Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5229

Chapter 5227: Chaos Fire Spirit

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Lu Ming let Wanshen and Paobao enter the Supreme Immortal City, and he and Dandan set off.

In this case, in the event of an accident, it will be easier for them to get out.

"Thirty meters ahead to the left, 0.07 seconds later, change direction and go to 23 meters..."

Dan Dan said a large number of figures, this is the law he deduced.

Lu Ming firmly remembered.


The next moment, the two turned into two rainbow lights, rushed forward, falling on the first weakness, 0.07 seconds later, the two fell on the second weakness again.

Accurate, no accidents.

Two figures, in this area, constantly flickered, like two lightning bolts, each time they stepped on the weak spot and moved forward fast.

Soon, they rushed past the eight small furnace peaks on the periphery and came to the largest furnace peak in the center.

On the peak of the central furnace, there was a passage, and the two rushed in.

The Stove Mountain is really like a stove. The inside is hollow. The strange thing is that the temperature inside is not high, and there is no ground veins gathering underground, and there is no danger.

"That is..."

Dan Dan's eyes widened, staring at the surrounding walls.

I saw that on the surrounding walls, there was a kind of plant, the whole body was fiery red, even the leaves were fiery red, growing along the wall.

It looks like a fire-red vine, and on the vine, a kind of fire-red fruit grows.

The fruit is the size of a thumb and exudes a strong fragrance. You can even see that there are runes shining in the fruit.

That is the original imprint, a very rich original imprint.

"Is this blood and fire bodhi."

Lu Ming's eyes lit up, and his breathing became a little quick.

Blood and Fire Bodhi, a legendary top-level source-level magic medicine, although it is only a top-level source-level magic medicine, it is more precious than immortal medicine to practitioners in the Origin Realm.

Because blood fire generally contains a rich and incomparable original imprint, and the absorption rate is very high, which can easily reach 90%.

You know, although the immortal crystal also contains the imprint of origin, it is not rich, and the absorption rate of the origin is generally only 30%.

The difference is too far.

In other words, as long as there is blood and fire bodhi, the cultivation base can skyrocket in a short time.

Really dozing off, he gave him a pillow. With the blood and fire bodhi, Lu Ming can quickly rush to the peak of his origin, and he will have a lot more confidence in dealing with Xue Shenzang.


Dan Dan was already a little impatient, and rushed to one side of the rock wall, trying to pick two blood and fire bodhi to try the effect.

But Lu Ming suddenly felt a rainbow light from the ground, rushing towards Dan Dan.

"Be careful!"

Lu Ming yelled, burst out with all his strength, rushed out, and the God of War spear shot out, piercing the red light.

The God of War spear is like lightning, and will catch up with this red light in an instant.

The red light stopped abruptly and turned around.

Yes, it turned around.

Only then did Lu Ming see the true face of this red light.

This red light looked like a liquid flame, but it was vaguely human-shaped, changing between flame and human-shaped.

The next moment, the humanoid flame stretched out his palm and grabbed it on the God of War Spear.

Chi Chi Chi Chi...

The God of War spear made a scoffing sound, and it was slowly melting.

Lu Ming was shocked.

The God of War Spear is a top source-level magic weapon. He has been fighting with Lu Ming for many years, but he was melted by a human-shaped flame.

Then, with a scream, it turned into a billowing flame and rushed towards Lu Ming.

Lu Ming couldn't pay attention to the heartache war gun, the power of the original source ran wildly, the original technique was used, and dozens of punches were continuously blasted, dozens of punches rushed into the human-shaped flame.

A series of roaring sounds, human-shaped flames are terrifying, and they melted Lu Ming's fist strength, and wisps of flames penetrated in and rushed towards Lu Ming.

Lu Mingfei retreated quickly, but was still entangled by a trace of flame, trying to spread his whole body and burn him to ashes.

Fortunately, Lu Ming's taboo origin power is no small matter, reaching a high level. Under the impact, this flame is extinguished.

Dan Dan took the opportunity to set up a series of formations and came to Lu Ming's back.

"Dan Dan, you also enter the Supreme Immortal City."

Lu Ming said, the future body urges the Supreme Immortal City, and takes Dandan into the Supreme Immortal City.


The human-shaped flame did not work in one blow. It seemed very angry and screamed, causing the temperature inside the furnace mountain to rise sharply, and countless flames emerged out of thin air, endless flames, gathered towards the human-shaped flame, and then rushed towards Lu Ming.

"Chaotic Fire Spirit."

At this time, the future body sent a message to Lu Ming, letting Lu Ming know the origin of this human-shaped flame.

The future body has received the inheritance of the Supreme Immortal City, read many classics, and knows more than Lu Ming's current body.

Chaos fire spirits are generally conceived in the chaos. Once the innate things are fully mature, they will immediately become immortal creatures.

This is extremely terrifying, fully mature, it is a creature of immortal Dao, and the talent is really terrifying.

However, this kind of innate thing is extremely rare and rare, even in the chaos, it is extremely rare.

And the stove topography here is actually gestating a chaotic fire spirit.

The mature Chaos Fire Spirit was extremely terrifying, and Lu Ming naturally ran as far as he could.

But this Chaos Fire Spirit was far from the mature body.

Without a mature chaos fire spirit, it is a peerless treasure, containing innate energy, if it can be refined, it can make the roots complete a transformation.

Thinking of this, Lu Ming felt extremely hot in his heart.

His current source is high-level, and if he transforms again, it will be top-level.

It is absolutely rare for the origin realm to reach the top level.

In the future, crossing the immortal catastrophe will create the strongest road.

Lu Ming's body glowed, and his future body also appeared.

Now the future body rushed forward at the same time, proactively attacking, wanting to suppress the Chaos Fire Spirit, and then refine it.

Chaos Fire Spirit screamed, slaughtered frantically, and fought against Lu Ming.

The strength of the Chaos Fire Spirit is indeed terrifying, even if the two bodies come out together and join hands together, there is no way the Chaos Fire Spirit can help.

And, in the future, you have to be careful everywhere.

Because the source of the future body is not high-level, but intermediate.

It is not so easy to achieve advanced roots, it can be said to be extremely difficult and extremely difficult.

In the present body, he originally mastered the power of taboo, and comprehended the three thousand ancient mysteries, so that the taboo body was transformed, and then broke through under the great calamity of the original source, and only then achieved the high-level source root.

Although the future body has the same talents as the present body, it is not bad to be able to achieve Intermediate Root Root without such opportunities.

The power of the Intermediate Origin Roots corresponding to the Intermediate Origins can't stop the flames of the Chaos Fire Spirit, so you can only be careful everywhere.

Finally, Lu Ming called out the ball to help.

But the effect is still small.

The ball turns into the form of the King's War Sword, although its attack power is amazing, it can cut away the chaotic fire spirit.

But after the Chaos Fire Spirit was cut away, it could be restored instantly, nothing happened.

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