Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5156

Chapter 5154: Under the sea of flames

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Lu Ming frowned, these flame birds were really difficult to entangle.

These flame birds may really be bred by this sea of flames. As long as they are near this sea of flames, their vitality is very tenacious, and they can use the flames of the sea of flames to continuously Nirvana.

"There are no immortal creatures in the world. The reason why they can Nirvana is just that the damage they have received is not great enough."

Lu Ming whispered, his body swelled quickly, turning to a height of five meters, and then he shot it down.

Performing the Origin Spell, Lu Ming's combat power greatly increased, and when he pressed it down, there was only the Flame Bird at the pinnacle of Origin, and his body burst into pieces.

This is not over yet, the God of War gun continues to suppress, and the destructive force continues to suppress the particles formed by the crushing of the flaming bird, and they will all be wiped out.

In the end, the flame bird never condensed and was completely wiped out by Lu Ming.

At this time, with a sharp cry, piercing the golden cracked stone, the quasi-celestial flame bird went mad and launched a strong blow, exploding an 18-person combined attack formation. There are 18 people arranged, there are Nine people died tragically in an instant.

The other joint attack formations were frightened and couldn't help but retreat.

The Flame Bird went mad and wanted to continue attacking.

"Naughty animal, look for death!"

With a loud shout, Lu Ming saw a young creature walking out of the Shengguang Great Universe. With a wave of his hand, a talisman seal rushed out, exuding an eternal and immortal aura.

True Immortal Seal!

This young creature of the Shengguang Great Universe is obviously also a wicked Tianjiao, with a big background, and possessing a seal of character given by a true immortal on his body.

Fu Zhuan glowed, and a hazy figure appeared, slapped a palm towards the quasi-celestial flame bird.

The young creatures of the Shengguang Great Universe, the true immortal seals that they took out, were even more terrifying, and seemed to be stronger than the true immortal seals taken out by Xu Liangfu of the Qingquan Universe before.

A palm shot directly knocked the quasi-celestial flame bird back, making the flames on its body dim.

The quasi-celestial flame bird screamed and set off a monstrous wave. The vast liquid fire madly gathered towards the quasi-celestial flame bird, making the quasi-celestial flame bird's body more and more massive.

"Shoot together, cooperate with the true immortal talisman, and completely strangle this evil animal."

Someone drank.

Those powerful combined strikes continued to kill the quasi-celestial flame bird.

At the same time, other flame birds also rushed to the quasi-celestial flame bird, intending to help the quasi-celestial flame bird.

"Good opportunity, let's go."


A large number of figures rushed into the sea of flames.

Lu Ming's thoughts turned sharply, and finally plunged into the sea of flames.

The temperature of the sea of flames was astonishingly high, but it was not difficult for Lu Ming to use the power of the taboo origin to separate the flames of the sea of flames.

He rushed towards the bottom of the sea of flames.

Soon, it rushed down several kilometers.

Now, taking advantage of those creatures in the big universe being entangled by the flame bird, and rushing into the depths of the ground earlier, they may be able to take the opportunity to get some opportunities.

When those powerful creatures in the universe free their hands, it will be in trouble.

No one doubts the strength of those powerful universes. Although the quasi-celestial flame bird is strong, they firmly believe that they will eventually be killed by those universes.

Those powerful universes have many cards. There are more than one or two Tianjiao evildoers, and more than one person has the seal of the true immortal.

As long as these people make a move and print the seal of the true immortal, the quasi-celestial flame bird will definitely die.

Even if there are not enough true immortal seals, as long as the quasi-celestial level flame bird is temporarily held, so that other people have time to prepare and sacrifice quasi-celestial soldiers, it can still kill the quasi-celestial level flame bird.

In other words, the quasi-celestial flame bird will be killed sooner or later, it is only a matter of time.

Lu Ming kept rushing down, but after a while, the flames rolled, and a flame bird shuttled through the flames and killed Lu Ming.

However, the strength was not strong, and it was only in the middle of the origin. Lu Ming swept it out with a single shot and exploded it.

Next, Lu Ming encountered attacks from flame birds from time to time, but these flame birds were not very powerful, the strongest was not at the peak of the origin, and there was no other quasi-celestial level that could not threaten Lu Ming.

There should be a group of flame birds living in this liquid flame ocean, and there should be a lot of them, but there should not be many flame birds at the quasi-celestial level, or even one.

Otherwise, there won't be only one dispatched before.

After about half an hour, Lu Ming came to the bottom of the Flame Sea. Lu Ming rushed to the bottom, as if through a thin film. The next moment, Lu Ming came to a wider space.

This space is very peculiar. Looking up, it is a sea of flames, but it is suspended in mid-air, and a drop of liquid flame will not fall.

And looking down, it is also a sea of flames, but the color is slightly different from the sea of flames above, giving people a more terrifying feeling.

The space where Lu Ming is located is sandwiched between two oceans of flames. The environment can be imagined. It is like being in a furnace, filled with terrifying heat. Even the space seems to be hot. Being in it, constantly being simmered by high temperature.

Lu Ming was sure that when the existence of the Divine Master Realm came here, it would instantly turn into flying ashes.

In fact, even if it is a general origin, it is uncomfortable to enter here.

puff! puff! ...

Not far away, the sea of flames above vibrated slightly, and many figures appeared.

Like Lu Ming, they came here through the sea of flames. Among them was the existence of the original origin. After they came here, the original power of the body guard shook, and a layer of flame appeared out of thin air around the body. Burn the power of origin.


One of them screamed and couldn't bear it. The original power of the body guard was burned through, and his body was ignited like a torch.

This person screamed, rushed into the flame sea above, and escaped.

In fact, more than one person is like this, and it is indeed difficult for the original existence of the origin to bear the flames here.

However, there are also exceptions. For example, the source of cultivation power is biased towards heat and flames, and it is like a fish in water here.

Lu Ming glanced a few times, did not stop, chose a direction at will and flew forward.

This space is the core area of the heart of the universe. The heart and soul are hidden in this space, but I don't know the specific location. Whether it can be found depends on personal luck.

Before Lu Ming mixed in the crowd and heard other people talk about it, the structure of the first piece of the heart of the universe before was very similar to this one.

According to previous experience, some treasures will also be bred in this space.

That's the chance that most people want to get.

After flying for a while, Lu Ming saw protruding rocks in the flame sea below.

The rock is fiery red, like red jade.

"A magical medicine."

Lu Ming's eyes lit up.

He saw that there was a magical medicine growing on the raised rock, just like a fire lotus.

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