Evil Husband Is A Little Sweet Book 1 Chapter 64

Volume 1 Chapter 64 I Like Him I Really Like This Man

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Feeling?! Hahaaa! People like you had feelings?! How ridiculous!"

Xun Yanwu refused to look at the pained expression on the face of Zheng Zhi, instead he was turned around. Backing the other man as he spat out hateful words at his boss's brother.

"Yanwu...I..I'm a human being just like you, don't I have the right to find love like everybody? Why should my been different make you look down on me?"

In a voice that fought back tears, Zheng Zhi lay his vulnerable heart to the man that he had fallen for during one of his unannounced visits to his brother's office.

He could remember that day almost as if it were yesterday. Xun Yanwu stood behind the chair of Zheng Shanyu as they both looked at the computer. Both men looked up when Zheng Zhi walked in dressed as Zheng Veronica in maroon satin blouse with puffy long sleeves dress and gold accessories.

He saw the appreciative looks that his brother sent him, but there was no ounce of emotion while looking on the face of his brother's Secretary.

A queasy sensation pooled in the belly of Zheng Zhi when his eyes met those of Xun Yanwu, sweat started to form on his palm that held a clutch purse of gold.

"I like him! I really like this man!"

As the thought went through the mind of Zheng Zhi that was when he heard his younger brother's voice.

"Veronica, why are you still standing there? Come have a seat. Meet the secretary that I spoke to you about, his name is Xun Yanwu. Secretary Xun this is my twin, remember I told you my mom gave birth to two boys on the same day? Veronica is the twin whom I said lived outside the country for many years. She is a little feisty, but very warm once you get to know my sister more."

Nothing could describe the emotion that took over Xun Yanwu, the woman that he was attracted to on first meeting suddenly became a man in his eyes.

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