Extraordinary Genius Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226 Two Pronged Approach

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Feng Yu was in a good mood when he heard about the imitations.

"Old Li, this imitation is discovered in which city?"


Feng Yu was shocked. These imitation sellers are too bold to sell in Beijing. They must have targeted Beijing because the market is bigger, and they can reap higher profits!

"What about other cities?"

"We found imitations in several cities, and I had asked our distributors to investigate. Luckily, our distributors are not selling imitations, or else it will become a big issue.

If customers bought imitation products from elsewhere, the company could still explain. But if they bought it from their distributors, it will not be settled easily.

Those distributors can sell imitations, but they are working with Bing City Machinery Manufacturing Group to sell electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, motorcycles, and even cars.

They dont dare to risk getting their distributors status removed for some profits. Furthermore, they know Songjiang is created by Feng Yu, Chinas wealthiest man. If they offended Feng Yu, it is no longer the issue of getting their contracts canceled and compensating Songjiang. It might be worse.

"Not only the distributors need to check, but we must also take precautions. We must do something which those factories cannot imitate. You dont need to worry about higher-ups. I will speak to them."

Feng Yu had created this brand and even exported it overseas. If he got dragged down these imitations in his own backyard, he would be a laughing stock.

"Oh, did you find any imitations in Bing City?" If Feng Yus home base also have imitations, that means this problem had become very serious.

"No. Not only in Bing City, but we had also checked the whole Longjiang Province and did not find any. Even Lin Province does not have any imitations. But we are still waiting for news from Liao Province."

Feng Yu was relieved. At least this problem has not become too serious.

"Are there any electric motorcycle imitations?"

"No. Those factories that can manufacture electric motorcycles have some technical skills. Although they are copying our designs and technologies, they did not use our logo."

"They used our patented technologies?"

"Yes." Li Mingde felt embarrassed. He still has the old way of thinking and felt he should let these factories off if they didnt harm the companys interest. In the past, he can be ruthless and didnt let anyone who copies his products off. But he changed as he becomes older.

"Old Li, we had spent lots of money to develop these technologies. If other people want to use it, they must pay for it. It would be our loss if they used it for free. The company is successful now is because everyone worked hard. You might not care about these minor losses. Still, suppose we can collect 1 million patent fees annually, we can give out more bonuses to our workers, or even upgrade the quality of the food at the canteen."

"Manager Feng. I know what to do. I know some of those people, and its not nice for me to go after them. But I will get the department in-charge of this issue to go after them. I will make sure we will get back every cent they owe us!" Li Mingde felt he had let Feng Yu down.

A few days later, Feng Yu returned to Beijing and called Liu Chuanzhi. "Manager Liu, are you familiar with the leaders from the Industry and Commerce Bureau?"

"Do you mean the city level or the higher-ups?"

"The higher-ups."

"I am quite close to a Vice Minister. If you want to know him, I can ask him out for dinner tonight."

"Ok. Please arrange for the meeting.

When Feng Yu arrives at the restaurant, Liu Chuanzhi and a man walks up to him. "Manager Feng, let me introduce. This is Qian Liang, Minister Qian from the Industry and Commerce Bureau. Minister Qian, this is Manager Feng, Feng Yu."

"Manager Feng. Nice to meet you." Qian Liang extended his hand for a handshake.

Everyone who got close to Manager Feng will become successful, as he is influential in China.

"Hi, Minister Qian. Lets go in." Feng Yu smiled.

When they are seated in the private dining room, the waitress started serving the dishes. Liu Chuanzhi had ordered the food in advance, as the main reason for this meeting is not for dinner.

"Minister Qian, I will be straight forward. I need a favor from you."

"What is it? I will definitely help." Qian Liang agreed without hesitations.

"A lot of Songjiang electric bicycle imitations have appeared in the market recently. I hope your department can investigate and impose a crackdown on these imitations. Of course, I will not let your department work for free. We will donate a few Songjiang vehicles to your bureau."

Qian Liang smiled immediately. "Ah Manager Feng, you dont need to do this. Eliminating imitations is my departments duty. Have you all investigated this? If you have any information, let me know, and it will be easier for our work. But dont worry. I will issue the orders to let each province crackdown on these imitations."

Feng Yu is satisfied with Qian Liangs attitude.

"Minister Qian, I will publish an article on this issue on the newspaper and internet. Please be prepared."

"What do you mean?"

Feng Yu took out a document and passed it to Qian Liang.

Qian Liang opened the document and start reading. The more he read, the more he frowned.

"Manager Feng, is there a need to do this?" This article is about the number of imitation products in China and their impact on the market.

If this article is published, it will be a slap to the Industry and Commerce Bureau!

Qian Liang is unhappy. He had agreed to help Feng Yu settle this issue, but Feng Yu still want to blow up this matter.

Feng Yu laughed. "Minister Qian, what if this article is published by your department?"

"Published by my department? Are you saying you want us to report this article?"

Qian Liang kept quiet. Although this will expose their departments failure and show their determination to crack down on imitations. The higher-ups will also like to see this.

Even the civilians will know they are determined to eliminate these counterfeits and will support them.

In the past, when his men went after those imitation sellers, they will be accused of bullying them, making it hard for them to work.

"Minister Qian, I can let your department publish this article. I can wait three days. If I dont hear from you within three days, I will get my men to publish it."

Qian Liang thought for a while. "Ok. I will definitely get back to you within three days!"

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