Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5104

Chapter 5102: Divine Unparalleled Trump Card

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Lu Ming secretly measured the combat power between him and the Returned Ancestor Immortal Bone, and he discovered that he was not an opponent of the Returned Ancestral Immortal Bone.

No matter how strong his origin technique is, he can't break the defense of Returning Ancestor Immortal Bone.

Moreover, he did not have the means to attack the soul, and he could not break the opponent's defense, so he could only be passively beaten, and sooner or later he would lose.

It can only be said that the universe is too big, and there are too many kinds of evildoers, beyond imagination.

This is just one kind, maybe there are even more terrifying evildoers in the universe.

Sacred Wushuang was completely suppressed. After more than a dozen moves, he has retreated to the edge of the stone platform, and may lose at any time.

"What holy Wushuang, I think you just changed your name to holy trash."

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Returning to the ancestor Xian Bone is ironic, but the offensive is constant, trying to defeat Divine Wushuang in one fell swoop.

"The temptation is over, you can lose!"

At this moment, Sacred Wushuang actually spoke like this, and the next moment, a pair of Sacred Wushuang pupils burst out with a bright glow, and two sacred sword lights burst out of his pupils.

These two sword lights are not the power of the origin, but the power of the soul.

This is a soul attack, and it is extremely powerful.

Returning to the Ancestor Immortal Bone, he obviously did not expect that Sheng Wushuang could suddenly attack with a soul, unable to dodge, and was directly pierced into his eye socket by two sword lights, attacking his soul fire.

Obviously, the soul of the returned ancestor fairy bone is guarded by treasures.

It is a soul defense treasure, like a piece of armor, enveloping the soul of the ancestral fairy bone.

However, the sacred and unparalleled soul attack was surprisingly strong, and the bombardment hit the soul defense treasure, and the soul defense treasure that was hit was shocking.

In addition, a powerful pulling force penetrated the soul defense treasure and attacked the soul of the returned ancestor fairy bone.


Returning Ancestor Xiangu let out a roar, his figure retreated violently, and the soul in his eyes trembled wildly.

"You actually master the soul attack, no, how can your soul be so powerful?"

The returning ancestor fairy bone roared.

It is not difficult to master the soul attack technique. How can a giant like Shengguang Universe lack the soul attack technique?

However, his own soul is not strong enough, even if there is a soul attack technique, it can't exert much power.

Returning Ancestor Xian Bone naturally knows his shortcomings, so when he is practicing, he deliberately spends more time to cultivate his soul, strengthen his soul, and also have soul defense treasures to protect the soul, but he still suffered from the trick just now. After the wound, the soul was hit by the terrible sword aura, and there was a feeling of being torn apart.

This shows that the holy and unparalleled soul is exceptionally powerful.

"I forgot to tell you that I am born with a strong soul. My foremost combat power is not the power of the origin and the body, but the power of the soul."

Sacred Wushuang spoke indifferently, looking down at the Immortal Bone of Returned Ancestor with a sense of mockery.

His eyebrows were glowing, it was the light of the soul, extremely powerful, exuding a powerful aura, pressing against the immortal bones of the returned ancestor.

Si Si Si...

The people around were shocked.

Sacred Wushuang's original combat power was already terrifying enough, but he didn't expect that there were assassins that were useless.

The power of his soul is actually stronger.

This is too abnormal.

Combine the two, who else can be the enemy?

Even Lu Ming had to sigh, there are too many evildoers in the universe.


In the pupils of the sacred Wushuang, sword light broke out again, and the two sword lights were extremely huge, and they killed the Immortal Bone of Returning Ancestor.

This is a soul attack technique, even if the body of the Returning Ancestor Xian Bone is strong, it is useless, and it can directly pass through his body and attack his soul.

Returning to the ancestors Xian Bone shouted, his body flashed, faster than lightning, dodge the attack of the sacred and unparalleled.

However, the soul attacked directly ignoring the spatial distance. It was too fast. The Immortal Bone Returned to the Ancestor couldn't avoid it. He was hit again, his body retreated violently, and the soul seemed to be cut, and bursts of pain came out.


Returning to the ancestor Xian Bone roared, extremely angry, and really a little aggrieved, so there was a body of power that could not be used.

It can be said that he has met the nemesis, the sacred and unparalleled soul, which is really amazing.

Returning to the ancestor Xian Bone deliberately cultivated the soul, and there are too few treasures that strengthen the soul.

It can be said that his soul is not weak. Among the strong people of the same level, there are not many souls stronger than him, plus there are soul defense treasures, but even so, it still can't stop the attack of the holy Wushuang soul, which shows that the holy How powerful is Wushuang's soul attack.

The people in other universes all looked solemn and exclaimed in their hearts.

His own combat power is unparalleled, and his soul is exceptionally powerful. This kind of person is too terrifying. In the future, Dacheng can really break the wrist with some of the ancestors of the Shengguang Great Universe.


The Returning Ancestor Immortal Bone roared and rushed towards the holy Wushuang.

He will take the lead in defeating Divine Wushuang with his powerful physical strength.

Shenshan Wushuang retreated violently, fought heavy defenses, and kept dozens of layers of holy light in front of him, blocking the Immortal Bone of Returning Ancestor, and at the same time he fully operated the soul attack.


A series of soul attacks turned into sword light, peerlessly sharp, slashing towards the ancestral bones.

Returning Ancestor Xian Bone roared, not dodge or avoid, letting the soul attack fall on him, his body was glowing, and his palm was like an eternal heavenly sword, split out with one palm, and smashed on the defensive light arranged by the sacred Wushuang.

Bang bang bang...

A heavy defense, the Holy Light was penetrated, and the body of the Returning Ancestor Xian Bone was like a magic knife, quickly rushing towards the sacred Wushuang.

However, the attack of the holy unparalleled soul has already fallen, slashed on the body of the returned ancestor fairy bone,

Let the returning ancestors roar, and the soul continues to suffer.

However, Returning Ancestor Xian Bone roared, attacking with all his strength, and suddenly penetrated the defense of Divine Wushuang, a terrifying edge swept across Divine Wushuang.

The power of returning to the ancestor Xian Bone was too strong, the holy Wushuang body retreated violently, and a terrible wound appeared on his body, with blood flowing.



Both of them yelled, not backing away, and continued to attack and kill.

Around, everyone held their breath and dared not breathe, for fear of missing the wonderful battle.

The war has entered a critical moment and has become a war of attrition. It depends on who can't hold on, and whoever can't hold on first will lose.

Next, the two attacked a few more moves in a row, and both suffered damage to each other.

Divine Wushuang was in tatters. There were multiple wounds.

But the Immortal Bone Returning to the Ancestor seemed to be even more miserable, the soul fire was swaying, and the light was much dimmer than before.

"Stop fighting, give up!"

A dog-headed skeleton in the skeletal universe transmits sound to the returning ancestor fairy bone.

Physical injuries are easy to heal, but soul injuries are much more troublesome, and it is much more difficult to repair.

Once the soul of the Returning Ancestor Immortal Bone is too severely injured, it will even affect future achievements. The people of the Skeleton Universe have to persuade the Returning Ancestral Immortal Bone to give up.

The returning ancestor fairy bone roared, extremely unwilling.

But he also knew that continuing to fight would be extremely detrimental to him.

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