Extraordinary Genius Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227 Influencing The Public Opinion

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Although Qian Liang asked for three days, he issued orders to all the Provinces to start curb imitations the next day. The reason given is China had just joined the WTO, and its reputation cannot be tarnished by these imitation goods.

With such a good reason, no one dares to oppose. In reality, some of these imitation products were protected by the local government, and some were even produced by State-owned enterprises.

These counterfeit factories just wanted to find work for their workers. As for using Songjiangs Logo, its a production error. Furthermore, Songjiang Motors is rich, and will this small amount make no difference to them.

All of them are formerly state-owned enterprises and should take care of each other.

Some factories have people to cover up for them. The higher-ups want to investigate, right? They are prepared. When the people from the Industry and Commerce come for inspection, they will see a factory that produces their own electric bicycles brand, with all proper approvals.

Those who do not have all the necessary paperwork will suspend their operations before the Industry and Commerce come to inspect them. How can the Industry and Commerce Bureau staff check on their factories if they cannot even enter? If they insisted on checking, leaders from other departments would call to beg for mercy.

Of course, the local Industry and Commerce Bureaus are just going to catch one or two factories to show the higher-ups they are working. Other than imitation Songjiang Electric Bicycles, many factories are producing other counterfeit products. They will just pick one or two factories without backings.

These factories are paying taxes to the local authorities, after all.

The next day, Bing City Machinery Manufacturing Groups distributors feedback that the Industry and Commerce Bureaus in their Provinces had started investigating, and they had whistle-blow anonymously. But only two small factories were ordered to shut down, and they did not do anything to the rest. Among these factories, many are state-owned enterprises.

Li Mingde had made a few calls to some factories heads, which he knows. Many of them are his juniors.

These people used their relationships and their past to beg Li Mingde, making him helpless. He is furious but does not want to hurt his old friends feelings. If he allows them to carry on, it will harm the companys interest.

Feng Yu had paid Li Mingde a high salary and benefits. Its not right for him to use his power to harm the companys interest by giving his acquaintances privileges.

Li Mingde made up his mind and ordered his companys higher executives to visit various Provinces with their teams to report on these factories. If the local authorities cannot settle it, he will report up to the Provincial level. Bing City is a shareholder of Bing City Machinery Manufacturing Group, and it represented the Provinces interest after all.

Feng Yu is not in a rush and is waiting for Qian Liangs reply. He believes Qian Liang will make the right decision. Although he was forced to make this decision, he or the Industry and Commerce Bureau should know which choice will benefit them the most.

If Feng Yu exposed this problem, nothing might happen to him. But some leaders in the Industry and Commerce Bureau will be forced to retire. These leaders will never risk their careers.

But suppose it is the Industry and Commerce Bureau who exposed this issue. In that case, it will show their attitude and responsibility towards their duties. Also, they can gain favorable public opinion and let the higher-ups notice them.

The Industry and Commerce Bureau needs to face this issue openly for its leaders to keep their positions.

On the third day, Qian Liang called Feng Yu to inform him that the Bureau felt this article can be a warning after their internal discussion. They will be publishing this article in the internal circulation newsletter and on signed off by their office.

Also, Qian Liang will be leading a team of other leaders to conduct inspections on the various Provincial Bureaus. They must let Chinas manufacturing sector return to the correct path!

"Old Zhao have you read the papers?"

The boss of a company in Hunan Province, Zhao Tianbao, woke up by a phone call. He pushed the woman in his arms away and reach for his phone. The moment he answered, he heard the other party saying this.

Zhao Tianbao looked at his phone and saw the name of the caller. Its Manager Hu from Hubei Province.

"Old Hu, what are you talking about? Are you in Hunan now? I will treat you to dinner and drinks tonight. After that, I will bring you to XX nightclub."

"Old Zhao, wake up! This is not the time to think about drinking! Look at the now. The Industry and Commerce Bureau had published an article . The higher-ups are going to crack down on imitations and counterfeits! You might be arrested tomorrow if you dont do anything about it!"

Zhao Tianbao becomes awake suddenly. What?! The higher-ups are going to crack down on imitations and counterfeits?! But the provincial Bureau had just inspected his factories.

Zhao Tianbao immediately hung up and got dressed. The woman on the bed reached over to hug him. "Dear, why are you up so early? Where are you going?"

"Let go of me! I have urgent matters to attend to. Hurry and check how much cash we have at home. I need it urgently."

This scenario happened in several Provinces. These factory bosses thought they would be fine after the Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau conducted inspections at their factories. But it is not over yet.

The higher-ups do not believe the Provincial Bureaus reports and will be conducting inspections themselves. This is going to be a big issue. All of their tricks are useless if the higher-ups get involved. Some factory bosses still want to try their luck, thinking that they might escape if they spend some money.

After this article was published, people started to discuss it on the internet. Some netizens, who had nothing to do, started to comment on it like they are from the local authorities.

"I think the Industry and Commerce Bureau is serious this time, and the people at the grassroots levels will be in trouble. They are right to do something after China joined the WTO. We are unsuccessful in several attempts to join this organization in the past is because we dont have enough protection for IP theft and counterfeit issues."

"Bullshit. The person above is only making baseless guesses. The reasons you stated might be possible, but the real reason is those western countries wants to limit our nations development. They allowed us to join now is because they know they can no longer stop our development."

"Saying all these are useless. I heard this crackdown is because Bing City Machinery Manufacturing Group filed a complaint. Many fake Songjiang Brand electric Bicycles are appearing in the cities and affected its brand and reputation."

"Nah who dares to file a complaint with their real names nowadays? They will be offending many Provincial Cities. Furthermore, Songjiang is a big brand. Do you think they will care about these?"

"No matter how small mosquitos legs are, they are still meat. Those imitation manufacturers are wrong. Last month, I bought a Songjiang electric bicycle for my Mum, which broke down after ten days. When I send it for repairs at the service center, it was discovered it is an imitation. They are unwilling to repair it, and the shop I bought it from also refuses to admit it. I should not try to save a few hundred RMB in the first place and go to Songjiangs shop to buy it. At least, I will have no worries now."

"But I think its the Industry and Commerce Bureau fault. If they had treated this issue seriously in the past, there would not be so many imitations around."

Feng Yu read these comments and understood the Industry and Commerce Bureaus worries. They are afraid the people will think badly of them. Since this is the case, I will influence the publics opinion in my favor.

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