Evil Husband Is A Little Sweet Book 1 Chapter 67

Volume 1 Chapter 67 Black I Feel So Crappy

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"Zi how about I meet this young man that you are interested in? Let's both go together without calling ahead."

Wang Zuying spoke in a calm voice to her son; her heart broke all over again at the emotional conflict that the older of her two sons was facing. Despite the things she had to go through in the past for him, the mother of Zheng Zhi knew that her battle was far from over.

"Mom, what difference would it even make?! Yanwu ran away from me in disgust! He hates me! Going to see Shanshan would not change his perception of me!"

Zheng Zhi shouted his frustration at his mother who was almost an hour away from him. The phone call was a stark reminder of the distance between them.

"Would you like me to send the driver over so that you can stay in my place tonight then we can both go and see your brother at the office?"

Wanting to divert the attention of her son from getting consumed by self-loathing, Wang Zuying knew that she had to be stronger than ever for her children, most especially her firstborn, Zheng Zhi.

"No, mom I think I can handle staying home by myself tonight."

Putting on the tough face, Zheng Zhi wore the mask that he knew best which was the one of false bravery.

"If you don't want to come over then I will pack some overnight bags and spend the night in house."

"I told you I'm fine, Mom! I don't need you to come over!"

Before Zheng Zhi knew what was happening the phone abruptly cut off.

"Oh, no! She's angry! I knew it!"

In a blink of an eye, the grown man that was crying his eyes out on the phone to his mother suddenly became dry eyed. There was one thing that Wang Zuying would never stand for and that was anyone messing up with any of her children.

"Shoot! I need to vacuum and air the house before she comes!"

On the outside, Zheng Zhi was glamorous and beautiful, but when it came to housekeeping he was nowhere to be seen. Hardly could he keep up with cleaning the place he called home.

Running like a headless chicken around his massive home, Zheng Zhi let loose the cordless vacuum cleaner to clean around the house until it was spotless. Going from bathrooms to rooms and dining area to swap out the empty cannister of motion sensor air freshener with new ones.

"Food! What am I going to cook this night? Maybe I should have ordered out!"

Bone lazy and straight out refusing to get a housekeeper, Zheng Zhi looked around the kitchen, moving from cabinet to cabinet to see what he could make for dinner.

"Me and my big mouth! I should just have suck it up and not give in to my emotions! Now, I must think of what would be appealing for mom! A part of me just wish that I had asked her to bring some food when she's coming!"

Pulling out some bag of rice out of the pantry, frozen vegetables from the freezer. Zheng Zhi took his first step in preparing diner with no plan of how the result would be.

"Sauce! Where did I put them?!"

Scratching his head anxiously, he frantically began opening the cabinets in the kitchen. In the process he found where the bigger pot was and began placing them on the electric cooker.

"For heavens sake! Where is the fish! I hope I still have some left?!!! This is horrible!"

High on adrenaline from having to get dinner ready before his mother arrives. Zheng turned the knob on the electric cooker to the highest while filling the three pots with water from the running tap.

A mad dash to the freezer resulted in a large bag of frozen shrimp and a small bag of frozen dumplings.

"Wait! What?! That's it?! No fish? Just shrimp?!"

Disappointed by his find, Zheng Zhi took the bag of shrimps and dumplings to the marble count to cut the plastic wrap with a table knife. Almost about the same time he began pouring the frozen vegetables to the now hot steaming water in one pot and rice in the other pot. The last pot, he choice to pour frozen dumplings into it.

"The wine!"

A hot mess, Zheng Zhi was drowning in getting everything perfect and ready. Running back and forth to set the table on which both him and his mother would be having dinner that night.

"I have to get dressed before mom gets here!"

Another mad rush into his room, going through the tons of clothing to find one that was more to his liking.

"Black! I feel so crappy!"

Pulling out a black silk long sleeved shirt and skin fitting slacks, Zheng Zhi hurriedly donned them before running a comb through his hair. His vanity stand was filled with all kinds of makeups, colognes and beauty must haves.

A quick spray on his neck and wrist was all it took for him to smell enticingly good. Despite having men clothe on, Zheng Zhi wanted to look his best. To him, home was where he was at his most vulnerable.

"Should I wear leather slippers or open sole loafer?"

Raising a hand to his chin in thought, Zheng Zhi eventually chose the loafers to wear on his feet.

No sooner had the footwear settled comfortable on his feet, he heard the doorbell ring.

"That should be mom!"

Seconds later, his phone began to ring.

"That definitely is mom! She just had to call my phone!"

Wanting to get upset by his mother's impatience, Zheng Zhi smiled thinly as he left his room to see who was at his home.

Without turning on the home monitor by the door, Zheng Zhi opened the door to see that it was his mother, just as he had thought.


Hearing the worry behind his mother's voice as she said his name was all it took for Zheng Zhi to breakdown in tears.

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