Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5231

Chapter 5229: Breakthrough, soaring combat power

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Another day later, the source of the past body evolved from intermediate to advanced.

Afterwards, all the energy of refining was given to the present body.

In the past three days, all the remaining Chaos Fire Spirits were refined, and the source root of Lu Ming's'present body' finally completed its transformation, from a high-level source root to a top level.

There were smiles on Lu Ming's three faces.

Both the past body and the future body have reached a high level of origin, and their combat power has greatly increased, and they will not be worse than the previous'present body'.

The most important thing is that the present body, the source root level, is promoted to the top level.

The top source root has reached the apex of the source root.

Many Nine Tribulations quasi immortals, after undergoing many trials and tribulations, cannot raise their roots to the top level.

And Lu Ming, in the original realm, has reached the top of the origin, and the entire universe is rare.

Yuangen was promoted to the top level, and Lu Ming's current combat power was undoubtedly improved a lot.

Now if Lu Ming faced the black gold Taoist, he would definitely be able to easily suppress the opponent, and even kill the opponent, it wouldn't be too difficult.

Of course, if the three players attack at the same time and use the three-in-one method, the combat power will skyrocket.

"Shan Ying, Shan Xiong..."

A ray of cold flashed in Lu Ming's eyes.

Before, I had to avoid Shan Xiong when I met Shan Xiong, but now I dont have to.

It's not difficult for the three to converge and add the ball to kill each other.

The three bodies glanced at each other, their hearts are bright, the past body and the future body, turned into a light, rushed into the body of the'present body', sitting cross-legged on both sides of Yuangen.

While guarding the roots, you can hide your body shape.

No one would have thought that in Lu Ming's body, there were actually two of himself, who would provoke troubles, and even opponents who were stronger than him would suffer a big loss.

This is a killer feature, if it is not necessary, it will not be used.

After hiding the two bodies, Lu Ming released Dandan, Paobao and Wanshen from the Supreme Immortal City.

"The Chaos Fire Spirit has been resolved, now we are picking the Blood Fire Bodhi, refining it on the spot, and improving the cultivation."

Lu Ming said.

"Right on my mind!"

Once his eyes glowed, he started to do it.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed it, and he grabbed a few blood and fire bodhi in his hand, stuffed it into his mouth, and began to refining.

Bubbles and Pantheon also shot one after another.

Lu Ming moved too, and took off ten of them at once. Six of them flew into his body and gave them to the past body and the future body.

The other four were swallowed by the present body and began to refine.

There are two main reasons why it is necessary to refine on-site.

First, the blood and fire bodhi is quite special. It cannot be too far away from the growing environment. Once it is picked, if it leaves too far away from the growing environment, the efficacy of the medicine will be lost and its effect will be lost.

Second, this is an excellent retreat place. Don't worry about being disturbed, just break the barrier here. If the cultivation base can be raised to the peak of the origin, the assurance of killing Xue Shenzang will be much greater.

At the top level of Yuangen, coupled with the cultivation base of Yuanyuan Peak, Lu Ming is confident to compete with those perverts on the Yuanyuan list.

In Blood and Fire Bodhi, the original imprint is astonishing, and it is also astonishingly rich. When refining, the cultivation level rises very quickly.

However, it is not easy to refine the Bodhi of Blood and Fire.

Blood and Fire Bodhi contains the power of blood and fire, and this power of blood and fire must be purified first in order to absorb the original imprint inside.

After half a month, a few blood and fire bodhi were refined, Lu Ming then took off a few and continued refining.

In a blink of an eye, they stayed inside the furnace mountain for three years.

It took them a full three years to finally wipe out the blood and fire bodhi here, and all of them were refined.

The cultivation base of everyone has skyrocketed.

Dandan, Paobao and Wanshen's three cultivation bases reached the peak of the late origin.

Their original cultivation base was at the peak of the origin, and this time they surpassed two levels at once.

Of course, they have improved so quickly because of the originally low cultivation base.

Lu Ming also made a major breakthrough.

The three broke through together, all reached the peak of their origins, and their combat power skyrocketed again.

"Essence pinnacle, on this Essence battlefield, there is no need to be afraid."

Lu Ming whispered, his eyes full of confidence.

All three bodies have reached the peak of the origin, especially the current body, the origin is at the top level, and his combat power is extremely strong.

Now, even if it is a quasi immortal, he is sure to kill.

If the three bodies work together, even if it is the Second Tribulation Zhunxian, they dare to touch it.

Of course, it refers to the more ordinary quasi immortal, and the enchanting is another.

"Go, kill Xue Shenzang."

Dan Dan called, full of spirits.

There are no other treasures in this furnace mountain peak, and everyone is planning to leave.

For the earth veins here, Dan Dan has almost fully understood, has studied the rules, and it is easy to find a way out.

Soon, they left Stove Mountain.

It was discovered that the subordinates brought by Wang Yin were still arranging in another direction, and they were still struggling to find a way to enter the furnace mountain.

After observing for a while, Lu Ming finally chose to retreat.

After all, it was a source-level formation deployed by thousands of origins, and it was extremely powerful. Even if Lu Ming's combat power was soaring now, he was not sure to break through this formation.

It's not wise to look for other creatures in the underworld to kill, and head-on with this top-notch big formation.

After leaving this place, they went all the way to the deserted battlefield, and continued to deepen.

In the central area of the barren battlefield, there are a lot of masters in the underworld, and you can see the fight from time to time.

Naturally, there are also many powerful men in the underworld who wanted to kill Lu Ming and the others, but they all died in the hands of Lu Ming and the others, turning them into military exploits.

Lu Ming did not take action in all the battles. If the enemy was not very strong, Lu Ming would not take action and hand it over to the three of Dandan, Paobao and Wanshen.

The three of Dandan teamed up, complemented each other, and their cultivation base increased greatly. Even if there were a few original peaks, they would not be their opponents, and they would eventually die in their hands.

While killing the creatures in the underworld, accumulating combat exploits, hone yourself.

Dandan, Paobao, and Wanshen are getting deeper and deeper in their understanding of their source art, and their combat power is gradually increasing.

In the course of the war, I gradually passed on the immortal way and turned it into my own use.

Especially the Ten Thousand Gods, killing the creatures in the underworld, fusing the essence and blood of the other party, his roots, there are signs of transformation.

Time flies, and they stayed on the deserted battlefield for another year.

They have entered the barren battlefield in total, and it has been more than four years.

Three thousand battle exploits, more than two thousand five hundred have been accumulated, just five hundred short, it is three thousand.

It's a pity that the enchanting evildoer on the evildoer list beheaded and killed one king, and there are only two.

"In Suihan Mountain, there is a monster named Fugang on the list of evil evildoers. It is ranked eighty-nine in the list of evil evildoers and can be killed."

Lu Ming and the others are discussing.

They just found out the news not long ago. At Sui Hanshan, there is a monster of the underworld list of evil evildoers, not far from here.

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