Fantasy: God Level Store Manager Chapter 1727

Chapter 1727: Where does the world come, all beings are equal

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The world in the magic phone is so colorful that Bai never knew that Tianlan Continent had such a side.

"Is this Origin Mall real?" She couldn't help but raised her head and asked.

"The magic phone in your hand is the product of Origin Mall." The Lord Buddha replied flatly, "You only need one hundred Lingjing."

"So cheap?!" Beautiful eyes widened, her face full of disbelief.

According to her understanding, this kind of thing called a magic phone can be connected to other magic phones regardless of various external factors. This alone is outrageous enough.

She thinks that the price is at least tens of thousands of Lingjing, but in this shop called Origin Mall only sells one hundred Lingjing, what is the difference between this and free delivery?

The Lord Buddha thought this way at the beginning. After so long, he has long been used to it.

"Monk, where is this place? I want to go and have a look." Bai raised his head and asked.

"Very far, the Central Plains region." The Lord Buddha replied, "There is a specific location on the magic phone."

It has been a little half a year since the Lord Buddha left the Origin Mall. Even if he occasionally pauses in the middle, it still shows the vastness of Tianlan Continent.

"It's so far." Qiao Lian was obviously a little lost, "And I'm still a holy beast in the stockade, I can't just walk away, and the road is very dangerous..."

The Lord Buddha did not speak, he was just a visitor here...Well, the point is that each person can only buy one magic phone, and there is no extra.

"Now, give it back to you." Bai handed the magic phone to the Lord Buddha.

"Don't watch it?"

"I don't look at it." Bai shook his head again and again, and the green silk swayed at his waist. "I feel that if I continue to look, I'm afraid I can't help but go straight over. It's too dangerous."

The outside world is very dangerous, and the idea of a certain sacred beast becoming stronger, at the same time, there is a desire to visit the Origin Mall.

The Lord Buddha puts away the magic phone, after lunch, finds a shade of trees to prepare who will take a nap, and will continue to do farm work in the afternoon.

He looked up at the sky.

I feel that this nap shouldnt last long, but its not a good idea to wait, its better to go to sleep.

Meditating and chanting is also a good way, but I dont have this idea for a while, Im a little tired, I just want to sleep.

The Lord Buddha glanced for nothing.

I don't know why, I always feel something is wrong today, like something is going to happen, and I came here subconsciously at the same time.

He raised his eyes to the blue sky, the sun was high, and the white clouds resembling cotton candy disappeared.

Grabbing the hair and not thinking about this problem, his eyes fell on the water, and his little hand was instantly submerged in the water. When he came out, he caught a weird big fish.

Look around, throw it directly into your mouth, chew without chewing and swallow your belly, and squint your eyes. The happiness of the demon is very simple.

The white feet swayed slightly in the water, and the water in the terraced fields was cold and comfortable.

In mid-air, the golden light moved forward like ocean waves, faintly sounded by Brahma, sacred and peaceful, making people perish unconsciously, golden clouds faintly formed a huge Buddha shadow, and his face was compassionate and compassionate to all beings.

Everywhere they passed along the way, ordinary people bowed down and exclaimed that the gods and Buddhas now pray for blessings. The cultivators were puzzled. They didn't understand what these monks wanted to do. They were too fast to keep up, so they could only guess in their hearts.

Several tall figures appeared in the thick golden auspicious clouds, dressed in golden vestments, holy lotus terraces, and solemn treasures. The people kneeling on the ground were dumbfounded for a moment and suddenly ecstatic, shouting various pious words.

The Buddha's light quickly disappeared into the sky, and the people were excited to discuss the scene of seeing the real Buddha.

"Everyone, remember that this trip must not fail."

"It's just a snake demon who just entered the question, can it still escape?"

"I heard that some monsters have the ability to seek good fortune and avoid evil, what if she escapes early?"

"It's okay, I have a secret treasure to cover the breath and block the cause and effect."

"Good, good, good..."

In the rich Buddha light, several figures are talking in low voices, turning a blind eye to the scenery below. The higher you stand, the more you can't see the sight below.

I dont know how long it took, and finally I saw layers of terraced fields appearing in the undulating mountains and forests in the distance, with clear water reflecting the blue sky.

Many wooden buildings are located in dense forests. The villagers come and go, busy with the cultivation of the recovery month, only children are carefree, laughing and playing.

Bai was sitting on the ridge, kicking the spray with his white feet, holding the huge crystal salt in his arms, licking with squinting eyes.

Suddenly raising his head to look into the distance, a golden light appeared in the sky, which expanded rapidly, as if a golden wave was sweeping along, and the birds passing by along the way were startled.

Snow-white scales appeared on his cheeks, and sharp fangs appeared in his mouth. The previous bad feelings came true.

At the same time, she subconsciously looked at the Lord Buddha who was sleeping in the shade not far away, and quickly turned her eyes back. The two parties should not be accomplices, and she felt that the Lord Buddha would not lie to herself.

"Monk, do you know them?"

"I don't know." The Lord Buddha sat up and patted his robe, "They are here for you."

"I guessed it." Bai Shen took a deep breath and showed a mocking smile. "They are all the same despicable, just for awe-inspiring reasons, isn't it for self-interest in the end?"

The Lord Buddha was silent.

Bai did expound a certain "fact" of Tianlan Continent, but this fact would not be told directly in many cases, and there would always be gorgeous camouflage outside to cover people's eyes and ears, and that fact would not be revealed directly in many cases.

The Lord Buddha thought of the scenes of the change of kingship and the lack of livelihood of the people during his travels. There were chaos and wars, and the arrogant human beings were actually indistinguishable from the beasts.

Prince and general, I would rather have a kind of...

Shouting as the banner of the world, occupying the highest point of morality, the essence is just to put a layer of morality on one's ambitions, and the human heart is always greedy and unsatisfied.

The life and death of the people is nothing to them, and even hope that the chaos the world is, the better, and the chaos the situation, the more suitable for heroes to fight for hegemony. This is the case with the so-called heroes in troubled times.

The Lord Buddha and Wutian understood this when they traveled together for the first time, but in the end they chose different directions, and now they are gradually accepting each other's ideas.

"Monster..." Bai turned his head and looked at the Buddha. "Monk, not everyone thinks like you, justice. It's a high-sounding word. What do you say that all beings are equal... Heh!"

The breath became more and more astonishing, the forearm was completely covered by white jade scales, and the vertical pupils emitted scarlet light, sweeping towards the village like a streamer.

In the stockade, the priests, patriarchs and others looked at the distant sky with solemn expressions, instinctively feeling that the other person was not good.

"Their direction seems to be here."

"That monk brought it in?!"

"Unlike, the two sides are coming in different directions, and do you think there are similarities between them?"

"Well, that's what I said, but this is not the most important thing now, how do we do it?"

"The people of Southern Xinjiang have never feared any enemy, ready to meet the enemy! Ask the high priest for help!"

Many figures appeared in the sky above the stockade. Only by asking questions can you master the flying ability. If the realm is insufficient, some special spells or foreign objects can achieve the same effect.

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