Extraordinary Genius Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254 Becoming The Richest Man

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Feng Yu thought for a while. "Wind and Rain Consulting? I have not check on this company for a while. Maybe its worth that much."

Steve is surprised. He did not expect Feng Yu to give him this answer.

What do you mean by maybe?

But from Feng Yus tone, even if the company is not worth 50 billion USD, it should be somewhere near this figure. Steve estimates it to be between 40 to 50 billion USD.

Why is Feng Yu not bothered about such a huge investment?

How is this possible? Anyone will check on an investment of this amount. Even if Feng Yu had hired someone to manage this company, he should receive weekly reports on this company.

But Feng Yu doesnt seem to be lying from his expression. With Feng Yus net worth and Steves understanding of him, he should not lie about this.

Steve thought for a while and continued. "Feng, someone said Tai Hua Holdings asset is more than 20 billion USD. This figure is too low, and I estimate its value to be around 30 billion USD. Am I right?"

Feng Yu smiles as he looks at Steve. Just ask me how many assets I have, but I will not tell you.

Why should I tell you how much money I have?

If it wasnt for Steve promising Feng Yu that he would help promote some of these companies and brands, Feng Yu would not let him an interview.

"It should be around that amount."

Steve is getting mad. Its another unconfirmed answer again!

What do you mean by around that amount? Is it around 20 billion or 30 billion? The difference is 10 billion USD!

10 billion USD is enough for someone to enter the top twenty Worlds Richest Man list!

"Can I take it as 30 billion USD?" Steve continued to ask.

"Up to you." Feng Yu showed a nonchalant attitude.

Steve almost lost his temper. Everyone felt its an honor to enter Richest Man list, and cant wait to disclose all their assets.

If had undervalued someones net worth, that person would call them to inform them about their miscalculations.

But Feng Yu and many Chinese dont like to disclose their wealth. They will try their best to hide their assets.

Could the rumors about China doesnt allow tycoons to appear? But Feng Yu has become Asias top billionaire for a while, and his assets are still growing.

Feng Yu is also not a miser. Although he did not make any donations in the US, his companies had donated a lot of money after its incident. Steve had heard Feng Yu had donated a large amount of money in China every year.

A few days ago, Steve had received news that Feng Yus companies had donated more than 2.5 billion USD for Chinas 2008 Olympic Games!

How can someone who donates billions be a miser?!

This is a difficult question, and Steve cannot understand what Feng Yu is thinking. Maybe its the ancient Chinese customs of hiding their wealth.

"Feng, can I assume both your holding companies are worth more than 60 billion USD?"

This is a conservative estimate, and he felt Feng Yus net worth is over 70 billion USD now.

Microsoft share prices had plunged in the past two years, and Bill Gates current net worth is estimated to be 59.2 billion USD. If Feng Yu admits his companies are worth more than 60 billion USD, he will become the Worlds Richest Man.

There is another benefit to Forbes if Feng Yu becomes the Worlds Richest Man. When Microsoft share prices rise in the future, Bill Gatess net worth can easily exceed 60 billion USD. People will be interested to see Bill Gates getting back his title. If Forbes reports Feng Yus net worth had increased to 65 or 70 billion USD, it will stimulate magazines sales.

Feng Yus net worth has always been a mystery, and no one knows the actual figure. But Steve knows his estimation is much lesser than the actual amount.

Steve believes Feng Yu will agree with his estimation.

Feng Yu thought for a while. "How much are Bill Gates assets now?"

"59.2 billion USD and Microsoft share prices are still fluctuating. His net worth might fall if the share prices fall further." Steve did not hide anything from Feng Yu.

"Does this include his trust fund?" Feng Yu asked.

"Yes." Steve is puzzled. Why is Feng Yu concern about that trust fund? That fund is not worth a lot.

Feng Yu nodded. Bill Gates still has not transferred most of his assets into that trust fund yet.

In Feng Yus previous life, Bill Gates transferred all his Microsoft shares, etc., in 2008 to his trust fund, and his shares are worth almost 60 billion USD.

But now, Bill Gates trust fund is still not worth a lot.

"That means if I agree my two holding companies are worth 60 billion USD, I will become the Worlds Richest Man?"

Hu Ran, sitting beside, became very excited, and he quickly translated what was said to Zhong Qingxian.

Zhong Qingxian is also stunned. He manages Tai Hua Holdings and knows how many assets the company has, but he did not expect Wind and Rain Holdings to have such high assets.

Didnt Feng Yu withdraw a sum of money for donations recently? How come its still worth so much?

This means Feng Yu is already the Worlds Richest Man? The Worlds Richest Man is a Chinese?!

Steve, Zhong Qingxian, and Hu Ran are staring at Feng Yu, waiting for his reply.

Feng Yu suddenly laugh. "Since you think it is worth that amount, then take it as it is. I know even if I dont admit it, you will still write that figure. You might even be waiting for me to disclose my wealth to refute you."

The three men are shocked, as they had guessed correctly. Feng Yu has already become the Worlds Richest Man.

Someone who wants to hide his wealth will never inflate his wealth.

"Feng, is it fine if I publish your net worth like 60 billion USD in our next issue of ?" Steve confirmed again.

"Its alright. Whats there to fight for the first or second place? Anyway, we cannot finish spending our money." Feng Yu replied nonchalantly.

Steve is speechless. Feng Yu might not care about his position, but not many people think the same way.

Feng Yu is officially the Worlds Richest Man!

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