Evolution Paradise In Doomsday Chapter 1576

Chapter 1575: Against the wave

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Chu Feng's voice was not loud, but the sage Ziyun sounded like thunder.

"Lord, master..."

Sage Ziyun widened her eyes, she couldn't believe what she had just heard.

Have the power to approach the emperor?

Are you kidding me?

Can the power of the Saint Emperor level be given?

Chu Feng continued: "The combat talent of the purple-patterned demon race is almost zero. You must rely on foreign objects to have combat effectiveness. I can allow you to have the power level of the Saint Emperor, but the power you exert is definitely not as good as the real Saint Emperor.

Taking into account your racial characteristics, even if you have a strength close to the Saint Emperor level, your ability to face external risks is very poor, and you can only be coveted, so you can only guard one side, but you can't wander the starry sky at will. "

"I do."

Sage Ziyun directly knelt down and replied firmly.

"With so many restrictions, do you want power? Even if you have power, you are a race destined to not be free."

Chu Feng asked in a flat tone, his expression neither happy nor sad.

The Purple Demon Race is a tragic race.

In the past, it could only be reduced to a sacrifice, and it was worthy of joy to be able to have the value of fighting in his own hands.

It is better to die in battle than to be food.

"There is no absolute freedom in the world."

The sage Ziyun replied without hesitation, "If I can have the power, I will be able to shelter more people from the tribe."

The Purple Demon Race is indeed pursuing freedom.

However, their requirements for freedom are actually very simple.

As long as it is no longer reduced to a sacrifice, it is enough.

Chu Feng would not take them as sacrifices, but they could only survive in this new underworld.

Except for this new underworld, the universe has no place for them.

Chu Feng couldn't protect them all the time, he could protect himself after all.

Even with the help of foreign objects, as long as it is the power that can be in your own hands, you can protect more people.

They can make their footprints a little more accessible.

What if there are restrictions?

Since the master promised that it was close to the power of the Saint Emperor, then this power must be true.

It doesn't matter if you are subject to some restrictions. With this power as a deterrent, members of the race can gain precious freedom.

Even if

Only a little bit more.

"Your pursuit is really simple enough."

Chu Feng said leisurely.

Compared with the Purple Demon Race, the power and vision of human beings will continue to breed ambition and desire, and then cause devastating consequences.

In a sense, what the Evil Spirit King said is not wrong.

The Ziyun Saint still knelt down on the ground, afraid to speak.

Chu Feng took out a crystal ball very similar to the sacred stone and handed it to the Ziyun Saint.

"By refining this thing according to the method of refining the holy veins, you can have the power of the Saint Emperor, but it is up to you to control the level of power. When you refine this power, my little world The channel is almost constructed."

After speaking, Chu Feng disappeared.

The sage of Ziyun did not hesitate to take the crystal ball, and then carefully refined the crystal ball according to the method of refining the sacred stone.

The power of the saint emperor represents the new future of the purple-patterned demon clan.

Their future has taken another step forward.

After leaving the New Underworld, Chu Feng returned to Earth.

But before that, he smoothly opened up a space channel for Zixue and his mother to meet.

Chu Feng faintly felt that the purple-patterned demon race had a near-infinite lifespan, and perhaps as its strength increased, its thoughts would also change.

Human ambitions will expand with the increase of power, what about the purple-patterned demons? Both are wise civilizations, is there really an essential difference between the two parties?

But he doesn't care about this anymore.

There is nothing risk-free in the world.

As long as he is strong enough, he can control everything.

What's more, there is no force for no reason in this world.

When the purple-patterned demon clan highly relies on the holy scriptures, the lifeblood of the clan will be held in their own hands before they can completely crack the holy stone.

Now Ziyun Saint is refining the power of Saint Emperor level.

But how can such power be free from hidden dangers?

This is Chu Feng who directly stripped out a part of his own insight of the Saint Emperor level, and then refined it into a similar item using the method of Saint Mark Stone.

If handed over to a race other than the Purple Demon Race, it is just a one-time explosive consumable.

However, due to the unique talents of the Purple Demon Race, they can keep this power constant, but they can only use it in the way that Chu Feng originally planned.

This is already the best result.

Isn't it enough for a race that is inherently unable to fight to be able to do this? What else can they ask for.

After leaving the New Underworld, Chu Feng returned to Earth.

What he can do has been done, and the rest of the related matters can be left to others to do.

If he has to worry about everything himself, then the earths civilization will be hopeless.

After doing his own affairs, Chu Feng would have enough time to accompany his sweet wives.

When family and responsibilities cannot be balanced, Chu Feng chose responsibility.

But what should be done has been done, so what reason does he have, not to accompany his family?

In a flash, six months later, the storm of the New School swept the world.

This has caused shock and opposition from many people.

"It is said that this is an academy that specializes in cultivating the existence of holy ranks? How come, don't you have to rely on yourself for cultivation after the seventh rank?"

"It is said that the supreme plane also has a similar training method. You can practice on your own, but the environment can be changed! But that is the privilege of a few geniuses, and ordinary people like us don't need to think about it."

"Wait a minute, is this a school that all races can enter?"

"Of course, China is a country with open exchanges. Of course, we must have a good relationship with all major races."

"I'm not saying this. The academy that can cultivate the existence of the holy ranks must have a huge faculty and a large amount of training resources, including the cultivation environment, all of which must be open to the outside world."

"Cultivation resources have never been allocated enough. Why should our human resources be allocated to other races?"

"We are firmly opposed."

"What are the objections? Do you forget the lesson of closing the country so quickly? Do you think that our human school is for other races to use for nothing? Can you give some trust to the higher-ups in the matter of fighting for benefits?"

"That's an old age thing."

"I don't care, human things should belong to human beings."

"Can't we get more from other races?"

"If you are not of my race, their hearts must be different!"

"Go, let's go to the demonstration."

"Have you forgotten the lesson from the last demonstration?"

"Then we will wait for an explanation from above."

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