Eternal Sacred King Chapter 906

Chapter 908 Jian Wuzong

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Su Zimo shook his head and said resolutely, “It’s too risky for the three of you to leave at such a sensitive time without the seniors of the sect accompanying you!”

He was younger than Nangong Ling and the other two.

However, he surpassed them in terms of seniority.

He could not watch Nangong Ling and the other two take the risk!

Furthermore, for the past two months, every time he looked at the Heaven Slaying Sword Art for a long time and left his cave abode for a breather, he would feel like he was being watched!

If that person was a disciple of Hundred Refinement Sect, it would be fine if he was merely curious.

If it was a spy from Hellfire Hall or other sects planted into Hundred Refinement Sect, their every move would be exposed!

In other words, there was a high chance that they would be targeted the moment they left the sect!

“Little Uncle-Master, it’s fine!”

Ru Xuan said coquettishly, “Wind Cloud City is in the middle of the four unorthodox groups and isn’t too far away from our Hundred Refinement Sect. What danger could there be?”

Su Zimo was about to shake his head in rejection when he caught sight of Liu Hanyan who was standing beside him.

Although this quiet woman did not speak, she looked at him with a hint of anticipation in her eyes.

Su Zimo’s heart softened.

Liu Hanyan had been under too much pressure recently.

This trip might be able to ease her nervousness.

At that thought, Su Zimo was decided.

Nangong Ling looked at Su Zimo and harrumphed. “Who said that the seniors of the sect are so busy? Our Little Uncle-Master is so free.”

Rising, Su Zimo said indifferently, “Alright, I’ll accompany you guys for a walk.”


This time round, it was Nangong Ling’s turn to be surprised.

Initially, he was merely making a casual remark to goad Su Zimo – to think that the latter would agree to it in an unusual break of character.

Nangong Ling felt regret and grumbled.


Ru Xuan clapped and beamed.

Even Liu Hanyan heaved a sigh of relief. The conflicted look on her face seemed to have faded a lot as her eyes shone brightly. She bowed towards Su Zimo and said gently, “Thank you, Uncle-Master.”

“There’s no problem with me accompanying you guys to the gathering, but I have to remind you,”

Su Zimo’s expression was stern as he said in a deep voice, “The three of you may have fun, but you have to stay within 30 feet around me. Can you do that?”

“Aiyah, yes, yes!”

Ru Xuan urged and pulled on Su Zimo’s sleeves, walking outside while muttering, “Little Uncle-Master, you sure are naggy.”

Nangong Ling pursed his lips and muttered softly, “So what if I’m within 30 feet of you? Does that make me immortal?!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Nangong Ling felt his neck tighten as he was lifted into the air by his neck!


Nangong Ling’s expression was flustered and his face was flushed red. His legs kicked wildly in midair and he felt as though all his strength had vanished without a trace.

Right then, a rough face appeared before him.

Su Zimo grabbed Nangong Ling with one hand and said with a fake smile, “I can’t guarantee that I can turn you immortal, but at least I can protect your life!”

“Y-You, let go of me!”

Nangong Ling tried his best to channel his Dharmic powers and blood qi.

However, for some reason, he could not muster any strength under Su Zimo’s grip and could only let the latter carry him.


Naturally, Ru Xuan was fearless and burst into laughter.

Nangong Ling felt even more humiliated and nearly fainted on the spot.

All of a sudden!

He felt his body relax and he fell, regaining his freedom.

Nangong Ling was enraged and was about to argue with Su Zimo when he realized that the three of them had already left the cave abode and were heading outside.

Nangong Ling chased after him indignantly and remained silent.

After all, Su Zimo was his Little Uncle-Master.

He could not possibly fight Su Zimo in public. If his master were to find out about this, he would probably be kicked out of the sect!

Arriving outside the sect, Ru Xuan slapped her storage bag and summoned a spirit vessel that expanded rapidly with tea and spirit fruits – everything they required could be found within it.

“Little Uncle-Master, let’s go!”

With that said, Ru Xuan jumped up first with Su Zimo and the others following closely behind.

Now that he had the spirit vessel to travel, Su Zimo was bored with the freed time and took out the Heaven Slaying Sword Art to continue cultivating.

During this period of time, his entire focus was on the Heaven Slaying Sword Art. Whenever he was tired, he would rest for a while before continuing to comprehend.

Su Zimo had a feeling that he was about to crack the surface of the sword art!

The spirit vessel sped for half a day before slowing down.

Looking ahead, the outline of a gigantic city gradually became clearer on the horizon!

Wind Cloud City!

Its name implied that it was a place where heroes gathered.

Before they arrived at Wind Cloud City, there were already many cultivators in the vicinity.

Some people flew on swords.

Some people rode on the winds.

Some cultivators rode on auspicious clouds while some Perfected Lords rode on red-headed immortal cranes.

Putting away the spirit vessel, Su Zimo’s group of four descended in Wind Cloud City.

The city was huge and bustling.

Cultivators from various major sects and factions could be seen everywhere. On both sides of the road were countless stalls.

Divine weapons could be seen everywhere.

Ancient manuals and secret skills were everywhere.

There were all sorts of elixirs and talismans that were dazzling.

Some of the cultivators were even more straightforward and did not care about their immortal demeanor as they shouted at the top of their lungs to sell their items!

It was rare to witness such a lively scene and it was clear that Liu Hanyan’s mood improved tremendously – it was as though the pressure from the weapon refinement competition was gone.

Ru Xuan bounced around every stall and fiddled with the items curiously. However, she did not buy it and many people rolled their eyes.

Nangong Ling followed closely behind Liu Hanyan and paid attention to the gaze of his crush, ready to help her buy the treasures she wanted at any moment!

Su Zimo was still the same as before, holding the Heaven Slaying Sword Art in his hands and followed behind the three of them lazily.

He was indeed comprehending the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

However, at the same time, the scarlet-haired Yin Spirit hid in a corner of his consciousness and did not let down its guard, paying attention to its surroundings.

“Look over there! The paragon of Soaring Feather Sect, Wu Tianyu, has appeared!”

“Wu Tianyu, Rank 11 of the Phenomenon Ranking this time round. To think that he would arrive so early.”

“Let’s go take a look. I haven’t seen what a Rank 11 cultivator on the Phenomenon Ranking looks like.”

Many cultivators discussed and surged in that direction.

The cultivators on the Phenomenon Ranking were the center of attention no matter where they went!

“Fellow Daoist, may I ask if you’re the 83rd on the Phenomenon Ranking, Nangong Ling?”

Right then, a cultivator appeared and asked Nangong Ling with cupped fists.

Nangong Ling did not say anything and merely stood with his hands behind his back, nodding with a proud expression.

The cultivator had a delighted expression and said hurriedly, “It’s truly Fellow Daoist Nangong! I’ve been admiring your reputation for a long time. It’s truly a blessing to be able to meet you here!”

Right then, another commotion broke out from the crowd behind him.

“Look, it’s Jian Wuzong!”

“Ah! It’s him!”

The cultivator who was initially standing in front of Nangong Ling was even more agitated. As though he could no longer see Nangong Ling, he followed the crowd and headed straight for Jian Wuzong.

Even Nangong Ling revealed a hint of fear and whispered, “Jian Wuzong, third on the Phenomenon Ranking!”

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