Fantasy: God Level Store Manager Chapter 1560

Chapter 1560: Outline And Plot Collection

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How important is the outline to the work?

It is no exaggeration to say that it is almost equivalent to a soul-like existence.

If there is no outline, the plot of the novel is basically in a state of being difficult to control.

In other words, it is easy for the author to let himself go.

Of course, there is no absolute in everything, and there are exceptions to everything.

Just like this one, even if it doesn't have an outline, doesn't it still cost more than two million?

And judging from the current progress of the plot, another two million yuan is a very easy thing.

After all, such a thing as talent...

Ahem, that's what it means anyway.

"Well, just assume you don't have an outline..." Yao Ziyan said seriously.

"What does it mean when she doesn't have an outline, she doesn't have it at all." Wei Qingzhu interrupted.

Yao Ziyan couldn't help laughing: "If you don't have it, you won't have it. I have written so much. It doesn't seem to make a difference whether there is or not. I want to see the progress of those two people a little bit faster."

"This... I will try my best." Song Qiuying nodded and said with some entanglement.

The short episode has come to an end for the time being.

Yao Ziyan didn't continue to ask questions either. As the same author, she naturally knew the identity of her readers, and it was okay to make suggestions. If this affects the author himself, it would be a bit unreasonable.

"Hey, by the way, when will your novel launch the linkage package?" Yao Ziyan suddenly thought of what he encountered in Qichuan that night.

"Well, it's been a while." Wei Qingzhu smiled, "His Majesty personally asked me to talk about this at the time."

When mentioning Ji Wuhui, Wei Qingzhu couldn't help taking a little flattery in his words.

The latter, no matter what, is also the Heavenly Star Emperor who rules the entire Heavenly Star Empire, asking about the super cultivator at the pinnacle.

And she was just a little mercenary.

In the past, I never thought that I would have an intersection with Ji Wuhui.

"What did you say?" Yao Ziyan was very curious about this.

"It's a novel thing." Wei Qingzhu said with a smile, "Your Majesty plans to let the influence of Origin Mall also involve ordinary people. The works in the magic phone are a good way."

"Then I found you?"

"Yeah." Wei Qingzhu nodded, "Actually, I feel that the most important thing your Majesty wants to find at the beginning is the boss, but the boss may not be interested in such things.

Having said that, she looked up in the direction of the counter.

Luo Chuan was eating potato chips and looking at the magic phone.

Such a scene reminded Wei Qingzhu of the past. It seemed that no matter what happened, no matter how long it had passed, there would be no change in this place.

Luo Chuan didn't speak.

He naturally heard the words of several people, and he was not surprised by this.

He really didn't have much interest, and having this time is not as interesting as playing a few rounds of fighting the landlords.

Several people said briefly and ended the conversation.

Yao Ziyan stretched, returned to his seat and sat down.

Luo Chuan thought of the work Yao Ziyan said, and wanted to say something, but he didn't know how to say it.

"What's wrong?" Yao Ziyan asked curiously, noticing Luo Chuan's hesitant to speak.

"Um... nothing." Luo Chuan shook his head.

Forget it, let's not say it, it seems a bit inappropriate to say it.

Hobbies are hobbies, but it doesn't mean they will do it in reality.

Moreover, the relationship between the two has long been determined, and he doesn't need to worry about it.

That's right, that's it.

...But it still feels weird.

"It's okay, just say what you want to say." Yao Ziyan urged.

"Really nothing." Luo Chuan said.

"Just forget it if you don't want to say it." Yao Ziyan didn't force it, but took out the magic phone, "I can write something."

There is nothing wrong with Luochuan.

He stared at Yao Ziyan while eating potato chips.

The eyebrows are picturesque, the eyes are bright and the teeth are bright, the dark purple eyes are crystal clear like glass, and a few strands of hair fall from the earlobes...

Yao Ziyan put down the magic phone and sighed helplessly: "Boss, you can't write anything when you look at me like this."

Although Luo Chuan was actually quite happy doing this, it shouldn't be now.

Luo Chuan let out an "Oh", and then retracted his gaze.

Yao Ziyan breathed a sigh of relief and refocused his attention on the magic phone.

Anyway, what did she want to write about?

Yao Ziyan, whose thoughts were completely disrupted, gave Luo Chuan a helpless look, thinking hard about the next plot.

Is it better to write an outline?

the other side.

Wei Qingzhu and the three came to the holographic device selling new products.

Song Qiuying curiously reached out and touched it, and what she started with was the unique cold texture of metal.

"Have you noticed that the equipment in the boss's shop is the same." She said suddenly.

"Maybe these devices are just a connected port." Wei Qingzhu thoughtfully.

"Port?" The two were puzzled.

"How do you say it?" Wei Qingzhu thought for a while. "It's similar to the products on the shelf. No matter how customers buy, it still maintains the original quantity."

For this strange phenomenon, customers have already taken it off.

And Luo Chuan also explained this.

The merchandise's overtime transmission function can add missing merchandise anytime and anywhere.

"So in my opinion, the equipment here is just a channel to other places. The information of the goods we purchased is sent to the opposite side, and then delivered to us through the equipment here." Wei Qingzhu expressed his views on this. .

"Sounds quite reasonable." Song Qiuying nodded thoughtfully.

"Oh, don't worry about that problem. Come and have a look. This time the product seems to be a little different from the others." Lin Wanshuang couldn't wait to come to the device and browse.

"What's the difference?"

"Backstory, other products have this?"

"Nian Beast... looks pretty good, I can write it into a novel."

"Wan Shuang, why do you think about your novel all the time?"

"Hey, don't you understand? People accumulate materials in novels anytime and anywhere, so they can write such popular works. Am I right, Wanshuang?"

"...How can you two say so well, just write casually, just luckier..."

Lin Wanshuang said with a flushed face and waved her hand.

Thinking that when she wrote the book Wu Po Cangqiong, she just heard the plot from the boss, and it felt interesting, so she wrote it.

But never thought it would be so popular.

"Thirty years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi, don't bully the young and poor", has now basically become a frequently spoken word by many customers on magic phones.

And not only that, it also caused a lot of impact in reality.

Those who bear the brunt are the powers such as family sects, which are completely unwarranted disasters to them...

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