Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5105

Chapter 5103: Final Showdown

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In the end, Returning Ancestor Xiangu chose to admit defeat.

Physical injuries are easy to recover, but soul injuries are difficult to recover. If there is any hidden illness left, it will greatly affect future achievements.

Want to be detached, want to step into the immortal way, any creature must go through the realm of transition immortal calamity.

This realm, as the name suggests, is a calamity before becoming immortal, and it is not a single calamity, but a nine-fold calamity.

Only after many trials and hardships can one leap into a fairy and be detached.

However, this is too difficult. In this process, every catastrophe is extremely dangerous, it can be said to be a dead end. Every catastrophe can stop a large number of practitioners, and make them abandon their previous achievements.

To survive the many catastrophes, the body and soul are indispensable, and they must be strong enough to have hope.

Returning to the ancestor Xiangu surrendered, Sheng Wushuang won the victory and stood opposite Lu Ming.

An inexplicable smile appeared at the corner of Lu Ming's mouth.

He suddenly felt that his luck was really good.

Originally, he thought that the trip to the rooftops should stop here, and he couldn't step on the last stone platform, because if he faced the Immortal Bone of Returning Ancestor, he had no way to break the opponent's defense.

But I didn't expect that the winner was actually holy and unparalleled.

This is easy!

The sacred and unparalleled killer is the soul attack, which was completely restrained by Lu Ming.


Both of them mobilized the energy on the stone platform to temper themselves.

After this tempering, Lu Ming's soul and body have improved a bit, and by the way, the power of the taboo origin has also improved a lot.

Although the combat power has not improved much, the overall improvement is. After six consecutive tempering, the power of the taboo origin is still a bit stronger than before, and the combat power has also increased a lot.

In the process of refining the two, the people around them were also discussing.

"Do you think Lu Ming and Sheng Wushuang, who will win?"

"That's more to say, it must be Divine Wushuang, Divine Wushuang's strongest killer, but the soul attacks."

"Yes, although Lu Ming is very strong, if he doesn't use his soul attack, Lu Ming will probably win, but if he uses his soul attack, Lu Ming will definitely lose!"

"Under the origin, with such a powerful soul attack, it is invincible!"

Almost no one is optimistic about Lu Ming.

The main reason is that the sacred Wushuang is too abnormal, the cultivation base is not enough to have a powerful soul attack, and his own combat power is also extremely amazing, among the same level, it is simply invincible.

Unless you have a soul defense treasure against the sky, otherwise, you can't stop the attack of the holy Wushuang soul.

However, the defensive soul defense treasure is rare in the world.

In general, soul defense treasures are many times rarer than physical defense treasures.

Moreover, a powerful soul defense treasure also needs a powerful soul power to urge it, otherwise it will not be able to exert its due power at all.

For example, returning to the ancestors fairy bone, his soul defense treasure is definitely not weak, but because his own soul is not strong enough, it can't exert the power of soul defense treasure at all, and it is also infiltrated by the sacred and unparalleled attack, damaging the soul.


In the end, the two stone platforms at the feet of Lu Ming and Sheng Wushuang flew towards the sky above the center, and then quickly merged.

"Lu Ming, surrender, you are not my opponent. For the sake of being a Yang Jian, I will not embarrass you, surrender!"

Sacred Wushuang spoke, and his words were full of strong confidence, standing at a certain height, looking down at Lu Ming.

"Sorry, since Lu Ming has practiced, there is no precedent for admitting defeat without fighting."

Lu Ming shook his head slightly.

"I have to say that your talent is rare, especially in this broken universe. It is really not easy to achieve this step. It is conceivable that you will be pushing all the way along the way, unstoppable, but ..."

"I want to tell you that it's because you were born in this broken universe, there is no genius at all, and the universe is vast and boundless, with countless geniuses, one mountain is still one mountain high..."

Yes, this meaning is obvious.

Lu Ming, you were born in a small place. You have too little knowledge and did not meet other powerful geniuses. In fact, the universe is very big, geniuses are like clouds, and there are not a few who can suppress you, such as me...

"I still want to try."

Lu Ming smiled.


Sacred Wushuang snorts coldly, his eyes are cold, and he doesn't know how to raise him.

He was going to be very optimistic about Lu Ming and persuade him to give Lu Ming a good impression, and then look for opportunities to subdue Lu Ming.

That's right, he saw Lu Ming, and wanted to use it for his own use, to become a sharp blade for him, and to fight for him.

It's a pity that Lu Ming doesn't like him at all.

"Also, first teach him a lesson, let him know how strong I am, and then he will surrender to me obediently."

Holy unparalleled thinking.

During the conversation between the two, the two stone platforms completely merged together.

In an instant, the two moved.

Lu Ming directly used the Origin Technique and turned into a three-zhang giant. With his footsteps, the stone platform roared, and he rushed towards the holy Wushuang.

However, at the same time that Lu Ming used the Origin Technique, Sheng Wushuang also launched an attack.

He directly displayed a soul attack.

He had already seen Lu Ming's combat power. Without a soul attack, he was not sure, and he would even lose.

Therefore, he directly used his assassin to suppress Lu Ming in one fell swoop.

His eyebrows glowed, a pair of pupils exuded a bright brilliance, and then two sword lights rushed out, slashing Lu Ming.

However, Lu Ming ignored these two attacks and directly ignored them, and continued to rush towards the holy Wushuang.

"Unexpectedly, it does not dodge the soul attack!"

"Perhaps, he also knows that he can't avoid it at all. Didn't he see the fate of Returning Ancestor Immortal Bone before? He wants to resist the soul attack, seize the opportunity to attack Divine Wushuang, and wants to turn against the wind.

"It's ridiculous. He doesn't know how terrible the soul attack is. He wants to resist, so he won't be beaten as a fool later."

Many people are ironic.

The next moment, two sword lights smashed Lu Ming, ignoring Lu Ming's defenses, and rushed into Lu Ming's sea of knowledge, trying to chop Lu Ming's soul.

However, it cut a hole.

Lu Ming's knowledge of the sea was empty, without a soul at all.

"what happened?"

Holy Wushuang was stunned.

Under the origin, the soul generally dwells in the sea of consciousness. Only after reaching the origin realm, the soul will dwell in the origin, absorb the power of the origin, temper and strengthen the soul.


Lu Ming's attack broke out, and the God of War spear was like a mountain range, smashing at the holy unparalleled, with terrifying power.

Sheng Wushuang was shocked, his reaction was fast enough, and he mobilized a powerful force in an instant, and he couldn't put down heavy defenses in front of him.

However, when the God of War spear fell, these defenses collapsed.

Holy Wushuang coughed up blood and retreated.

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