Fantasy Emperor Summoning System Chapter 1814

Chapter 1814: Blood Moon (5)

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Kill Zhou Chen!

Give kings, fiefs, and even protection from control! Give enough freedom!

As soon as these words came out, everyone's expressions, including the second holy messenger, changed slightly!

"Blood Moon! When will you play this kind of conspiracy!"

The second holy messenger stared at the **** moon, his heart was slightly chilled, and he couldn't help but yelled!

In all fairness, the conditions for the blood moon to come out are still very attractive! Don't talk about others, even if it was him, if he knew that there was no turning back, Blood Moon would kill anyone if he didn't kill anyone. He wanted to kill Zhou Chen and make a good deal of Blood Moon.

no way.

Blood Moon is really too powerful, he is crushed by the sky that has been on the heads of the great sages for thousands of years!

The awe and fear of him has formed instinct in many people!

Moreover, the most important thing is... even now, no one dares to say that he will surely kill the blood moon! Capture the entire world of Gaoyue!

Zhou Chen's heart was also a little stunned. He actually understood a little now that these great sages in the high moon world are purely a thing of inadequate success and more than failure. He is really afraid that these people can't stand the temptation. To the blood moon again!

If that were the case, all his plans would be nothing.

Thinking like this, Zhou Chen smiled, "Haha, if it weren't for me to be killed! I'm going to be moved!"

"As expected of Lord Blood Moon! This level of speaking is high! This deceptive ability is really a set! If at the beginning, Lord Blood Moon would say something similar, I am afraid that we have not yet fought. Lose it!"

Blood Moon looked very cold, but didn't say a word.

Why didn't you say it at first?

At the beginning, he didn't expect Zhou Chen and the others to be so difficult. If he had known that they could cause him such a big confusion, he would have spoken in exchange for the support of other great saints.

Fortunately, even now, it is not too late for him to speak! still have a chance!

"Hehe, in the final analysis, it's not Blood Moon Lord, too confident! I think that we can crush us with one's own power! I don't even bother to use it!"

Zhou Chen sneered and said lightly.

The words fall.

He turned his eyes and fell directly on the bodies of the many great saints, and said lightly: "You guys, aren't you all heartbroken? Why don't you act? So be loyal to Lord Bloody Moon!"

"Now, Lord Blood Moon, I'm asking you for help! What a huge card! As for the future, when today's predicament is over, will he shed his grievances and kill the donkey? Will he be back? Anyway, it will be later. It's up! Isn't it?"

The words came out.

Many people's eyes flashed slightly.

Zhou Chen sneered and said, "A group of nasty people! I really don't know how you cultivated to the Great Sage!"

"What do you believe in what Blood Moon says? Now, I dare to say that as long as you help me kill Blood Moon, I will hand over the entire High Moon World! When he is really killed, I will give it to you. , Do you dare to ask for it?"

"Wait until today's dilemma is resolved! Blood Moon, there will be no opponents! At that time, you will live or die, all in his mind!"

"The promise of not being afraid of repentance is based on a situation where the strength of both parties is roughly similar! Do you think you are worthy?"

Those great saints who were originally eager to try, were full of horror in their hearts, and only felt that their scalp was tingling!

What Zhou Chen said makes sense!

When today's predicament is really lifted and Blood Moon won the final victory, who can supervise him at that time?

Even if his promise today is not fulfilled, who can say anything? Who dare to say anything?

As he said, Zhou Chen's sword-like gaze fell on the strong man on his side with incomparable sharpness, and said indifferently: "And you! When do you really think that the blood moon is a big measure? To the point where you can tolerate betrayal?"

"My words are all here, how to consider, how to make a choice, you will listen to it! If you really dare to come, then you will be a battle! My sixth son, not everyone can pinch a soft persimmon! I am not afraid of death, Just come!"

Zhou Chen drank!

With fighting spirit all over, he suddenly raised the long sword in his hand and shouted loudly: "You haven't been scared yet! Kill me!"



The incomparable violent aura fluctuations directly erupted on his body, turning into an endless and terrifying aura, covering the blood moon overwhelmingly!

And his figure, like an electric flash, directly towards the blood moon, rushing over in anger!


In the void, an electric light flashed past, directly tearing the space apart!

Behind him, the second holy messenger also boiled murderously, condensing all the strength of his body, turning into a violent knife, and slashing towards the blood moon!

The other great sages looked ugly, but after a long silence, they gritted their teeth and roared: "Kill!"

This is the end of the matter, they have no retreat!

To say that the blood moon is really generous enough to tolerate their betrayal, such words, even they themselves do not believe it!


The look of Blood Moon is hard to see the extreme!

He didn't expect that the sky-high conditions he offered would have already shaken the many great saints present.

However, Zhou Chen's words were still reversed!

Even let these people, the determination to kill him, be more resolute!

His eyes were like electricity, staring at Zhou Chen fiercely, gritted his teeth and said, "I said, among these people, the most difficult and damnable is your sixth child!"

He looked at the few great saints who were still hesitating, and said in a deep voice: "Follow me! Win this one! This seat will never treat you badly! This seat, you can swear!"

"The promise to you, I won't regret it!"

The air was silent.

Those great saints, listening to the promise of the blood moon, a struggling color appeared in their eyes.


There was a long silence.

Those great saints, in the end, still did not choose to stand on the side of the blood moon!

See this scene.

The look of the **** moon became completely gloomy and cold!

He can no longer command these great saints!

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