magic light that is like a mountain like a mountain, which contains the supreme power.

Obviously, this is the strength left by the former Great Lord Tianluo, who has gone through endless years, always staying, and protecting Tianluo Mountain.

Many powerful men surrounded this extremely huge Tianluo Mountain and began to look for the inheritance of Tianzun.

Even if it can't be found, Tianluo Great Venerable is also the legendary ancient Great Venerable, and the inheritance of the Great Venerable is also priceless.

Not long after, Ye Chen received a message from the Emperor Zhenzi and others, and was rushing from the outside world.

Soon, just a few hours later, Ye Chen was standing with his eyes closed on the cliff on the edge of the Star Luo Continent. At this moment, a powerful breath came from the outside world that was tearing the Star Luo Continent, and he was shocked. The supreme Qi machine in Xiang Luo Continent trembled.

Because the people who came were a lot of supreme, especially the prince of Zhen Prison, who had reached the Heaven Patching Realm, and could be called a quasi-giant, much stronger than the Supreme Receiving Heaven Realm.

In addition to the Prisoner King, there were also a few people who did not know, who were very strong, and came to Ye Chen's side with them.

"Brother Ye!"

The Prince Zhen, the God of War and others were very happy, and stepped forward to hug Ye Chen.

The other Tianjiao who walked out of the Prison Emperor's Domain, now basically reached the emperor level, and their strength was very strong.

Ye Chen hugged them one by one, and there were six other people who came with the Emperor Zhenzi and others. Among them, one of the strongest reached the giant of the Taixu realm, and the other two reached the quasi-giant of the sky-filling realm. The others All three of them are the supreme celestial beings.

However, his expressions were very arrogant, watching Ye Chen hug them with contempt, standing with his hands behind him.

Ye Chen looked at them and the Prisoner Zhenzi introduced: "Brother Ye, this is Chu Ya, this is Chu Xiangyu, and several others are from the Wanxuan Chu Clan."

Chu Ya is a beautiful woman who has also reached the level of patching the sky. Unlike the others, she also smiles friendly to Ye Chen.

As for Chu Xiangyu, he was the only giant in the Great Void Realm, very powerful.

He and the other Chu clan powerhouses didn't even nod their heads to Ye Chen, and directly ignored them, and stared at their eyebrows: "They actually occupy a fragment of such a weak continent..."

There is contempt in the words.

In his eyes, Xingluo Continent was indeed weak.

Ye Chen narrowed his eyebrows slightly, and the Prisoner Emperor hurriedly said: "Brother Ye, please forgive me, he is such a person. Moreover, he is a peerless and powerful person of the Wanxuan Chu Clan and cannot be easily provoked."

The Wanxuan Chu clan is the supreme family of the Wanxuan universe, and the overlord of Chu is the supreme supreme overlord of the Megatron 33 heaven.

In the 33 heavens, in addition to the Eternal Celestial Clan, the Heavenly Sovereign-level power, and the Great Sovereign power, the power of the Supreme Realm Overlord is the most powerful.

The Chu Clan, in the Ten Thousand Profound Realm, is one of the top ten forces under the Celestial Clan, and is very powerful.

Although the Emperor Zhenzi and others knew that Ye Chen had become the Supreme Void Realm in the place of the Zhentian War God Remains 300,000 years ago, the Chu Clan is the Supreme Clan, which is much more terrifying. They worried about Ye Chen. Will offend the Chu people.

Ye Chen said, "Have you been in the Seventy-Two Pillar Realm all these years?"

The Prisoner King said: "We have stayed in the Seventy-Two Pillar Realm for 100,000 years, but it is difficult to know the news from the outside here. Especially recently, due to the suspected birth of the Supreme Demon Tianzun inheritance, there are cultivators from all directions. , What happened outside."

"It's nothing." Ye Chen shook his head. Since their news is blocked, it's normal not to know that he has become the Supreme Supreme.

Otherwise, a Tianjiao of the Supreme Family would dare to talk to him, even the ordinary Supreme Realm overlord would not dare to do so.

You know, under the intention of the patching clan to spread it secretly, everyone in the world knows the patching up of the city, such as the peerless supreme king, the overlord of the sky, suffered a dark loss in front of him and turned away.

As more and more powerful people came, some outside news gradually spread.

When they learned that the outside world didn't know when a Taizheng Supreme appeared, they were even able to compete with the Taishang Wang, which made the Zhen Prisoner and others suddenly amazed.

"Oh my God, is Taizhen Supreme so defying the sky? Can you kill the overlord of the Supreme Realm?"

The emperor's son and others were obviously shocked.

Although Chu Xiangyu looked at a few people and ridiculed him, he also showed a look of leisurely yearning for the Taizhen Supreme, and said: "You group of foreigners, how do you know the terrible Taizhen Supreme? That is enough to sweep the entire Taizhen The invincible powerhouse on the list, although being able to kill the supreme realm overlord is very shocking, but it is also reasonable, after all, it can match the great existence of the heavenly supreme supreme king."

"But it's Ye Chen? Brother Ye, it's the same name as yours!"

The Emperor Zhenzi and others looked at Ye Chen, but didn't think it was Ye Chen. Although they had the same name, they were also in patching the sky, but that Ye Chen was Supreme Supreme, and Ye Chen was only in the Void Realm.

Although 300,000 years have passed, Emperor Zhen Prison and others did not think that Ye Chen could cultivate to this point.

The main thing is that many news from the outside world haven't flowed here exactly. The Emperor Zhenzi and others only know that the person with the same name and surname is Taizhengzhi, and the other information is not exhaustive.

At the same time, related news came. According to observations, within a hundred years, the protective force outside Tianluo Mountain will be completely dissipated.

Because Tianluo Mountain is currently protected by the power of the Great Venerable Tianluo, people from outside cannot enter it at all, including the overlord of the Supreme Realm.

"A hundred years? Too slow!" Ye Chen stood on the Xingluo Continent, looking at Tianluo Mountain, which seemed to be close and occupying half of the sky, but was actually more than tens of billions of miles away.

He had a plan to directly break through the protective shield formed by the remaining power left by the Great Lord Tianluo, and step into Tianluo Mountain.

Tianluo Mountain, anyway, is also a great mountain left by an ancient great master. Even if there is no inheritance of the Extreme Demon Heavenly Venerate, there should be a great honor-level inheritance, and it may also help him to a certain extent.

Here, Chu Xiangyu sneered, "What if it is too slow, with the protection of great power, even after endless years, there are not many left now, but it is still not broken."

The ancient great deity, what a stalwart existence, is second only to the supreme deity, and is called the deficient deity.

Even if it is just a residual force that has gone through more than two Chaos Epochs, it is still enough to stop the footsteps of many Supreme Realm overlords.

Although Chu Xiangyu didn't know Ye Chen's cultivation base, he heard that he was a purely cultivator of flesh, but together with the Emperor Zhen Prison, how strong he could be, and being able to have the Heaven Patching realm level would be great.

The other Chu clan supreme also looked at Ye Chen contemptuously.

Ye Chen just glanced at him faintly, as he didn't need to care about these juniors.

That's right, the power of the cultivation world is respected, and Chu Xiangyu is even much older than him, but in the cultivation world, he is only a junior.


Suddenly, the starry sky trembled, and countless fragments were shaking.

At this time, there are terrible strong men who crossed over from the outside world, carrying infinite powers.

In the dark starry sky, ten huge sundays suddenly appeared, each of which was extremely huge, exceeding tens of billions of miles, completely shining the entire starry sky of the Celestial Pillar Realm.

"What a powerful aura, it is the overlord of the Supreme Realm who is here, and it is actually the Ten Luminar God Heavenly Lord! I didn't expect him such as the overlord of the world to come in person!"

On the Star Luo Continent, the Wanxuan Chu Clan, the Emperor Zhenyu, the Valkyrie, and others were all taken aback.

Especially Chu Xiangyu, with a solemn expression, felt the majesty of the endless and majestic avenues overwhelming the sky. Even if he was as powerful as him, he was a giant in the Supreme Void, but in front of the overlord of the Supreme Realm, he was still insignificant. .

That level, called too high, is really too powerful.

"Ten Yaoshen Tianjun, but the overlord in the legend that can rival the ancestors, I didn't expect that even these overlords would come in person."

"It's about the inheritance of the legendary Extreme Demon Heavenly Sovereign, even the legendary overlord of the Supreme Realm must be heartbroken."

"Ten Lights God Tianjun has come personally this time, do you want to personally attack Tianluo Mountain?"

The powers of the Chu clan looked at the overlord of the supreme realm who had arrived with ten rounds of the sun, like a world-famous god, and the power of the supreme made the powers of Liuhe and Bahuang surrender.

The huge fragments of the continent trembled under the strong majesty of the supreme, and countless strong figures in the heavens were eclipsed at this moment.

This is the great power!

On the Infinite Fragment Continent, countless world civilizations have naturally spawned, and because the Celestial Pillar Realm is left by the Celestial Lord, even if it is not as strong as the real Great Lord-level strength, countless demon powers have been born. , There are many demon masters, demon magnates, etc., but in front of the supreme realm overlord, they are still extremely small and tremble.

On the other side, there is the overlord of the Supreme Realm, whose majesty is endless, equally astonishing.

That Taishang, riding on a prehistoric behemoth, cant see his true face clearly, and his body is surrounded by the Infinite Taishang Dao, but he is no less than the Ten Yao God Tianjun. Wherever he goes, the strongest of all parties must bow to salute. Worship.

Sitting down and swallowing the wild ancient beast open its mouth, thousands of fragmented continents swallowed in the belly. Regardless of the endless creatures in these fragmented continents and begging for mercy, a wide passage was formed directly, and they stepped into the endless fragments. Sit alone.

"Oh my god, that is the legendary swallowing beast, presumably this is too superior, it should be hopeless too, the generation of Shura Tianyu is too superior!"

"Hopeless too, but also a peerless overlord of endless years of fame!"

They saw another overlord of the Supreme Realm, who was equally majestic.

Ye Chen raised his eyes and looked at him, with a startled cry. Wasn't this the first Supreme Realm Overlord who made a shot when he crossed the Tribulation?

At the same time, as if coincidentally, a supreme realm overlord successively arrived from the outside world, all overwhelmingly eclipsing the sky, shaking with endless fragments, and coming.

Not long after, there have already been twelve too!

This is shocking, because the supreme realm overlord looks at the 33 heavenly domains, and is absolutely an extremely rare existence. In any eternal heavenly domain, there are only a handful of heavenly domains that exceed this number. on.

"Everyone, although it is still a hundred years before the protective power of the great deity left by Tianluo Mountain dissipates, but with the power of the twelve great masters like me, it is enough to blow away the protective power of Da Luo, it is better to open it in advance and look for it. Tianluo Great Lords inheritance may even have a chance to get Tianzun's inheritance. Otherwise, after a long time, others will be too high to come, and there will even be too top kings on the list. There will be not many opportunities for me to wait!"

Ten Yaoshen Tianjun spoke, and his voice was like a heavenly road, spreading throughout the land of endless fragments, causing other supreme realm overlords to nod.

Although they are all too top, a generation of overlords exists, you can know that the gap between themselves and the top king on the list is there.

The Supreme Overlord is really superior to the Supreme Overlord of the same realm. With their strength, it is difficult to compete.

Boom boom boom boom boom

Ten Yaoshen Tianjun took the lead in attacking Tianluo Mountain. Ten rounds of huge heavens and suns carry immeasurable power, draw the endless power of rules between the heavens and the earth, and slam into the protection of the great nobles outside Tianluo Mountain. .

"Oh my God, is Ten Yaoshen Tianjun going to forcibly break the protective shield of Tianluo Mountain?" a supreme Chu clan exclaimed.


Earth-shaking, as if it were destroying the earth, the terrifying and endless power slammed on the protective cover of the great master.

Almost at the same time, such as Wu Wang Tai Shang and other eleven supreme supreme overlords, they were also shooting at this moment, and the terrifying twelve supreme supreme overlords simultaneously attacked the Great Exalted Protective Shield.

The sky was shaking, and the entire Tian Luo Zhu Realm was shaking.

The protective shield of the Great Venerable is manifesting, and there are densely packed rules of **** patterns, and even the secret pattern of Tianzun, which is the protective power left by the former Tianluo Great Lord, all manifested, and it is contending with the attacking power of the Twelve Taishang. .

It is unbelievable that even the twelve overlords of the Supreme Realm simultaneously attacked and demonstrated the terrifying power of gods blocking and killing gods and Buddhas blocking and killing Buddhas, enough to destroy an original universe, but they were still resisted.

It's just that the power of the rules of the Great Lord on the protective cover of the Great Lord has been wiped out countless, and it has become more and more dimmed.

At the same time, when the Twelve Tais attacked the Great Lord's protective shield, a terrible void storm suddenly spawned.

The Endless Void was going to collapse, and when the colorful void storm swept through, it even knocked away the infinite fragments of the continent.

The Xingluo Continent was also affected. At this time, Chu Xiangyu and other Chu people did not protect the Xingluo Continent, leaving countless people in the Xingluo Continent desperate. Normally, the Xingluo Continent simply cannot withstand the invasion of such storms. Live, will be blasted to death in an instant.

Although the Emperor Zhenzi and others are willing to help, their strongest is only to fill the heavens and quasi-giant cultivation bases. They are as small as dust in front of the overlord of the supreme realm. Even if it is the aftermath, they are absolutely beyond their ability to resist. .

Suddenly, at this moment, they all saw Ye Chen standing on the Star Luo Continent, motionless.

"Brother Ye!" The Prisoner King and the others exclaimed, and they hurriedly transmitted the sound to make Ye Chen leave quickly.

The devastating storm caused by such a high attack, even a little bit of it, was enough to cause them to cause devastating damage, and even a little carelessness, they died.

"Idiot." Chu Xiangyu showed a sneer.

The people of the Wanxuan Chu clan showed concern except for Chu Ya. After persuading Ye Chen to leave self-protection, everyone else was extremely indifferent, even with a bit of ridicule, mocking Ye Chen's irresponsibility.

"Let's go!"

Chu Xiangyu shook his head and took the other members of the Wanxuan Chu Clan straight into the sky, not daring to contend with this void destroying storm.

The Prisoner King and others gritted their teeth, naturally unwilling to abandon Ye Chen, they wanted to stay.

But Chu Xiangyu shot directly, grabbing them with the power of the Heavenly Transcendent Realm, and snorted coldly: "Fools, if you weren't from the Chu Clan now, you wouldn't be bothered to save you idiots."

Regardless of their struggles, they soared to the sky and left, quickly disappearing here.

Ye Chen glanced at where they were leaving, saw the desperate look of the Emperor Zhenzi and others, leaving them with the last smile, and immediately turned to the Demon Dao Supreme on the Xingluo Continent, and said indifferently: "Since you It gave me a place to stand. Although it is not long, I never owe someone to Ye, so I can be regarded as repaying your favor."

Ye Chen's eyes suddenly sparkled, like the sun of two rounds of Heavenly Sovereign, there was a loud bang, and a punch was blasted forward.


This punch blasted out, and it seemed that there was no magic power, but the endless storm of destruction that was rolling in front of him was instantly blasted into ashes.

In addition, the punches continued to penetrate the endless sky, as if surpassed the twelve Taishang attackers, and landed on the protective shield of the Tianluo Mountain.

Accompanied by a loud noise that shook the entire Tianluozhu realm, that layer was a rain cover that was violently attacked by the twelve Taishang and never really broke, and was pierced by the natural ground with a width of hundreds of millions Huge cave in the house.

Connect inside and outside!

The world is horrified!

At this moment, Ye Chen made a bold move!

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