Exploding Attribute System In Douluo Dalu Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Chapter 5 Work-Students Dormitory, Martial Spirit Fusion 2/2

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Before if he wanted to fight, he could only find Tang San since no one else gave him anymore drops. Tang San was stronger than him. It was not easy to explode some attributes from Tang San though it was easier to explode attributes from Tang San than those weaker than him.

Putting the school uniform and Black Iron Staff that he had just received on an empty bed, Chen Feng came to the centre of the dormitory, ready to fight Wang Sheng.

"It's time to start." Chen Feng stretched out a hand and made a 'come hither' gesture.

"Be careful." Wang Sheng said, and then rushed toward Chen Feng, he slammed his fist toward Chen Feng's chest.

With a smile on his face, Chen Feng greeted him with a punch.

When the two fists touched each other, Wang Sheng felt a huge force hitting him, he had to take a few steps back to stabilize his figure, while Chen Feng was still standing in the same place, unmoving like a mountain.

Wang Sheng was surprised, his Spirit Power was already at Level 9, and he was several years older than Chen Feng, but his strength was weaker than Chen Feng's.

Chen Feng smiled slightly, his physical fitness was already comparable to that of a normal power attack type Spirit Master, and even Tang San was far inferior to him in terms of physical strength.

He just couldn't beat Tang San because Tang San had cultivated the Mysterious Heaven Technique and his skills were much better than his.

"Come again!" Wang Sheng said unconvinced and attacked Chen Feng again.

Chen Feng isn't only powerful, but also a lot faster than Wang Sheng. He dodged from the left to the right, found an opening and punched Wang Sheng. However, he still held back enough to only create bruises and not injure Wang Sheng.

After dozens of rounds, Wang Sheng also knew that he was not Chen Feng's opponent.

"I lost, you will be the boss of the work-study students from now on." Wang Sheng dejectedly said.

"We greet the boss!" the others said in unison.

"There is another working student enrolling this year. I am not his opponent. When he comes, let him be the boss of the dormitory." Chen Feng waved his hand and forcibly suppressed his excitement.

Because the last time he hit Wang Sheng, a golden ball of light burst out.

The golden ball actually broke out on Wang Sheng, and he wanted to know what it was.

" He's stronger than you?" Wang Sheng said in surprise. Chen Feng is already abnormal enough, and there is one even more abnormal than Chen Feng.

"He has innate full Spirit Power." Chen Feng answered.

"Innate full Spirit Power!" Wang Sheng and others were shocked.

"Okay, I'll go clean up first." Chen Feng said, he wanted to integrate the attribute balls that were just burst out of Wang Sheng. He doesn't have to physically pick them up, touching them with his hands can also absorb them.

"We'll help," the others said.

"This iron staff is so heavy." Wang Sheng helped Chen Feng to pick up the iron Staff and almost fell doing so.

"This Black Iron Staff is 108 catties, I specially invited someone to make it for me." Chen Feng smugly smiled.

"No wonder you're so strong." Wang Sheng was completely convinced now.

"Ding Dong! The spirit Battle Tiger is detected. It is of the same type as the host's spirit Black Tiger. Do you want to fuse it?" When Chen Feng touched the golden ball of light, and in response a mechanical voice rang in his ears.

"Not for now." Chen Feng secretly said.

The attribute light ball lasts for an hour, he didn't know what would happen to his Martial Spirit when he fuses with it. Hence, it was better to find a place where no one was around.

"I still have something to do, I'll go out first." Chen Feng picked up the golden ball of light, said bye to Wang Sheng and others, and ran out.

Only when he found a remote place, Chen Feng was ready to merge his Martial Spirit.

"Unexpectedly, the System can even burst out Martial Spirits. I don't know what changes will happen after the fusion?" Chen Feng thought in his heart, and then silently muttered fuse in his heart, and so, the martial spirits began to fuse.

The fusion of Martial Spirits did not make big movements or an uproar that Chen Feng imagined, there was no pain either, it was quickly completed after some time.

The Black Tiger Martial Spirit was still the same as before, but he obviously felt that its power became stronger.

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