Ethan’s Fantasy Drift Chapter 175

Vol 2 Chapter 75: Observe the situation

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"Captain Ethan."

"Just call me Ethan."

"Okay, Ethan. You can also call me Cleo directly." Cleo was very polite. His appearance was very different from the adventurers Ethan had seen before, like he was born. Better, the second generation who has received systematic education since childhood: "You said before that there is a mysterious power on this island that can make people fall into the illusion unconsciously?"

"Yes it is."

Ethan didnt conceal it. He simply told Cleo what he knew. He didnt care about such a little information, and he knew that just having this little information would not prevent this group of people from getting on the island. He was very I am curious about how these people will deal with this kind of trouble.

Cleo has been quietly listening to Ethans description, occasionally asking for some small details, and then standing there quietly thinking. Ethan noticed that he glanced at himself and Logan when he was thinking. Several times, he even glanced at his boat.

He is observing his own situation!

Ethan immediately realized what Cleo was doing. He was inferring the credibility of his words based on his own situation. At the same time, how many threats the strange power had, seemed to want from his own side. React to judge whether there is any loss of personnel on your side.

"Thank you very much for your information and help. Maybe these messages can help my crew escape some unknowable dangers and save their lives."

Cleo opened his mouth to thank Ethan when he finished talking about the situation, as if he had been listening to Ethans words from the beginning to the end. If Ethans senses were far more sensitive than ordinary people, he would not have been spotted. This kind of cautious'little action'.

This is a very cautious captain.

Think about what this place is. The opponent has a large number of crew members and can command so many subordinates very well. It proves that he is good at mixing here. Then his own ability does not need to be questioned. It is normal to have these actions. Nevertheless.

If you don't care about it and immediately believe in a message provided by a stranger, he will find it strange.

Afterwards, the two parties exchanged for a while. Cleo finally said hello to Ethan and returned to his ship. The Eternity slowly started again and headed for a place not far in front of the Aurora. It is the most suitable place for landing nearby, and it can also be a certain distance away from the Aurora.

It can be said that I didnt know the situation before, so I came up for some exchanges and conveyed kindness by the way.

Now it has been conveyed in good faith, and the information has also been obtained. The Eternal must find its own anchor point, and cannot always be stuck on the outside of the Aurora, so that it is suspected of trapping the Aurora and being harmful to people.

In addition, when they are too close, when they are resting at night, both parties dare not relax their vigilance. This is not a good thing for both parties, so it is necessary to keep a proper distance.

After the other party's ship slowly drove away, Logan, who had never spoken before, exchanged views on Cleo with Ethan.

"This person is not easy to deal with."

"I know."

Ethan switched on the communicator to remind Diana that he could come out. Before the Eternity was approaching, he used a communicator to get in touch with Diana and told her not to come out and hide in his captain's room. If there is a conflict, she can directly go out from the window of the captain's room and launch an attack on the opponent's ship.

This is Ethans greatest confidence in daring to let the opponent come closer. With Dianas current strength, she doesnt need to waste much effort to dismantle a wooden sailboat. If she uses her divine power to bombard, she can take Eternal from this The world is completely wiped out, and even the dregs will not be left.

Diana walked out of the cabin and stood next to Ethan and Logan, looking at the Eternal, which had been opened at least two hundred meters away. Now the two sides can relax their vigilance a little. If you want to launch an offensive at this distance, Being noticed by the other party and having enough buffer time is considered a suitable distance.

"Who are those people?"


Diana glanced at Ethan. She now understands a little bit that human beings are not all kind. Human nature is very complicated. In many cases, your kindness cannot be exchanged for the same kindness, or even malicious.

"What do they want to do?"

"Should be the same as us, want to go to the island to see what the island has?"

"With us?"

"No, I should try it alone first."

Not long after the Eternity stopped, Ethan saw a small team of several people set foot on the island. This was a good opportunity to observe. He, Logan and Diana just stood on the stern floor like this, using The telescope was watching the team.

He also looked at the Eternity side. Cleo did not set foot on the island, but with his first officer, standing on the stern like Ethan and others, holding a binoculars to observe his crew. Ethan also noticed that a watchman at the top of Eternal's mast was doing the same thing.

Because this island is a grassland, the line of sight will not be blocked, everyone can clearly see the situation of the crew.

In the beginning, they moved forward normally on the island, deepening toward the center of the island, but as they gradually moved farther and closer to the center of the island, the group of people actually slowly dispersed. At this time, it seemed that they were already aware on the Eternal. When it was not right, plus Ethan had given enough information before, Cleo began to ask his men to signal the missing crew members.

Ethan has already noticed that every time the crew advances a certain distance, they will look back at the location of the Eternal, obviously observing whether there is any signal coming. They still maintain this habit today, but let it be on the Eternal. How to do it, those people continued to move forward as if they hadn't seen them, and these people were getting more and more scattered, and now it was like a few unrelated people walking around on the island.

Their route is not fixed, but generally they still headed towards the depths of the island, and suddenly disappeared after walking a distance.

Ethan knew that this group of people must have completely fallen into the illusion. With long enough grass to cover it, it was true that the people who fell on the ground could not be seen in the distance.

"They had looked back at their boat before, but they continued to move forward as if they had not noticed any anomalies. This means that their senses have been affected at the time. In their eyes, their boat is still quietly parked in place. The signal is also telling them that everything is normal."

"This should be."

I was in a phantom before, and I didnt know what was going on. Now the crew of the Eternity showed it in person. After standing by a third party and witnessing the process, Logan felt completely uncomfortablethinking that he had been brought down inexplicably before. It's even more uncomfortable.

"The people on that ship are going to act again."

Diana's eyesight far exceeds that of ordinary people, and she can see clearly the situation on the Eternal without a telescope, so she immediately noticed Cleo's movements.

"The captain seems to be going to the island himself."

"At this time, the captain is really not suitable to continue watching without doing anything."

Regardless of whether the captain can rescue these crew members, he must take some actions and give a clear statement. Even if he is very mindless, he can send out the rescue directly, which is better than entangled in any plan there.

The crew can feel that they are valued, so they will willingly work for the captain. From this point of view, Cleo did a good job, even better than most captains did, because he did it himself.

"This does not seem to be a rational decision."

"It's not a good thing to be too sensible at this time."

"If he is also trapped on the island, shall we take action?"

Whether Cleo is dead or alive, Ethan doesn't really care. He is even more curious about Cleo's strength. Maybe he has a way to deal with the mysterious power on this island? But listening to the words of the two people, Ethan still gave his own answer.

"If he is in trouble~www.wuxiaworld~ we can help him."

Although Ethan is not a good person, Cleo made a good first impression on him. For such an adventurer, he doesnt mind helping out. He doesnt help as soon as he meets people like Brent, but neither is he. A person who has not saved his life.

The two beside Ethan, one cold on the outside and hot on the inside, and a super kind-hearted hero, cant sit back and watch Cleo dieunless Cleo has a clear deed, is a super villain, dead 800. Can't wash away the kind of sins on his body every time, then these two will definitely not make a move.

Compared to some superheroes who are absolutely righteous, these two seem a little less'righteous', but they are more towards Ethan's temper. This is also why he will draw Logan on board, become friends with Diana, and even give her personal advice. How to control the cause of energy.

If you change to Superman...Although he admires Supermans personality, he can also make friends with each other, but he will never let him become his crew or partner, because that is to cause trouble for himself.

In addition to ability to choose a partner, the most important point is that the personality and three views should be suitable.

"The captain has landed on the island."

Ethan and Logan raised their telescopes at the same time and looked at the Eternity. They found that only Cleo had landed on the island. First officer Bob continued to guard the ship. Through the biological detection on the glasses, Ethan knew everything on the other side. All of the crew gathered on the deck-there were about fifty people. With the displacement of the Eternal, fifty people are already a very small number.

Compared to the number of the opponent's personnel, Ethan's eyes were always on Cleo, because he found that Cleo had put on a set of equipment, which he felt a little familiar.

"Huh? It's a bit like the equipment of the assassin I killed before."

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