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  • Evil Husband Is A Little Sweet

  • Genres : Face Slapping -  Revenge -  Contemporary -  happy ending -  male lead -  sweet love story -  caring and pervert husband -  doting boyfriend
  • Status : Ongoing
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Evil Husband Is A Little Sweet summary:

Zheng Shanyu is every woman's dream man, the Chairman of a conglomerate with everything at his disposal, but there is something that he craves to hold in his arms, Her! Ni Yuexi! There is no stopping him, he even went as far as locking her up in a private island!Zheng Shanyu: Give me your hand!Ni Yuexi: No! You cannot force me to put my hand on the red ink to stamp the contract! Heck no!Zheng Shanyu: Don't be stupid! Stamp the paper or else?!Ni Yuexi: What would you do if I don't?"Right there, he grabbed her by the thumb, rubbing it on the dull surface of red ink and slammed it against the bottom part of the white paper.Zheng Shanyu: It's all done! You and I are now husband and wife *clapping*Ni Yuexi: What the hell?! *face slap the two faced jerk*

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