Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5103

Chapter 5101: Lianjie

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An old man from Shengguang Universe yelled and asked Lu Ming to kill Lan Yuchen.

This makes the faces of the Styx universe pale.

The Yangjian and Yinjie have been hostile forces since ancient times, fighting each other and attacking each other, and they have never stopped. Once the two sides meet, most of them will never die.

Once in the hands of the opponent, there is absolutely no good end.

Moreover, the enchanting Tianjiao such as Lan Yuchen has too strong potential talent. Once he grows up, he will be a hegemon, and he will be a great threat to Yang Jian. If he can get rid of it as soon as possible, he will definitely not let it go.

However, Lu Ming did not intend to kill Lan Yuchen.

He has never left the primordial universe. He has no identity or sense of belonging with the so-called Yangjian. To put it bluntly, whether it is Yangjian or Yinjie, in Lu Ming's heart, they are the same. They are all people from the outer universe and come to plunder. People who are treasures of the prehistoric universe.

What's more, it is said that the primordial universe was destroyed by a strong man in the underworld. At that time, why was there no expert in the underworld to rescue it?

Also, Lu Ming and the Eight Clan of Forbidden Land were already mortal enemies, the kind that didn't stop dying.

The strength of the Eight Clan in the Forbidden Area was already terrifying enough, and he didn't have to go to offend a more terrifying Styx universe.

If Lan Yuchen was killed, Styx Universe would never let him go.

Therefore, Lu Ming thought a little bit in his heart, and then he made a decision.

"You go!"

Lu Ming waved his hand and Lan Yuchen flew out.

Lan Yuchen's eyes showed the expression of the rest of his life, very surprised.

Originally, he fell into Lu Ming's hands, and originally thought he was bound to die.

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After all, before the war, he was so arrogant that he wanted Lu Ming to kneel and cry, and the two belonged to the Yin Realm and the Yang Realm. He originally thought he was dead and there was no suspense.

He was lamenting, he was really jealous of talents, such a wicked evildoer like him, he was about to die here before he was shining.

Unexpectedly, Lu Ming would let him go.

He hurriedly used the remaining energy and flew out of the stone platform.

"Thank you, this kindness, I wrote it down!"

Lan Yuchen clasped his fists.

"My son, are you okay!"

The people of the Styx universe gathered around.

"It's okay, let's go, let's go back, I want to adjust my state and prepare for the breakthrough."

Lan Yuchen said.

Although Lu Ming let him go this time, he was embarrassed. He didn't have the face to stay here, and he went back to adjust his state as soon as possible to prepare for the rush.

Although he stopped here, he had also been tempered four times, and he might not have the chance to succeed.


The old man who spoke just now, the old man snorted coldly, his expression a little unhappy.

In this way, the four victorious people were Lu Ming, Sheng Wushuang, and Immortal Bone Returning to Ancestor. The remaining one was also from Yang Jian and was named Xu Feng.


Returning Ancestor Xiangu looked at Lu Ming, his eyes cold, with a strong sense of war.

And Sheng Wushuang just glanced at Lu Ming coldly.

As for Xu Feng, after looking at Lu Ming, he showed deep fear.

The four were separated from each other, facing away from afar, and then each mobilized the energy of the stone platform to perform the fifth tempering.

There is no doubt that the energy this time is stronger and more refined. After this time of tempering, Lu Ming found that his body and soul were stronger.


When they finished the tempering, the two stone platforms moved and moved upwards.

One of them is Lu Ming, and the other is Xu Feng from Yang Jian.

Xu Feng's expression was a little ugly, he was not sure about Shang Lu Ming.

Among the three, Xu Feng didn't want to be against the immortal bones of returning to the ancestors, followed by Lu Ming.

"Brother Lu, you and I can learn from each other, please show mercy!"

Xu Feng clasped his fists, behaving very politely, and not superior.

Of course, this is all brought about by strength. If Lu Ming's strength is not enough, Xu Feng may not have this attitude.


Lu Ming clasped his fists.

Soon, the two stone platforms merged together. At the moment of fusion, Xu Feng moved, and the light of the sword was like opening up the world and killing it towards Lu.

Xu Feng's combat power is extremely strong, not at all weaker than Lan Yuchen, otherwise it would not be possible to defeat Tianjiao of the same level and get to this point.

Unfortunately, he met Lu Ming.

Once Lu Ming used the source technique, the offensive was extremely violent, completely suppressing Xu Feng, and Xu Feng's performance was no better than Lan Yuchen.

After just a dozen moves, Xu Feng quickly backed away, shouting: "Stop, I surrender!"

Xu Feng had tried various methods for these dozen or so tricks, and he found that he had no way to beat Lu Ming, so it was better to give up and not be embarrassed.

Lu Ming stopped, and did not continue to attack.

Xu Feng withdrew from Shitai.

In this way, Lu Ming won the victory ahead of time and was destined to get the sixth tempering.

Countless people envy and hate.

Others couldn't get the tempering once, but Lu Ming got the tempering six times. What else could he say besides envy.

After Lu Ming's victory, the last two stone platforms also flew upward.

Returning to the ancestors, immortal bones, and sacred.


The two stone platforms collided and merged quickly.

"Holy Wushuang, I will hit you crying!"

Returning Ancestor Immortal Bone spoke indifferently, and the soul fire in his eye sockets was beating, revealing the meaning of coldness.

"Speak big, don't be afraid of flashing your tongue, oh, sorry, I almost forgot that you don't have a tongue at all."

Sheng Wushuang sneered in response.


At this time, the stone platforms were fused together, and the Returning Ancestor Xian Bone shouted, like a golden lightning, rushing towards the holy Wushuang.

Returning to Ancestor Immortal Bone, without using any source-level magic weapon, he waved his golden palm and directly slapped the holy Wushuang.

Sacred and fearless, wearing a silver-white battle armor, holding a war sword with gleaming light, slaying towards the ancestral bones.


The sacred and unparalleled war sword collided with the palm of the returning ancestor Xian Bone, bursting out a fierce roar, and energetic swept all directions.

However, the result was that Sheng Wushuang's body was shaken and he retreated.


Returning Ancestor Xiangu speaks indifferently, and continues to kill Wushuang. He completely ignores his own defenses, and his offensive is fierce and open.

The sacred Wushuang roars, the holy light rushes into the sky, runs the source magic big killer, and fights with all strength.

"This Sacred Wushuang Fighting looks like it really resembles the Celestial Race."

Lu Ming muttered.

It's not that the bloodlines are similar, but the powers that they control are similar, and they are both the power of the sacred family, and it can also be said that they are biased toward the light.

Power is divided into many types, such as the light one, the dark one, the hot one, the evil one and so on.

"Shen Wushuang is about to lose, he is not an opponent at all."

"Ancestral Immortal Bone is too strong. If he can't restrain his soul, he is invincible."

"You are right. In the Divine Master Realm, the souls of the creatures are not strong, and they lack the means to attack the soul. The Immortal Bone of Returning Ancestor is invincible and almost undefeated!"

Many people talked.

Lu Ming also had a solemn expression.

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