Eternal Sacred King Chapter 978

Chapter 980 Complete Defeat

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“Senior Brother!”

With a shout, Sword Sect’s Qin Pianran stood out.


Her figure swayed and a phantom image rushed out of her body. Sword qi rumbled as she charged towards the Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body without hesitation.

Under the circumstances where all other Dao Lords were retreating out of fear, she stood out!

Qin Pianran’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was known as the Startling Sword Body and was also one of the legacy Dharma Characteristics of Sword Sect – it was 70 feet tall!

Under normal circumstances, the Startling Sword Body would definitely be considered as a top-tier Dharma Characteristic.

However, in front of the 90 feet tall Dharma Characteristic, her Dharma Characteristic was like a child that charged forward like a moth to a flame!

Qin Pianran ignored her own Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic.

In a flash, she arrived beside Dao Lord Immortal Sword and helped him up before retreating swiftly!


The two Heaven and Earth Dharmic Characteristics collided with a deafening bang!

Qin Pianran’s Startling Sword Body only managed to defend for a moment before it was disintegrated into nothingness by the Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body that had lost an arm!

With her Essence Spirit shaken, she grunted and staggered with a pale expression.

However, because of that delay, she had already escaped from the battlefield with Dao Lord Immortal Sword and was temporarily out of danger.

“Thank you, junior sister.”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword panted heavily and felt a sense of trepidation in his heart. Instinctively, he gripped Qin Pianran’s hand tightly, his palms filled with cold sweat.

“Senior brother, it’s all good as long as you’re fine. This person is too strong. Let’s return to the sect first!”

Qin Pianran’s heart skipped a beat when she was grabbed by Dao Lord Immortal Sword. She blushed and persuaded softly.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword gradually calmed down. When he saw the blush on Qin Pianran’s face, a thought crossed his mind as he whispered, “Junior sister, I understand your feelings for me! Don’t worry, I won’t let you down!”


Qin Pianran lowered her head and replied in a voice as soft as a mosquito.

After all these years, she had been waiting for that statement from her senior brother. At that moment, she felt incomparably blessed as her nose stuffed up while her eyes reddened.

Many of the Dao Lords present had calm expressions when they saw that. However, two of them sneered internally.

One of them was Dao Lord Cloud Rain.

He was an expert in the field of love and was experienced. Naturally, he could tell that Dao Lord Immortal Sword was merely patronizing Qin Pianran.

The other was Fairy Snowdrift.

That was because before this, Dao Lord Immortal Sword had once expressed his love for her but she merely rejected him.

The Scarlet Flame Dharmic Body stood in the middle of the battlefield with its scarlet red hair dancing in the wind. Flames raged on its body and it did not continue its pursuit.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire looked at Dao Lord Immortal Sword who had fled far away with a mocking look in his eyes as he declared, “The Dharma Characteristic Ranking this time round is truly lousy. The number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking is nothing much!”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword grit his teeth and veins popped up on his forehead with an indignant expression.

He had lost all face in front of everyone with that crushing defeat!

Before long, this crushing defeat would spread through the entire Middle Continent and the cultivation world!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s heart was filled with endless hatred and anger!

His gaze shifted between Dao Lord Extreme Fire and Su Zimo.

The humiliation today was a gift from Dao Lord Extreme Fire and Su Zimo could not escape responsibility as well!

If he had obtained the Heaven Slaying Sword Art back in Thousand Demon Valley and cultivated it, the outcome of today’s battle would have been the complete opposite!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire waved his hand and said coldly, “Scram. Remember, don’t come to Hundred Refinement Sect to try and boss us around in the future. This is just a lesson for you!”

“That old thing!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain cursed internally.

He thought that Dao Lord Extreme Fire would go on a killing spree in his rage and incur the hatred of the immortal sects.

To think that Dao Lord Extreme Fire would stop in time!

That was Dao Lord Extreme Fire!

He had grasped the situation perfectly!

Even though there were no major immortal sects who were hostile towards him, he had also achieved his goal of establishing his dominance and intimidation!

Not only would they have to retreat today, if anybody within the cultivation world wanted to lay their hands on Su Zimo in the future, they would have to deliberate as well.

There would be no repeat of today’s situation where people could just barge into Hundred Refinement Sect asking for someone.

“Extreme Fire, I’ll definitely take revenge for today’s humiliation!”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword clenched his fists and spoke through gritted teeth.

“You don’t have a chance anymore.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire said indifferently, “It’s all thanks to you that I was able to receive the opportunity to break through so quickly!”


Many Dao Lords were alarmed.

Break through?

If he broke through to the Dharma Characteristic realm, wouldn’t he be at the Conjoint Body realm?

Dao Lord Immortal Sword could tell what Dao Lord Extreme Fire was implying as well. His blood qi attacked his heart and he spat out another mouthful of blood with a dispirited expression.

It was a complete defeat!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire did not take him seriously at all for this battle!

He was merely used as a stepping stone and for Dao Lord Extreme Fire to exert his dominance!

“Senior Brother, let’s go.”

When she saw Dao Lord Immortal Sword in such a state, Qin Pianran felt a sense of pity and persuaded gently, “Senior Brother, you’re a titular disciple of the sect and your talent is definitely not inferior to anyone else’s. Go back and continue cultivating. You’ll definitely make a comeback!”

For Dao Lord Immortal Sword, words such as titular disciple and talent were extremely piercing right now!

In fact, he even felt like Qin Pianran was mocking him!


Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s expression was cold as he flung Qin Pianran’s arm away fiercely, completely forgetting that the woman beside him had just saved his life.

Qin Pianran sighed softly and was not angry.

In her opinion, anyone would lose their composure after receiving such a blow.

She believed that her senior brother was not intentionally targeting her.

“Fellow Daoists who are here to extend their congratulations can stay as guests at Hundred Refinement Sect,”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire surveyed his surroundings and said slowly, “As for those with evil intentions, please return! Men, send the guests off!”

Many Dao Lords could sense that Dao Lord Extreme Fire’s aura was rising continuously – it was at a critical point!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was about to break through to the Conjoint Body realm!

“This is a rare opportunity. I’ll be thick-skinned and stay behind to observe.”

Dao Lord Divine Moon smiled faintly.

“Not bad indeed. We were just here to extend our congratulations, to think that we would encounter such an opportunity,” Another Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord clapped and laughed.

Not everyone would get the chance to witness a breakthrough to the Conjoint Body realm – it was an extremely valuable experience for all the Dao Lords present!

As for Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others, they were naturally too embarrassed to stay and left with darkened expressions.

“If you allow it, I would like to stay and observe as well,” Fairy Snowdrift said with cupped fists.


Dao Lord Extreme Fire nodded.

Fairy Snowdrift had been neutral the entire time and Dao Lord Extreme Fire would not target her.

“Hehe, Extreme Fire, see you in the future.”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain knew his place and cupped his fists before turning to leave.

Su Zimo looked at Yan Beichen.

Although no one knew the purpose of Yan Beichen’s trip, if he wanted to stay, Su Zimo would definitely speak up for him and Dao Lord Extreme Fire would not refuse either.

However, Yan Beichen stood up and turned to leave expressionlessly; he had not said anything the entire time.

The remaining Dao Lords frowned in confusion.

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