Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5230

Chapter 5228: Trinity

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Lu Ming's two bodies joined the ball, but they couldn't suppress the Chaos Fire Spirit.

The Chaos Fire Spirit became more and more courageous as it fought, and the entire furnace mountain peak was full of flames.

Fortunately, that kind of blood and fire bodhi seems to have no fear of flames, but radiates radiance in the flames, nothing at all.

"You cover me, and I will perform a soul attack. The Chaos Fire Spirit is far from mature. Although the body is powerful, the soul is still very weak."

Future body way.

Now the body and the ball hit forward, dragging the Chaos Fire Spirit.

As for the future body, when he came, he performed a soul attack, one after another soul war sword, and turned to the chaotic fire spirit.

Sure enough, the effect was immediately achieved.

The soul war sword slashed on the Chaos Fire Spirit, causing the Chaos Fire Spirit to scream, and the body trembled, and it kept shrinking back.

Seeing this, the offensive of the future body is even more violent.

But now the body and the ball are entangled in the Chaos Fire Spirit with all their strength.


The densely packed soul war swords constantly slashed towards the chaotic fire spirit.

The chaotic fire spirit screamed, the flames on his body were getting smaller, and the surrounding flames were disappearing.

Finally, the Chaos Fire Spirit shrank into a ball, the size of a fist.


Lu Ming's present body was grasped with a big hand, and the power of the taboo origin surged out, wrapped the Chaos Fire Spirit, and began to refine.

Chaos Fire Spirit kept struggling, and terrifying energy burst out of his body, trying to rush to Lu Ming's taboo origin power.

Lu Ming sat cross-legged, wholeheartedly, refining with all his strength, and at the same time, the future body was also sitting cross-legged in front of the present body.

The present body and the future body are one and the same, and the coordination is seamless. Although the power of control is different, they can complement each other.

The two joined forces, and the power skyrocketed.

After a while, Lu Ming frowned. Now that he joins hands in the future, he still can't refining.


At this moment, Lu Ming's eyes lit up, revealing a hint of joy, and then with a wave of his hand, a copper coffin appeared.

The copper coffin was self-appointed when the origin of the catastrophe came. On the surface of the coffin, dense runes appeared.

However, when the origin of the catastrophe passed, the runes on the surface of the copper coffin disappeared, but the past body never came out.

Now, Lu Ming sensed that the "past body" was about to appear.


The lid of the copper coffin was opened, and a figure rushed out and landed on the ground. It was the past body.

It can be seen that the temperament of the past body has changed a lot from before.

The body of the past body is a bit more sturdy and burly than before, with well-proportioned muscles and perfect lines, but it is full of explosive power.

As if a punch can blast through the void of the universe.

What a strong physical power!

Such a thought came to mind at the same time in the present body and the future body.

It can be clearly felt that the qi and blood in the past body are extremely thick and the flesh is domineering, somewhat similar to the original gods, but more powerful than the original gods.

The past body nodded to the'present and future body', and a message was transmitted into the minds of both bodies at the same time. Suddenly, both bodies knew what the'past body' had experienced over the years and the secret of the copper coffin.

In the copper coffin, there is a wrecked immortal, from the witch clan, sleeping.

It is a fairy-level great witch, but in the battle of the last era, he was seriously injured and dying, hiding himself in a copper coffin for healing.

Later, the copper coffin drifted to the starry sky of the eastern universe somehow, and was inspired by some primitive gods.

Most of the primitive gods inherited the blood of the Wu clan, and some inherited the blood of the Yao clan.

Primitive gods with the blood of the witch clan are extremely sensitive to the remnants of the witch clan in the copper coffin, thinking they have a great opportunity.

Because that is a kind of attraction from the depths of the blood, leading many primitive gods to fight for the copper coffin.

In the end, Canxian took action and suppressed a dozen primitive gods, put them in the copper coffin, and controlled them by means of puppets.

This is why Lu Ming once saw a primitive **** stepping out of the copper coffin with a silk thread on the back of his head.

This is controlled by Canxian.

However, the injured immortal was too severely injured, hiding in the copper coffin for endless years, the injury not only did not recover, but became more and more serious, and was about to reach its limit.

Canxian knew that he was going to die, he was unwilling to learn what he had learned all his life, so he buried it.

Especially the inheritance of the witch clan.

Although he hid in the copper coffin, he probably knew the situation of the prehistoric universe from the mouths of those primitive gods.

In the prehistoric universe, the Wu clan has disappeared.

It is very likely that he is the last remaining Wu clan, and once he dies, the inheritance of the Wu clan will be truly cut off.

At this time, he found that the past body had a good talent.

In the past, the body practiced "The Universe Ten Thousand Ways", controlled a variety of divine powers, and awakened a variety of original divine power factors.

What is divine power? It is the power controlled by the primitive gods, called primitive divine power.

Where did the original gods come from? Isn't it the Primordial Witch Clan, or the Primordial Demon Clan?

Among them, most of the primitive gods came from the prehistoric witch tribe.

In the past, he practiced "The Universe and Ten Thousand Ways", which can be said to be of the same origin as the Wu clan.

Therefore, the Witch Clan's Remnant Immortal would pass his body and take it into the copper coffin.

Over the years, the past body has been following the Witch Clans Remnant Immortal and cultivating the way of the Witch Clan. Until not long ago, the Witch Clans Remnant Immortal was completely transformed into the Tao. On this scene.

I dont know if its a coincidence or what the reason is. The cultivation base of the past body is also in the late stage of the source, and the source root, like the future body, is the intermediate source root.

The three minds and bodies have aura. In the past, the body sat cross-legged in another position, and joined the refining chaos fire spirit.

The trinity of past, present, and future, and simultaneous shots, has actually produced a wonderful qualitative change.

The power of the three bodies, entangled, and then merged together, unexpectedly gave birth to a new force, extremely powerful and powerful.


Chaos Fire Spirit screamed in horror, rushing outwards frantically, trying to rush out.

But he was completely cut off by the power of the three bodies.

The forces of the three bodies converge, constantly refining the Chaos Fire Spirit.

Slowly, the Chaos Fire Spirit was refined, turned into a wonderful energy, poured into the three bodies, and circulated in the three bodies.

Sanshou immediately felt that the root of his own was slowly changing.

it works!

Lu Ming was secretly happy.

Refining Chaos Fire Spirit is really of great help to Source Root.

It is a pity that the power of the three bodies circulates, and it is impossible to input the power of the Chaos Fire Spirit to other people. Otherwise, he wants to lose a part of his power to the gods, Dandan and Paobao, and also make them profit.

Time, one minute and one second passed.

In a blink of an eye, a day passed.

One day later, Chaos Fire Spirit was refined by a fifth.

Most of this one-fifth power is given to the future body.

The source of the future body, the rate is advanced, from intermediate to advanced, the power of the source has changed, becoming more condensed, stronger, and more mysterious.

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