Extraordinary Genius Chapter 1253

Chapter 1253 Another Forbes Interview

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Feng Yu flew to Shanghai to receive a guest. This person can be considered someone familiar, and Zhong Qingxian and Hu Ran accompanied him.

Steve Forbes, the head of magazine, had contacted Feng Yu, asking to interview him again. Feng Yu told him that he is busy, and Steve offered to fly to China for this interview. He will not take up too much of Feng Yus time.

The reason is simple. Based on investigation, Feng Yus actual assets might have already exceeded Bill Gates.

But Feng Yus two companies, Wind and Rain Holdings and Tai Hua Holdings, are not listed yet. Even most of the subsidiaries and the companies he has shares in are not listed. Thats why Steve felt his valuation of Feng Yus assets might be inaccurate and wants to interview him again.

It will be great if Steve can get the actual figures from Feng Yu, and magazines sales will shoot up if his assets are really more than Bill Gates.

Since 1994, Bill Gates has been the Worlds Richest Man. If someone replaced him, it would attract many peoples curiosity.

Its just like sports. For example, Chinas table tennis has always been the champions, and people will lose interest. But if China loses one day and only got second place, the person who won will get all the attention.

had portrayed Bill Gates as a hero, and it will headline when the hero is beaten.

Furthermore, if Feng Yu becomes the Worlds Richest Man, he will be the youngest person to hold this title.

"Feng, its nice to see you again." Steve shook Feng Yus hand excitedly.

"You have met Hu Ran, and this is Zhong Qingxian. You should have heard of him, right?" Feng Yu smiled.

Hu Ran was sent to fetch Steve from the airport, and they have chatted on their way to meet Feng Yu. Steve Forbes was once Hu Rans idol.

But now, Hu Rans idol is Feng Yu.

"Can I call you Zhong? Nice to meet you, Zhong. I have always wanted to interview you. Can I interview you after I finished my interview with Feng? It will not take too long." Steve grabbed Zhong Qingxians hand warmly.

This person is one of Feng Yus two main generals. He manages Tai Hua Holdings and is also the boss of one of the worlds biggest beverage companies.

Hu Ran helped Zhong Qingxian translate, and he laughed. "How about we conduct the interviews tomorrow? In China, we have the custom of holding banquets to welcome our friends."

Steve nodded. "Sure."

Steve doesnt mind waiting until tomorrow for the interview as long as Zhong Qingxian agreed. He can also prepare his questions for Feng Yu and Zhong Qingxian. He doesnt want to repeat the same questions when he interviews them.

Hu Ran is Chinas top magazine Chief Editor and is very famous. But now, he can only act as a follower to help pour tea and be a translator.

But Hu Ran doesnt mind. On the contrary, he is overjoyed to join them in this conversation. Its an honor, and he can also learn about interview techniques from Steve.

Steve took a sip of coffee. "Hmm this coffee is nice. Feng, do you still prefer a tea? If possible, I would like to start interviewing you now."

Feng Yu nodded. "Ok."

If you are not interviewing me, why are you here? Chat with me? Feng Yu and Steve can only be considered acquaintances and not friends. Whats there to chat about?

"Feng, based on what we know, you have two major investments currently. Wind and Rain Holdings and Tai Hua Holdings, right?" Steve asked seriously.

Steve is still not used to interviewing Feng Yu. He cannot use a recording pen, notebooks, or even bring anything to the interview. This is a test of his memory. Luckily, he has memorized all the questions he wants to ask.

"Thats right." Feng Yu nodded. This is not a secret, and many people know about it.

"Are you holding the controlling stake in these two holding companies?" Steve asked.

Steve felt Feng Yu should have absolute control over these two companies, but he wants to hear it from him.

"Yes. I own more than two-thirds of these two companies shares."

Steve is very excited, but he did not ask about the exact number of shares Feng Yu owns. Even if he asked, Feng Yu will not answer and might even chase him out. He had heard rumors about Feng Yus foul temper, and maybe only Europes Richest Man, Kirilenkos temper is worse than him.

"We noticed a company called Tai Hua Consulting is a shareholder of a few Chinese internet companies, which are listed on Nasdaq. Is this company one of Tai Hua Holdings subsidiaries?"

Tai Hua Holdings is not a listed company, and its difficult to get information about it. Feng Yu had not purposely made it complicated when he re-organized his companies to set up Tai Hua Holdings.

Wind and Rain Holdings structure is more complicated. Steve doesnt know how many subsidiaries these two holding companies own or invest in.

"Yes. Tai Hua Consulting is a subsidiary of Tai Hua Holdings. This is an investment company and had made lots of venture capital investments. Many of its investments have failed, and these few internet companies share prices had plunged below its IPO price. I had lost quite a sum."

Although Feng Yu says he had suffered losses, he is still feeling happy in his heart. It would be best if the share prices plunged and he can delist these companies. This is equivalent to making a sum of money.

Selling a rock for 50,000, and use the 50,000 to invest for more profits. After two years, when the rocks value falls to 30,000, he will buy it back. This is equivalent to increasing the initial 50,000 to 80,000. Its like using the rock as collateral and getting 50,000 from it. Its a good deal!

Steve thought about the value of those few internet companies. He increased the estimated value of Tai Hua Holdings in his heart.

"Feng, is Wind and Rain Consultancy holding on to most funds among your subsidiaries?"

"Yes. This is also an investment company, and it focuses on investing in financial markets."

"Is this company worth more than 50 billion USD?" Steve looks at Feng Yu in his eyes when he asked the question he has wanted to ask.


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