Evolution Paradise In Doomsday Chapter 1577

Chapter 1576: No need for explanation

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In the beginning, the people did shrink back a lot.

However, after the news was confirmed, the wave of opposition quickly became turbulent.

All of a sudden, demonstrations were launched everywhere.

This wave of opposition lasted for three months.

"It seems that many people still don't understand it!"

Jiang Xinyue lay lazily on the bed, "In just three months, there have been 15 demonstrations. The military doesn't care about this matter. Would you not come forward to make a statement?"

"What can I declare? Haven't all my names been included in the promotion?"

Chu Feng looked indifferent.

He will be the dean of the academy, at least the nominal dean, and of course his name cannot be kept secret.

For him, that was enough.

"Your name is written in but it has a very good effect. At least the voice of the city of Dawn is very small. They just want to hear an explanation."

Su Yuan leaned back on the chair and said with a smile, "The military will not come forward to explain, is it going to fish again this time?"

People in the City of Dawn would be funny if they opposed what Chu Feng did.

As soon as they saw Chu Feng's name, they immediately turned their backs.

If their child opposes, the leg breaks directly.

"No, they didn't want to explain at first."

Chu Feng shook his head.

Not only is the military not prepared to explain, he is not prepared to explain either.

The strong men on earth will not come forward to explain.

"why is that?"

Su Yuan was a little surprised, how could she not know about this?

Anyhow, he is also an important person!

Her business acumen and political acumen are well-developed, but she doesn't understand the significance of such an approach.

She thought the military had its own plans, but she didn't expect the military to explain anything from the beginning.

"Because it is not necessary!" Chu Feng replied.

Su Yuan was not notified because there was no discussion at all.

This is a tacit understanding.

"How could it be unnecessary? Now that the wave of opposition from the people is getting bigger and bigger, if you don't give them an explanation, what should you do if you trigger a riot? Are you willing to bear such consequences?"

Su Yuan was even more surprised.

Three months have passed since the news was announced.

In these three months, 15 demonstrations have taken place.

Is it that so many demonstrations are not enough to attract attention?

But Chu Feng said that the military seemed to have done this deliberately.

I didn't intend to explain at the beginning, is this going to cause social unrest?

"Your mind is very good, so for many things, you like to use your mind to solve problems. This habit is not wrong, because in many cases, the mind is indeed more important than the fists. This is also your specialty."

Chu Feng said calmly, "But you have forgotten the purpose of this school. At least in name, it was built to resist the invasion of alien creatures, and we are indeed prepared to do so."

Although the motivation is somewhat impure, this academy was indeed built on the battlefield of Tianhe to resist invasions from foreign domains.

Cultivating the strong to fight against alien creatures is an important purpose of the college.

Su Yuan seemed to understand: "So, was their demonstration a joke from the beginning?"

After Chu Feng's reminder, she finally understood something.

"Yes, the peace of mankind has been a little longer. It is our responsibility to provide a peaceful and stable environment for the new generation of children, but when they grow up, it is time to teach them how to face the wind and rain."

Chu Feng's gaze seemed to penetrate layers of void, "As long as the people who launched the demonstration do not cause serious damage, then let them go. Anyway, as time goes by, they will find how ridiculous their behavior is."

The military did not intend to explain from the beginning.

Because they want to send a signal to people.

Liberal democracy, which can't even see the situation on the battlefield, is absurd.

With the official indulgence, the wave of demonstrations is getting bigger and bigger. Those who march and demonstrate, under the banner of "other people who have different hearts," are constantly propagating the theory of foreign threats all over the world.

There is no interference in their behavior everywhere, and venues are prepared for them when they march and demonstrate.

As long as it does not disrupt public order, or destroy public and private property, let them go.

Gradually, these people felt something was wrong.

To this group of young and energetic young people, those who came from the Dark Age all smiled with their aunts.

It seems to be watching a group of naughty children who are ignorant.

Do they still use this group of young people to teach people who are not in my race?

In the Dark Age, they fought with zombies, insects, grabbed food from the mouth of alien beasts, battled enemies from outside worlds, and fought against natural disasters.

There are human enemies everywhere, and death threats everywhere.

Human beings lack everything, but they don't lack enemies.

People who are not from my race must have different hearts. Of course, this sentence says the purpose and bottom line of human beings, but it doesn't mean that you don't have to be mindless.

When the Hellhounds were summoned to the earth in large numbers to fight side by side with human demon hunters, no one shouted these words.

Because everyone knows which enemies should be resolved first.

Human race and Protoss cant trust each other, are they about to go to war?

We have to beware of strangers, but it does not mean that we have to kill all strangers!

If you are afraid of fraud, shouldn't you stop doing business or work?

Can't you fight if you are afraid of death?

Can't you live with them if you are a local alien?

Human races are contradictory creatures. If they don't even realize this, they will still be children who have not grown up after all.

There are only two months left before the original school start time.

Under the pressure of society, enrollment began.

Those who organized the demonstrations were very angry.

"Does the military ignore public opinion?"

Regardless of the dynasty, a monarch who ignores public opinion will not end well. However, there are many masters who play with public opinion.

Out of anger, the admissions rules were announced.

"You can register for the entrance exam if you are under twenty years old and reach level 7. The location of the test is Hongmeng Star at Tianhe Battlefield."

Hongmeng Star is the first large-scale life planet that serves as a traffic node on the earth in the Tianhe battlefield.

Taking Hongmeng Star as the location, thousands of living planets nearby are in a state of unexplored state, and this is also the subject of development on the earth in the next thousand years.

The Millennium Development Plan, this is already a preliminary budget.

Compared with the battlefield that has been developed for hundreds of thousands of years on the highest planes, this kind of efficiency will be laughed at as a big talk.

But this kind of ridicule, Huaxia said he was used to it.

In the past, on the earth, Huaxia often suffered all kinds of ridicule, and then those ridiculers shut up.

Later... it was all gone.

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