Fantasy: God Level Store Manager Chapter 1561

Chapter 1561: Defeat The Wilderness

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After talking and laughing again, the three of them finally turned their attention to the new product again.

"Nian Gao..." Wei Qingzhu thoughtfully, "Although it is still a strange name that I have never heard before, I always feel a little weird."

"Huh? What's weird?" Song Qiuying asked casually.

"How do you say it?" Wei Qingzhu tried to think about the source of the weirdness. "Have you ever seen a store selling so many weird goods?"

Originally, Song Qiuying was still a little worried, but at this time she couldn't help but laughed: "Qingzhu, what are you talking about? The things in the owner's shop are strange, it's not normal."

Wei Qingzhu was taken aback for a moment.

Hmm... think about it, it seems that it is, there is nothing wrong with it.

"It seems that I think too much." Wei Qingzhu smiled embarrassedly, "Hey, why is she so tangled?"

"There are too many options." Song Qiuying stretched out her hands helplessly, "I want to choose any one, but everyone can only buy one copy a day, so that's it."

"Aren't we the three of us? Wouldn't it be enough to choose different flavors?" Wei Qingzhu said with a smile.

"This is indeed a very good way." Song Qiuying sighed, "But do you know how many types there are to choose from? I don't understand how the boss makes so many weird flavors."

When Wei Qingzhu saw the many options on the screen with his own eyes, he finally understood what Song Qiuying meant.

Then the three of them struggled together.

After a few minutes, everyone selected the flavors randomly recommended by the system by default.

Anyway, there is a lot of time, it's not that you can't eat it after eating it this time.

The place where they live is not far from the Origin Mall, so they can come and buy them every day.

And the price of Shi Lingjing is not expensive.

The key is--

Wei Qingzhu was surprised to find that the effect of the new product was also effective when reading the works on the magic phone.

Perception ability, in other words, is learning ability.

So is reading novels also considered?

Reading novels = learning other people's novels

Well, this logic is fine.

Wei Qingzhu told Song Qiuying and Lin Wanshuang of his findings, and the two naturally expressed their surprise.

"It's actually true." Lin Wanshuang said incredulously.

She closed her eyes and was able to clearly recall the plot she had just read, and she could even understand the author's thoughts at the time.

This can be used as a fraud device to describe it.

"What do you mean, would I still lie to you two?" Wei Qingzhu said dissatisfiedly.

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean that." Lin Wanshuang said with a smile quickly.

"But having said that, this effect is indeed very powerful." Song Qiuying looked at the magic phone, "and it definitely has a bonus in other aspects."

"So the new products of Origin Mall should be very popular this time." Lin Wanshuang nodded.

"Which new product has never been popular in the owner's store?" Wei Qingzhu touched her arm.

"Hmm...Does the syrup and mineral water count?"

"That's not the product's problem, it's the customer's own problem..."

Its a well-known fact that the products in Origin Mall are excellent value for money.

It's no exaggeration to say that when you buy it, you earn it.

If it is because the price is too high to buy, then it is said that the product is wrong, and it can only be said that the thinking may be a little different from ordinary people.

You can't just say that the goods are not good just because you are poor.

Obviously it's our own problem, so why should the merchandise come to our backs?

Luo Chuan held his chin.

Looking at the business environment of the store, I occasionally look at the demon purple smoke that is in the state of "Do Not Disturb at Work" next to him.

Continue to be in a daze.

In the past, when he was idle, he used to be in a daze to pass the time.

Even after leaving for such a long time, this habit has not changed in any way.

Luochuan's daze is not the kind of blank brain.

He prefers to think about some things.

For example, this new product.

He heard Wei Qingzhu and the others' conversation, and he had a general understanding of it.

How to say it, it is far from as simple as described in the introduction.

If learning ability can be improved in any aspect, this can be called a cheat in another sense.

The unreasonable kind.

Even in some respects, it is even more powerful than the speed bonus of instant noodles.

Cultivation is equivalent to one's own foundation, and skills are an extension of one's own strength.

The two are complementary.

Luochuan began to look forward to the scene after other customers came to the store, and I don't know how long it will take them to discover this.

As time went by, customers soon came to the store.

Zhou Hu and his party walked in quietly.

"The boss hasn't seen you for a long time!"

"I heard that there are new products in the store and we just came here."

"Boss, how was the filming of the movie..."

The noise also sounded, attracting the eyes of some customers, Yao Ziyan couldn't help but frowned slightly.

Aware of this, the voices of several people suddenly became much quieter.

I haven't seen them for such a long time. Although the few people in front of me look a lot stranger, they have not yet reached the level of forgetfulness.

It was Zhou Hu's mercenary team.

Luo Chuan remembered that they seemed to be similar to Wei Qingzhu's trio, in a half-turned state.

The main job has changed from hunting monsters and accepting commissions to broadcasting live on magical phones, and at the same time making videos about the lives of mercenaries.

It seems quite popular.

Selectively ignoring questions about the movie, Luo Chuan looked at Zhou Hu and the others. They looked a little tired, and they didn't seem to have much rest.

But the spirit is very good.

"Are you just coming back from outside?" Luo Chuan asked.

"Yes." Zhou Hu nodded his head, "I came back from Jiuyao Mountain in the early morning, and when I returned to Jiuyao City in the early morning, I saw the news of the new products in the store. I changed my clothes and came here."

Luo Chuan looked at several people.

Well, they are indeed new clothes.

He knows the life of these mercenaries...half mercenaries well, and he wears special protective gear to protect himself every time he sets out to the mountains.

Even if there is a Coke that can recover from the injury, it will not be taken lightly.

And after going out like this, and the weather is not good, there is indeed a need to change clothes after coming back.

So, in some respects, cultivators are not much different from ordinary people.

"Go out and do commissioned tasks?"

"No, it's the material for shooting the video program." Zhou Hu corrected, "We have released a series of videos on Origin Video, which will be updated every once in a while."


Luochuan felt a little strange.

Is this another type of film and television drama?

Survival in the wilderness is not suitable, but a decisive victory in the wilderness is very suitable...

Chaos thoughts flashed through Luo Chuan's mind, but his expression did not change. He pointed to the direction of the new equipment: "The new products are right there. Go buy them yourself."

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