Evolution Paradise In Doomsday Chapter 1578

Chapter 1577: Registration storm

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The registration for Wanzu College begins.

The Earth Network has been rebuilt, and the registration for the Ten Thousand Races Academy has begun.

At the beginning, this name attracted some criticism.

The name suddenly reminded people of the Holy Land of Ten Thousand Races that was flattened by the earth.

Moreover, the Holy Land of Ten Thousand Races is the territory of the Yao Race.

Chu Feng didn't care about this.

The Holy Land of Ten Thousand Races did fall later, but at the beginning of the creation of the Holy Land of Ten Thousand Races, it was also to resist the invasion of the highest plane. It was completely justice, but it fell later.

Even so, the Holy Land of Ten Thousand Races still made contributions to the Human Race.

The ability to communicate between the gods and demons not only cultivated a large number of talents for the human race, but also played a decisive role in the final battle.

Under Chu Feng's suggestion, everyone finally agreed.

And to be honest, the damage to the earth from the Holy Land of Ten Thousand Races is far less than the benefits it provides.

After the demons were flattened, the Holy Land of Ten Thousand Races had made great contributions to the human race.

If you want to talk about disgust, there is really not much.

When the fragments of the underworld landed on the earth, the Holy Land of Ten Thousand Races also became the shield of the earth.

How does this make people on earth hate?

So, although using a broken holy place as the name seems a bit unlucky, there is no obstacle.

The school is established on Hongmeng Star, so it is naturally led by the existence of the Holy Order.

Those demonstrating crowds were a little dumbfounded.

At this time, they were shocked to discover that they didn't even have a holy step to lead, and there was no holy step on the earth to make a sound.

"Why didn't the existence of holy steps stand up?"

"What about those holy rank beings?"

"Is there no sound?"

"what happened?"

"Are they all muted by the top?"

"The existence of the holy order is originally a high-level."

When people discovered that there was no holy step to support their actions, they all panicked.

Human beings are inherently blindly obedient creatures. Many times, when people encounter oppression, no one resists and will endure silently. Once there is a leader, a powerful force will burst out.

Sometimes, during demonstrations, many people do not know what the content of the demonstrations is.

Now, when they suddenly discovered that they didn't even have a leader, countless people quietly withdrew from the parade.

There are still some people who still refuse to shrink.

Some people are out of face, but some people really don't trust foreigners. They regard the non-self race as a code of conduct.

At this time, the official released a piece of news.

[If there is still a need for demonstrations, everyone is welcome to sign up for the demonstrations on Hongmeng Star. Due to the limited manpower of the holy ranks, please line up in an orderly manner. Those below the 8th rank cannot survive on Hongmeng Star. Please don't waste time.

Notes: Participants in the parade are requested to abide by order and do not disturb public order.

During the parade, you may meet representatives of other races. Please keep the character and dignity of the human race and don't lose face.


What kind of medicine is the high-level Terran selling?

The demonstration is about to end, what are you doing here, you actually organized a wave yourself.

Send someone to send them to Hongmeng Star?

For a while, people didn't know what the top Human Race was going to do.

However, although I am very confused about the motives of the high-level Human Race, there are still many people who signed up for this event.

Unfortunately, most of the applicants are not protesters.

Go to Hongmeng Star!

That was the first large-scale base for mankind on the Tianhe battlefield, and it was also the starting point for the development of the Tianhe battlefield.

You can see the scenery of the alien planet, you can see the strong men of many other races, and communicate with all races.

Such an opportunity is too rare.

The races that the Human Race can come into close contact with are the Silver Phosphorus Demon Race and the Flame God Race. The former has made great contributions to the Human Race, and the latter has been silently contributing to the Human Race.

35% of Terrans cold weapons are owned by Yan God.

Such a "harmless" race, the Human Race will naturally not trouble them.

Would people slaughter the cattle all over the world because they are afraid of the size of the cattle? It's ridiculous to think about it.

The registration has begun. The strength of Tier 8 restricts the vast majority of human races, and only a few can go to the ceremony.

Those who signed up for the strong, because many people have had records of disrupting social order, or even breaking the law and committing crimes, they have been brushed down again.

These people, there are many real "marchers."

They were brushed down and would not arouse anyone's sympathy, but instead attracted a lot of boos.

Some of these people were dissatisfied with the appeal, but they were all rejected.

The reason is: [Let you represent the human race? Terran can't afford that face.

Such naked remarks drew a lot of "good faith" laughter, and made those people desperate to be transparent people.

In the end, a total of 5,500 civil representatives were selected, and they were personally led by the military's holy ranks.

Before leaving, Wanmin sent off, but weirdly did not have the initial hostility.

"Come on, don't be embarrassed by the human race."

"Let those alien races know that the human race is their master."

"Our human race is the strongest."

"Strike the power of the human race."

I don't know, I thought it was going to go to war.

Seeing this scene, the holy rank beings in the void laughed kindly.

"Sure enough, the human race is not afraid of alien races. What we fear is the unknown, the unknown race, the unknown future."

"The best way to overcome these fears is to eliminate the unknown."

"Draining is more effective than suppressing."

"Complete elimination is impossible, but after such a disturbance, the emotions are almost vented!"

Of course, the human race is dissatisfied with the resources of the human race to the alien race.

However, it was not enough to cause a demonstration.

As long as you think calmly, you should understand that it's impossible for the top level of the human race to not protect the basic interests of the human race.

They have no reason to betray.

If they are in a high position and deprived of resources at the bottom, they still have some credibility.

However, to harm the interests of the human race to the foreign race, or the resolution passed by the high level of the human race unanimously, kidding.

Human race is really so stupid, it has been annihilated long ago.

The fundamental reason for this demonstration was actually the human races fear of the unknown of the universe and the unknown of foreign races.

The fear that has nowhere to vent is the greatest enemy of the human race.

The Human race was afraid of the strange alien races, and suddenly one stood up and threatened or even replaced the status of the Human race.

Right now, the high-level Human Race method is to let them make a lot of trouble.

After enough trouble, I will take you to an alien planet to observe, understand, and communicate with alien races at close range and zero contact.

As for the defense and fear of aliens?

Is this a problem?

No defense against aliens is the problem.

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