Eternal Sacred King Chapter 980

Chapter 982 White Bones Purgatory

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Heavenly Dipper Sect’s Dao Lord Breaking Skies glared at him and shouted, “We didn’t attack you because of Dao Lord Cloud Rain! Don’t push your luck!”

“Cut the crap! I’ll kill Cloud Rain as well!”

Yan Beichen sneered coldly and slashed forward with his blood-colored saber.

Blood qi spread and a gigantic purgatory appeared before everyone, enveloping the remaining eight Dao Lords!

Purgatory Saber Intent!

At this stage of his saber intent cultivation where he could materialize Dharmic powers, he could already fight against top-tier Dharmic arts!

Although Yan Beichen had just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm, his saber intent was already at its peak!

Instantly, the entire battlefield was filled with a sinister aura and fiend shadows. Blood flowed like rivers and corpses were strewn all over the place as wails of ghosts could be heard.

“Heavenly Dipper Fist!”

Dao Lord Breaking Skies shouted and his blood qi surged as he channeled his Dharmic powers to strike the surrounding purgatory viciously!


Dao Lord Cloud Sun of Chaos Essence Sect condensed a top-grade Dharmic art in an attempt to break through the purgatory and connect to the world.


Formless Monastery’s Monk Kong Wen placed his palms together and formed hand seals, creating a Formless Dharmic Seal that smashed towards the surrounding purgatory!

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present were all paragons of the various immortal sects and Buddhist monasteries. Otherwise, they would not have dared to rush to Hundred Refinement Sect to demand for Su Zimo.

Needless to say, the Dao Lords had a tacit understanding and attacked at the same time, prepared to shatter the purgatory!

In the eyes of many Dao Lords, even though the Asura was a titular disciple, he had just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm at the end of the day and it was impossible for him to fight against eight of them alone!

However, everyone overlooked something.

Among them, there were only two titular disciples.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword was severely injured and was supported by Qin Pianran. Neither of them attacked.

As for Dao Lord Cloud Rain, he frowned and conjured a Dharmic art in his hands. He merely conjured a mist around him to defend against the Purgatory Saber Intent and did not take the initiative to attack.

Among everyone present, Dao Lord Cloud Rain was the one who understood the Asura the most.

If he attacked with his full strength, he had a 60% chance of suppressing the Asura!

Although both of them were titular disciples and his cultivation realm was a level higher, his cultivation techniques and secret skills were not lethal enough against the Asura!

The Asura was emotionless and sought the Dao through killing.

His Seven Emotions Threads and Six Desires Palm Strike had minimal effects on the Asura.

Furthermore, the Asura was bloodthirsty and disregarded even kinship; he would be wary about a fight to the death with the Asura as well.

Furthermore, both of them were titular disciples of the fiend sects. There was no need for them to fight the moment they met.

At that thought, Dao Lord Cloud Rain merely conjured a Dharmic art to defend passively.

Apart from the three of them, there were only five Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords in the purgatory that retaliated!

“White Bones!”

Yan Beichen shouted softly and waved his saber. The saber qi surged in the purgatory!


The corpses that were initially lying motionlessly in the blood river rose one after another as though they had sensed a strange power!

One after another, they were densely packed!

Those skeletons were all paragons who died under Yan Beichen’s hands when they were alive and not many of them were nobodies!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The counterattacks of Dao Lord Breaking Skies and the others were blocked by the skeletons – they could not shake the purgatory.

Instead, the amount of blood in the purgatory was increasing and it was getting thicker. By now, it had already passed everyone’s ankles and a sinister wind blew with a stench!

The skeletons could not defend against the Dharmic arts and weapons of Dao Lord Breaking Skies and the others and were sent flying in retreat continuously.

However, as long as they were not smashed into pieces, even if they lost their arms or heads, the skeletons could still stand up and continue charging towards the five Dao Lords!

Normally, Buddhist Dharmic arts were the most effective against Dharmic arts of fiend sects.

However, Monk Kong Wen and Monk Liao Ming’s Dharmic arts could not suppress the Asura at all!

Water could counter fire, but fire could also burn water into nothingness!

Sanskrit echoed endlessly with a Buddhist glow.

However, the sounds of ghosts wailing and wolves howling were even louder in the purgatory as blood qi surged into the skies, suppressing the Buddhist light fiercely!

Not only were the five Dao Lords unable to break through the purgatory, they were in a stalemate!

At the sight of that, Qin Pianran asked softly with a grim expression, “Senior brother, are you still alright?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword was silent as he looked at Dao Lord Cloud Rain silently.

Qin Pianran naturally noticed Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s actions as well and whispered, “Dao Lord Cloud Rain is someone of the fiend sects after all and has no intention of attacking. Let’s join forces and kill this fiend together with fellow Daoists from the immortal sects!”

When she saw that Dao Lord Cloud Rain did not take the initiative to attack, Qin Pianran’s intention was to join forces with Dao Lord Breaking Skies and the others to fight the Asura.

As for Dao Lord Immortal Sword, his thoughts were on how to escape!

Right then, something weird happened!

Yan Beichen’s glabella shone and released a shuddering spirit consciousness fluctuation. A blood-colored saber condensed from spirit consciousness appeared and slashed towards Monk Liao Ming!

It was an Essence Spirit secret skill!

“Asura, you”

Monk Liao Ming was alarmed. Before he could say anything, he hurriedly conjured his Essence Spirit secret skill in an attempt to defend against the blood saber!


The two spirit consciousnesses collided.

After a brief pause, Monk Liao Ming’s spirit consciousness was sliced into two by the Asura’s spirit consciousness blood saber and it followed through with the momentum to enter his head!

Monk Liao Ming’s body stiffened and his eyes widened. His gaze gradually dimmed as his lifeforce drained rapidly.

The spirit consciousness blood saber slashed down on Monk Liao Ming’s face but left no wounds in its wake.

However, within his consciousness, his Essence Spirit was already sliced into two by the blood saber and was completely destroyed!

This was a fight between Essence Spirits!

The difference of a single move could result in death!

Monk Liao Ming did not even have the chance to conjure his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic.

Dao Lord Breaking Skies and the others were shocked!

Cultivators would not use Essence Spirit secret skills in a fight unless they had no other choice.

After all, the danger of a fight between Essence Spirits was way too great!

Most of the time, even if one could kill his opponent with Essence Spirit secret skills, their Essence Spirit might be shaken or even injured.

It was difficult to recover from injuries to the Essence Spirit – that would have a huge impact on a cultivator’s future cultivation!

For example, in the battle between Dao Lord Immortal Sword and Dao Lord Extreme Fire in Hundred Refinement Sect earlier on, both parties were truly enraged and released their Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics. However, they did not use any Essence Spirit secret skills.

They were also leaving a way out for themselves.

Dao Lord Breaking Skies and the others had not expected that the Asura would suddenly release an Essence Spirit secret skill after a brief battle without giving them any way out!

The Asura’s killing intent was terrifying!

Furthermore, they had not expected the Asura’s Essence Spirit secret skill to be so terrifying that it could kill Monk Liao Ming instantly!

“What a lunatic!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain cursed internally.

He had initially planned to watch the show by the side due to his immense strength.

But now that the Asura had even released his Essence Spirit secret skill, he was afraid that the spirit consciousness blood saber would turn and slash towards him!

Others might not do something as such, but the Asura would definitely do so!

Fog surged within Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s body as he pushed away the incoming skeletons. Arriving beside the purgatory, he flipped his palm and struck it!


The purgatory was penetrated by his palm!

With a flash, Dao Lord Cloud Rain sped into the distance.

He had already cultivated to this realm and if nothing went wrong, he would definitely be able to step into the Conjoint Body realm in the future. He truly did not want to provoke that ruthless Asura for no reason!

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