Eternal Sacred King Chapter 979

Chapter 981 Heartless Saber

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“What did the Asura come here for? He came to visit Hundred Refinement Sect and left just like that?”

“I’m not sure. That person has always acted without reservations. Who knows what he’s thinking?”

“He’s probably here for Su Zimo as well. However, he probably knew that he was not a match when Dao Lord Extreme Fire displayed his strength and decided to flee.”

Many Dao Lords looked at Yan Beichen’s back view and discussed softly.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

He was probably the only one who knew that Yan Beichen had an ulterior motive for coming here. Furthermore, it was most likely for him!

“Everyone, please proceed to the inner hall.”

Dao Lord Extreme Fire nodded at Su Zimo and turned to head within Hundred Refinement Sect.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was about to break through to the Conjoint Body realm and this was an important matter – Su Zimo did not disturb him for Yan Beichen’s matter either.

Pondering for a moment, Su Zimo headed out of Hundred Refinement Sect alone.

“Uncle-Master, where are you going?”

Just as Dao Lord Scarlet Star was about to leave, he bumped into Su Zimo and asked casually.

“I’m just heading out for a walk,” Su Zimo replied ambiguously.

Dao Lord Scarlet Star reminded, “Uncle-Master, be careful. Don’t leave Hundred Refinement Sect. Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others shouldn’t have gone far.”

With that said, Dao Lord Scarlet Star left hurriedly to inform the elders of the sect.

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was about to break through from the Dharma Characteristic realm and all the Conjoint Body elders of Hundred Refinement Sect had to appear to protect him – nothing must happen during this process!

At that moment, everyone’s attention was on Dao Lord Extreme Fire and no one noticed Su Zimo’s departure.

Su Zimo headed forward and sped outside Hundred Refinement Sect!

Passing through the entrance of Hundred Refinement Sect, Su Zimo arrived before the gatekeeper boy and asked, “Where did those Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords go?”

“Over there.”

The gatekeeper boy pointed.

Su Zimo nodded and sprinted in the direction the boy pointed without hesitation.

He was not afraid even if he encountered Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others!

Although he was no match for them in terms of combat strength, he could rely on his many trump cards such as Blood Escape to flee!

Before long, Su Zimo sensed something.

Lowering his body, his entire body was almost stuck to the ground. His limbs moved at the same time and his body slithered forward like a gigantic python without a sound.

Su Zimo came to a dense patch of grass before coming to a stop. He squinted his eyes and listened intently.

There were a few figures standing in midair up ahead.

Sword Sect’s Dao Lord Immortal Sword and Qin Pianran.

There was also Dao Lord Cloud Rain, Heavenly Dipper Sect’s Dao Lord Breaking Skies, Zephyr Thunder Palace’s Dao Lord Fire Cloud, Chaos Essence Sect’s Dao Lord Cloud Sun, Formless Monastery’s Monk Kong Wen and Wisdom Monastery’s Monk Liao Ming.

There was also Dao Lord Heaven Sea of one of the Upper Sects, Five Elements Sect.

The nine Dao Lords stood together.

Opposite them stood another figure in black robes with a cold expression and a blood-red saber on his shoulder.

The Asura, Yan Beichen!

“Asura, why are you following us?”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain frowned slightly and asked with a hint of impatience.

The Asura had an eccentric personality and was bloodthirsty. Even those of the fiend sects were unwilling to interact with him and wanted nothing more than to avoid him.

Yan Beichen replied indifferently, “Since my Dao Title is the Asura, I’m naturally here to kill.”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain asked, “Who?”

“All of you,”

Yan Beichen said three words and the entire place went silent.



Immediately after, Dao Lord Breaking Skies, Dao Lord Fire Cloud and the others laughed mockingly.

“Are you joking with us?”

Dao Lord Cloud Sun of Chaos Essence Sect sneered.

Among them, there were either late-stage or perfected Dharma Characteristic cultivators. Furthermore, there were existences like Dao Lord Cloud Rain.

Although the Asura was extremely famous, he had just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm.

Everyone truly did not take him seriously!

If not for the fact that Dao Lord Cloud Rain was present, they would have been able to kill this Asura with the excuse of slaying evil fiends!

However, among the nine Dao Lords, there were a few who did not laugh.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain was one of them.

He knew that the Asura was never one to joke.

If the Asura wanted to kill someone, he would definitely do it!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword frowned and looked at the Asura with a wary gaze.

If he was in his peak condition, he could naturally suppress the Asura with ease!

But now that he was severely injured and his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was destroyed, he could not reconjure it within a short period of time. If he were to truly fight against the Asura, the outcome would be unpredictable.

Thankfully, there were nine people on their side and there should be no danger.

Dao Lord Heaven Sea of Five Elements Sect knew that he was the weakest among them and did not have the right to mock the Asura. He coughed gently and asked, “Fellow Daoist, we have no feud with you. Why do you want to kill us?”

“Asuras don’t need a reason to kill!”

Yan Beichen’s eyes shone with a murderous intent.

Without any warning, his shoulders moved and the blood-colored saber seemed to have a life of its own as it jumped up!

The blood vessels on the saber expanded and blood qi filled the air.


Blood flashed!

It was too fast!

Dao Lord Heaven Sea froze.

The next moment, his head flew into the air, spraying blood everywhere!

In midair, the headless corpse fell.

His Essence Spirit had long been minced by the sharp saber qi and did not even have the chance to escape!

Dao Lord Heaven Sea was dead!

Even till his death, he did not understand why he died.

He did not expect the Asura to be so decisive and not give him any chance to react!

When Su Zimo, who was sprawled in the grass saw that, his heart skipped a beat and a look of realization flashed through his eyes.

He finally understood why the Asura was here!

The Asura was here to kill!

The Asura was here to kill for him!

Su Zimo was right.

The news of the Thousand Crane Tea Party spread throughout the Middle Continent and Yan Beichen naturally heard it as well.

Furthermore, Yan Beichen knew that Sword Sect, Chaos Essence Sect and the other major immortal sects would definitely not let things go and would definitely take action!

Therefore, even though he had just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm, he still rushed over fearlessly after hearing that many Dao Lords wanted to cause trouble for Su Zimo!

It was just like in the past. Back when Yan Beichen had just advanced to the Void Reversion realm and heard that Ethereal Peak was in trouble, he crossed an entire region and traveled day and night for a year before resolving Ethereal Peak’s crisis almost singlehandedly!

Everyone thought that the Asura was heartless and disregarded his kin.

However, Su Zimo knew that although the Asura achieved his Dao through killing, the blood that flowed through his bones was filled with boiling passion!

What was heartless was the Asura Saber in his hands!

Although Dao Lord Extreme Fire was powerful, he still had reservations and did not dare to kill Dao Lord Immortal Sword for real.

Therefore, he had to stop in time once he attained his goal of establishing dominance and intimidation.

After all, Dao Lord Extreme Fire still had to take Hundred Refinement Sect into consideration.

However, Yan Beichen had nothing to worry about!

That was because he was an Asura whose Dao was proven by killing!

Dao Lord Extreme Fire was merely teaching Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others a lesson. As for Asura Yan Beichen, he had no intention of letting the nine of them return alive!

The Dao Lords were shocked and retreated!

Apart from Dao Lord Cloud Rain, no one expected the Asura to really dare to make a move against nine of them!

Less than that, none of them expected the Asura’s methods to be this terrifying – Dao Lord Heaven Sea did not even have a chance to react before he was slain by a single saber strike!

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