Fantasy Emperor Summoning System Chapter 1812

Chapter 1812: Blood Moon (3)

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The other great saints also roared one after another.

In them, the violent breath is boiling! Like an overwhelming wave, surging and surging!

"Huh, you still want to kill me? If it wasn't for the sixth **** thing to suppress, I would have killed you all by now!"

Blood Moon gritted his teeth and said coldly, his voice full of unwillingness.

His strength is far stronger than these great sages! Even if he has just inherited the body of the first holy messenger, his strength is not the peak, but he can still crush them easily!

Even if they join forces, he is not afraid and can sweep them one by one.

But now, with the appearance of Zhou Chen, as he was suppressed by these gray lights, his strength was constantly declining.

Can only resist passively! It blocked their attack, but couldn't sweep it at all!

Moreover, the most terrifying thing is... With the passage of time, his strength is still declining!

"Humph! It's a pity, you don't have that chance! Blood Moon, today, you must die!"

The second holy messenger roared loudly!

While he roared, under his feet, he took a violent step forward, and with a violent knife, it directly tore the sky and slashed towards the **** moon.

Chi Chi Chi Chi!

The tearing voice kept resounding! At this moment, heaven and earth seemed to have been chopped apart by the second holy messenger!

violent! violent!


Xueyue stared at the second holy messenger, and his expression became extremely hideous. At the moment when the second holy messenger took the sword, the blood-colored sweet-scented osmanthus tree in his hand also changed abruptly, becoming a handle. Out of the sheath sword!

Terrible swordsman, burst of light! Dazzling and sharp!

It seems to be able to smash everything!

Qiang Qiang!

The sound of the sword sound like a dragon chant, suddenly resounding here!

next moment.

The sword light was like an electric flash, and with a force of lightning speed, towards the second holy messenger's crazy knife, it was angrily killing the past!

With one knife, one sword, they collided fiercely.


boom! Boom!

Incomparably violent air waves swept out from all directions, and a large swath of sword light and sword light erupted between the second holy messenger and the blood moon.

After an instant, the second holy messenger retreated hundreds of steps in a row!

But, in that place, the figure of Blood Moon, for the first time, took three steps back!

Suddenly, many of the great sages' complexions changed slightly. Those great sages who were originally swaying still had light flashing in their eyes, and they didn't know what they were thinking.

There is no doubt that the three steps of Blood Moon, being blasted back, have had a very bad influence among these great saints!

It also makes those who are extremely optimistic about him and feel that he will definitely win, start to whisper in their hearts.

Because this is him, from the fight to the present, the first time he was blasted back!

Even if, as a price, the distance that the second holy messenger was blasted away would be more and farther!

However, this is still the second holy messenger of Jean, as well as the many great saints around him, refreshed!

I just feel that my whole body is full of fighting power!

This shows... the blood moon, the absolute dominance, is gone!

"Okay! Sixth, your suppression is very effective! Continue to suppress him for me!"

The second holy messenger laughed, and his voice was full of excitement and excitement.

The sixth child is really his lucky star! There is such a method unexpectedly!

Continue to drag on, their strength is getting stronger and stronger, and the strength of Blood Moon is getting weaker and weaker. At a certain moment, they really have the possibility of winning!

Blood Moon, Jiang, is no longer an invincible existence, but can only worship!

He stared at the surroundings and shouted loudly, "Blood Moon, it's no longer possible! Now, don't you guys do it yet?"

"This is the end of the matter, and I dare to be stubborn and stand in the same camp as the blood moon. When I level the blood moon, I will definitely liquidate you!"

As soon as these words came out, many people's expressions changed slightly!


The Second Holy Messenger, since he dared to say this in public, he must dare to do so!

There is a great sage, and he said in a deep voice: "Second, you still have to win first! Although we did not help you, we did not help Master Blood Moon! You are fighting for you! Who wins! We will naturally. Who are you loyal to!"

"The grass on the wall! It should be killed more!"

The second holy messenger said categorically, his attitude has also begun to become extremely strong!

At this moment, he has seen the odds! There is already hope of victory, therefore, his attitude towards these vacillating great saints is also different.

He, even without the great help of these people, can win! It's just more difficult, time-consuming, and a little longer!

These people, there is no way they can play a decisive role!

If this is the case, then they will not have the qualifications to swing at both ends and ride the fence to watch a play!

If you don't want to make a statement, then force them to stand in line!

"Either stand on my side and kill the blood moon with me, or you can go to be the servants of the blood moon! Work for him!"

The second holy messenger said categorically, "All of you present here are the top figures in my high moon world. There is no possibility of neutrality! Either for my enemy or for my friend! How to choose is all up to you!"

Hearing the words of the second holy messenger, those great saints, their faces became even more embarrassed.

The look of Blood Moon was also ugly.

The second child, say so in public, is this thinking that he is sure to win?

Where does his confidence come from?

"Huh! Second child, you want to die!"

Xueyue snorted coldly, and his figure flashed before disappearing in the same place. The next moment, his figure appeared directly beside the second holy messenger!

The sound of a sword shook the sky.

Not far away, the second holy messenger, with a look of alertness, his eyes slightly narrowed, as the sword light was about to approach him.

He drew his knife sharply!


A ray of blade light slashed out fiercely.

At this time, on the field, the roar of Blood Moon suddenly sounded, "Break me!"

He burst out with **** light, and the sacred symbols kept flowing and shining.

The words fall.

As if uttering the law, the spatula light of the second holy messenger instantly shattered!

In the next second, the sword of the blood moon drove straight in, directly towards the neck of the second holy messenger, and stabbed it in anger!

The second holy messenger, his pupils shrank suddenly, and his back was instantly covered with cold sweat!

However, it was at this time.

Zhou Chen roared, his figure flashed, and he directly appeared in front of the second holy messenger!

Infinite gray light, overwhelmingly covered the past! In the end, the gathering became a gray fist mark, which was severely printed in front of the blood moon!


The gray fist prints all over the sky are shattered one after another!

However, the **** moon's sure-killing sword also crashed into pieces!

at the same time.

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