Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5155

Chapter 5153: Flame bird

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The liquid flame formed a sea, endless, full of terrifying high temperature, even the existence of the Origin Realm had to deal with it intently and resisted by the power of the origin.

If the existence below the source enters here, it will probably be burned to ashes by the terrifying high temperature.

"This sea of flames is only the surface layer. Only through this layer of flames can you truly enter the depths of the ground."


thump! thump!

Many masters plunged into the flame sea, splashing flame waves.

But the next moment, many people rushed up from the sea of flames, with panic on their faces.


A few screams came out from the flames, and a few big birds rushed out from the sea of flames and rushed towards those masters.

"Phoenix, it's not right, it's not a phoenix."

Lu Ming's eyes flashed.

Those big birds looked very much like fire phoenixes, but when you look closely, there are some differences. They are not real fire phoenixes, but they are somewhat similar.

These big birds were filled with flames, as if they were condensed by flames, exuding an astonishing high temperature, their wings stirred, and culled the creatures who had just entered the sea of flames.


One of the creatures in the shape of a tiger was caught by the flame bird and killed directly.

That was an existence in the late origin, and was directly killed by a single move.

"The flame bird at the pinnacle of origin did not expect that there would be wild beasts deep in the ground."

"Kill it!"

Some masters at the pinnacle of the origin took action, but a few flame birds took it as soon as they saw it, plunged into the flame sea, and disappeared.

"What happened? How many such flame birds are there in the sea of flames?"

Someone asked the person who had just escaped from the sea of flames.

"Many. Just a quick glance, there are no fewer than a hundred, and the strength is very strong, especially in the sea of flames, the strength is stronger..."

One person explained.


Suddenly, a thunderous roar erupted in the sea of flames, and the sea of flames rolled violently, and the tide was overwhelming.

The liquid flame swept the sky, as if pulling everyone into the sea of flames.

Many masters shot at the same time, playing terrible energy, blocking the sea of flames.


A sharp cry sounded, and a huge flame bird rushed out, with a terrifying breath that shocked people's hearts.

The size of this flame bird was several times larger than the previous ones, and its speed was astonishing, like a flaming red light rushing into the sentient beings.

Bang bang bang...

In an instant, more than a dozen masters exploded in their bodies, and then turned to ashes in the terrifying heat, leaving nothing.


The scream continued, red light flashed, and a dozen masters died tragically.

You know, these are the masters of the origin realm, and even the existence of the origin peak, but they are vulnerable and directly killed by a spike.


The surrounding creatures retreated madly.

The big bird was chased madly, and dozens of people fell in a blink of an eye.

"It's a quasi-celestial beast!"

"What a terrifying aura, at least the Second Tribulation Quasi Immortal."

"There is actually a quasi-celestial-level desolate beast hidden here, **** it."

Many people exclaimed and fled in embarrassment.

This is beyond everyone's expectations.

Before, the surface of the Heart of the Universe had been searched again, and all the powerful wild beasts had been killed.

But I didn't expect that deep underground, in the sea of flames, there were still a lot of wild beasts inhabiting.

These wild beasts were probably bred from this sea of flames.

In this sea of flames, like a fish in water, the strength is terrifying.


The quasi-xian-level big bird, constantly screaming, with a deep resentment in its eyes, slaughtered many creatures.

In fact, Lu Ming could also understand this flamingo bird.

Compared with this flame bird, they are invaders and want to deprive them of the place where they live. They are naturally full of hatred, and they want to kill everyone.

"Set up an array to block him."

Someone yelled.

It was too hasty at this time, and in such a hasty time, it was impossible to sacrifice the quasi-celestial soldiers again.

If you want to sacrifice a powerful quasi-celestial soldier, even if it is a combination of multiple masters, it takes time to prepare.

It's unrealistic to be so hasty.

Today, it can only be resisted by a combined attack.

Those powerful universes do not lack a combination of strikes.

Suddenly, the formation of a combination of strikes came out.

It can be seen that there have been six combined attack formations on the Shengguang Great Universe, and each of the combined attack formations has reached eighteen people.

Moreover, all those who set up the formation are the existence of the pinnacle of origin.

This is the combined attack of the Origin Realm, and it has reached eighteen people.

Before Lu Ming saw the Origin Realm combined attack formation, all three and five players, even then, the power is very amazing.

The 18-person combined attack formation is not known for how powerful it is, and the formations are all the peaks of origin, with a total of six.

In addition, the Yuqing Universe, the Skeleton Universe, and the Styx Universe are not bad, and they are arranged in a combined attack formation.

Boom boom boom!

When the quasi-celestial flame bird arrived, these combined attack formations urged and collided with the quasi-celestial big bird, and the violent energy swept all directions and aroused a monstrous wave.

Fortunately, this is the heart of the universe, solid and immortal, even if such a big battle erupts, it will not cause much damage.

There are more than a dozen powerful formations, working together to fight against the quasi-celestial flamingo bird, but they are still defeated, and they are downwind.

This flame bird is extremely powerful and occupies a geographical advantage. When it shoots, the sea of flames boils, and the endless flames accompany the flame bird to shoot, rushing to those combined strikes.


At this time, there was a scream from the wind under the sea of flames, and along with the wave of flames, huge flame birds rushed out and slaughtered everyone.

Although these flame birds are not at the quasi-immortal level, they all exist in the Origin Realm. During the flight, endless flames fill up, and the liquid fire below also impacts.

Suddenly, many people screamed and were crushed by the flames and fell here.

Lu Ming was also attacked by a flame bird, but it was only a cultivation base in the middle of the origin. Lu Ming swept out the flame bird and exploded the flame bird, but the flame bird was not dead. It was in an endless liquid state. In the flames, they reunited unexpectedly.

It's like rebirth from Nirvana.

"It's really similar to the fire phoenix, and has a similar trick."

Lu Ming whispered.

In other mid-primaries, no matter how strong his vitality is, he should be completely destroyed by Lu Ming's shot.

But this flame bird is okay.

It seems that Lu Ming's combat power is very strong. A stronger flame bird rushed towards Lu Ming, and its wings stirred, driving the liquid fire below and rushing towards Lu Ming.

Lu Ming brandished the God of War spear with violent energy, and shot these liquid fires into the air. At the same time, he stabbed a shot. A bright spear pierced through the flame bird and fell into the sea of flames.

But immediately, the flame bird's wound healed, and it was all right, and continued to rush towards Lu Ming.

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