Exploding Attribute System In Douluo Dalu Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Chapter 5 Work-Students Dormitory, Martial Spirit Fusion 1/2

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"Apologise to Grandpa Jack!" Chen Feng still stared at the young man.

The young man asked Grandmaster for help with his eyes. Grandmaster looked at Chen Feng and then at the young man. He said coldly, "Apologise, I hope this is the last time. If there is another incident, you won't need to work here."

The young man began to sweat profusely, he hurriedly bowed to village chief Jack and said, "I'm sorry!"

"Let's go in." The Grandmaster looked at Chen Feng and Tang San.

Chen Feng and Tang San followed the Grandmaster and walked into the academy together.

"Teacher, thank you." Tang San said to the Grandmaster. He also raised his left hand just now. If Grandmaster had appeared later, he would have shot the young man with his sleeve arrows.

"I'm not a teacher at the academy." The Grandmaster glanced at Tang San and shook his head lightly.

"Not a teacher, then you must be the leader or principal of the academy?" Tang San asked curiously.

The Grandmaster laughed and said: "You are very smart, but you still guessed wrong."

"Then you are?" Tang San was a little puzzled, he's not a teacher and leader of the Academy, how could he have such a high status in the school then?

"I'm just a guest in the academy. You can call me Grandmaster like everyone else. The meaning of a master and a teacher is very different. Don't call me wrongly in the future unless you really want to worship me as master." Grandmaster said.

"Do you want to teach me cultivation?" Tang San asked.

The Grandmaster stopped, staring at Tang San, and asked, "Well, would you like it?"

Tang San didn't answer, he just stared at the Grandmaster like this.

The Grandmaster saw that Tang San didn't speak but smiled: "You are a really smart kid."

"Grandmaster, Xiao san, you two talk too slowly. I will enrol first." Chen Feng said, he knew what the Grandmaster would say next, he'd say the secret of Tang San's twin Martial Spirits, hence, it is not appropriate for him to stay here.

"Well, the Academic Affairs Office is over there." The Grandmaster nodded and pointed Chen Feng the direction he needed to go.

"Xiao San, see you later." Chen Feng took the Spirit Hall's certificate and ran towards the Academic Affairs Office.

The Academic Affairs Office is on the first floor of the main teaching building. There is a 60-year-old teacher here who is responsible for receiving new students, and two other 30-year-old teachers are helping him.

"Hello, I am a work-student from Saint Spirit Village. This is my proof." Chen Feng ran over and handed the proof of Spirit Hall.

"Martial Spirit Black Tiger, innate Spirit Power level 3, it's okay." Director Su accepted the certificate, then nodded.

"This is your school uniform, which is distributed by the Academy for free. You'll live in the work-study dormitory buildings. The teacher in charge there will arrange your work as a work-student. Go ahead." Another teacher said.

"Thank you." Chen Feng took over the school uniform and then walked out of the Academic Affairs Office.

There are not many students at Nuoding Academy. Hence why there is only one dormitory for working-study students. Chen Feng inquired for a while, found the location of the dormitory building, and came to the dormitory.

It is called a dormitory, but it is larger than many auditoriums that Chen Feng had seen in his previous life. There are more than 50 beds, but only a dozen of them have bedding, and most of them are empty.

As soon as Chen Feng walked in, all the students inside looked at Chen Feng.

"Hello, I am a new work student, my name is Chen Feng." Chen Feng introduced himself with a smile.

One of the eldest children walked over and said, "My name is Wang Sheng and my spirit is a Battle Tiger. What is your spirit?"

"My spirit is a Black Tiger." Chen Feng said.

"Our dormitory has a rule. Whoever has the strongest strength is the boss of the dormitory. The boss is responsible for protecting the others. The current boss is me. You must fight with me." Wang Sheng said.

"Fight, I like it." The corner of Chen Feng's mouth raised slightly.

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