Fantasy: God Level Store Manager Chapter 1562

Chapter 1562: It's My Fault To Think About Being Too Handsome

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Defeat the wilderness...

Luo Chuan watched Zhou Hu and the others tangled there, and a lot of thoughts appeared in his mind.

Maybe shooting this type of show is also a good choice.

Well, this idea can be incorporated into future planning.

Mr. Bai slowly ate up the new products he had bought.

Put the tableware into the recycling equipment, and prepare to visit Sakura Village.

"How does it taste?" Luo Chuan asked when he saw Mr. Bai passing by the counter.

His main concern is taste.

Mr. Bai stopped, and a little doubt arose in his heart, why the boss asked about the taste rather than the effect.

He soon understood.

The merchandise is brought out by the boss, and the effect is certainly no need to say more, and you can easily know.

The taste is relatively difficult to control a lot.

Just like a chef with superb cooking skills, if you dont taste the food yourself after youve finished it, you know its delicious, but you cant be sure how delicious it is.

That's right, that's it.

"It tastes very good." Mr. Bai thought for a while and added, "Like the other products in the store, it has no shortcomings."

He doesn't care much about the taste of food.

The degree of deliciousness can still be clearly distinguished.

Luo Chuan nodded and ended the conversation.

He just asked casually, and didn't think so much.

Old Bai admired Luo Chuan a little more in his heart.

As expected of the owner, he has full confidence in the products sold in the store.

Thinking like this in my heart, I came to Sakura Village and opened the closed door.

The expected harsh music did not come, which made him a little relieved, and at the same time saw Ji Wuhui and Tang Yi tasting coffee.

"Here, how about the new product?" Ji Wuhui asked with a smile.

"It tastes good." Bai Lao replied.

Ji Wuhui was taken aback for a moment, and he waved his hand: "I'm not talking about taste, I'm talking about effects."

Even Mr. Bai was a bit embarrassed at this time.

He answered completely subconsciously, after all, Ji Wuhui's question was similar to Luo Chuan's question just now.

"The effect of the new product is the improvement of perception ability, and only the actual experience should be able to feel the change of oneself." Bai Lao thought for a while and said.

"Oh, it's similar to the effect of coffee." Ji Wuhui nodded.

The world affinity is invisible and intangible, but it does exist, as is the so-called perception ability.

"City Lord Tang, how do you feel?" Old Bai looked at Tang Yi who was drinking coffee.

"Um..." Tang Yi scratched his hair, "It doesn't feel much."

Old Bai's eyes suddenly became admiring.

"What's the look in your eyes?" Ji Wuhui didn't care, and laughed, "I just introduced him to the instrument called the piano."

"Just an introduction?"

"Of course, would I still sit there and play a song?"

"I don't think it's impossible."

"I am self-aware of my musical talent..."

Tang Yi didn't understand the two people's words very much.

So I just drank coffee in silence while adjusting my state, preparing for the next breakthrough.

A few minutes later.

Tang Yi took a deep breath and stood up from his position.

"We won't go there anymore." Ji Wuhui waved his hand and dropped a sunspot. "Go by yourself."

"By the way, remember to put things in the recycling equipment." Old Bai continued to remind.

Tang Yi couldn't help laughing.

To be honest, the casual attitude of the two of them made his mood a lot easier.

"I will remember to stay away from Jiuyao City. Although the people in the city have seen a lot of great worlds, I don't want to let the city defense formation start inexplicably." Ji Wuhui said.

"Got it." Tang Yi nodded with a smile.

Luochuan looked at the magic phone boredly.

Perceiving something, and looking up, Tang Yi's figure appeared in his line of sight.

He smiled at him and walked directly towards the entrance of the weapon sales space.

"Is he going to break through here and ask?" Yao Ziyan raised his head and glanced at Tang Yi.

The breath of the latter is in an extremely unstable state, not to mention her, even other customers in the store are aware of it.

"It should be, I heard that Tang Yi has been preparing for a long time." Luo Chuan nodded.

He personally has no opinion on the matter of "customers use Origin Mall to make breakthroughs."

It's not a big deal to take advantage of it.

Moreover, the nature of the weapon sales space is for customers to use their power.

It is also obvious that advanced breakthroughs also belong to this category.

...Well, Luo Chuan just didn't bother to care about it.

"Boss, who was the one who went to the weapon room just now, why is the breath so unstable?" Wei Qingzhu couldn't wait to come to the counter and asked Luo Chuan.

Song Qiuying and Lin Wanshuang also followed.

The nature of human gossip is vividly manifested at this moment.

As for other customers, like those Krakens, they have no interest in it, and they are not humans either.

Gu Yunxi, Yao Ziyue and others, who came earlier, are completely immersed in the virtual world, experiencing the effects of new products, and have blocked their perception of the outside world.

"Tang Yi, the city lord of Qichuan." Yao Ziyan first introduced Tang Yi's identity, "I came here to increase my breakthrough probability through coffee."

The effect of coffee is to increase world affinity, which is luck.

Whether a cultivator can successfully break through is indeed related to luck, so Yao Ziyan is not wrong to say that.

Of course, the most important thing is oneself.

"City Lord Qichuan? Never heard of it." Wei Qingzhu didn't know much about it.

"What realm is he going to break through?" Lin Wanshuang then asked.

She only felt that Tang Yi's breath was very powerful, but she didn't have a clear idea of how powerful it is.

"Guiyuan broke through and asked." Yao Ziyan replied.

"Ask?!" Lin Wanshuang opened her eyes slightly, it seemed that the news surprised her.

Seeing her reaction, Yao Ziyan couldn't help but laughed, and pointed her finger at herself: "Don't forget, I am the Venerable."

"It's mainly because you are too familiar with it, you don't feel much, and you usually behave like us." Lin Wanshuang shrugged.

Under normal circumstances, the higher the cultivation base, the stronger the control over one's own power.

This is how the so-called return to nature comes from.

The extraordinary existence of Tianlan Continent follows this law.

"Especially the boss, if he walks on the street, he is no different from ordinary people." Lin Wanshuang's gaze fell on Luo Chuan, who was looking at the magic phone next to him.

Luochuan naturally heard the content of their conversation.

He really can't control what he wants to talk about, but it's a bit uncomfortable to involve him inexplicably.

Luo Chuan still remembered the news he got from Yao Ziyan when he first got up. He didn't know when he had the priesthood of a pet god.

"Just because he is handsome, it may be more eye-catching." Lin Wanshuang continued.

Luo Chuan feels that it's okay to talk about himself, and he is not such a stingy person, right?

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