Fantasy: God Level Store Manager Chapter 1728

Chapter 1728: My buddha is compassionate

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The golden clouds finally stopped over the stockade, the Buddha's light was shining, and the Sanskrit sound was mighty. The golden light emitted by the clouds spread towards the stockade, but was blocked by some invisible barrier at the edge.

Everyone in the stockade is like a great enemy, staring at the clouds in the sky. Suddenly, the clouds change, revealing several golden figures, surrounded by Buddha light, flawless, and overlooking all beings from above.

"The boundary of the ancient village in southern Xinjiang, comers stop!"

The black-clothed old man riding in the giant beetle shouted sharply, without saying nonsense about "Why are you here?" The other party was obviously not a visitor, and there was no need to give a good face.

The white arms and calves were covered by bright white scales, his eyes glowed red, his teeth were sharp, he stared at the golden Buddha phantom in mid-air, and his throat let out a threatening growl.

"Bai, they seem to be here for you." The butterfly flew to Bai's side, and the girl sitting on it whispered.

"I know." White nodded, "but it has nothing to do with that monk, it should be a problem in the stockade."

The golden light is brilliant and peaceful, and the Buddha's shadow is dazzling. If ordinary people see it, they will probably just kneel down. But Bai is very, very uncomfortable, and it turns out that the monk in the stockade is pleasing to the eye.

Everyone stared at the sky like a few uninvited guests facing the enemy, and the Lord Buddha stood on the ridge, quietly watching the light of Buddha in the distance.

In the midair, a certain golden figure clasped his hands together, his precious appearance was solemn, and his voice sounded like thunder and breeze.

"Cultivation is not easy, and it is also difficult for vegetation, birds and beasts to unlock spiritual wisdom. This demon has a predestined relationship with my teaching. When practicing the Dharma, I will enjoy infinite blessings. I will wait for the special invitation."

The voice rumbling in the ears seemed to have a certain special rhythm, which made people couldn't help being convinced. Many villagers looked at the Buddha's shadow in their eyes changed.

The golden figure's gaze moved to the white figure below, with a little smile on her face, and she secretly sighed that this trip was worthwhile. The luck of such a mountain-protecting beast in Kongchan Temple would definitely be more prosperous.

"Snake demon, are you willing to take refuge in my Buddha and follow me to the holy place as a mountain guardian beast, so that you can learn the supreme magic as soon as possible and cultivate a righteous fruit?"

The solemn face is faintly compassionate, exuding a rich Buddha light like a **** coming to the world.

Bai became more irritable, and grinned angrily at the Buddha's shadow.

The so-called mountain-protecting spirit beasts are pure nonsense. The demons and other races that have been saved are all muddled and lost as wood, and driven by people to end in an extremely miserable manner.

Even if you haven't erased your spiritual wisdom, it is absolutely unacceptable to be tied to a square inch. The demon's freedom is not restricted, and as a sacred beast in the stockade, he just wants to leave.

"Impossible!" The black priest categorically refused, "The holy beast is the guardian of the ancient village, and will never leave with you. As for the conversion to Buddhism, it is a complete joke!"

The Buddha image was not surprised by the priest's words. He had already anticipated the situation before he came.

I have already said that, and Buddhism originally had the duty of slaying demons and demons, and taking it away would be justified.

"Ming is stubborn." The shadow of the Buddha shook his head, with a faint sigh echoing in the heavens and the earth, "Amitabha Buddha, good and good."

The melodious bells shocked the soul, and the golden clouds in the sky dispersed, revealing four golden figures sitting on the clouds.

The light of the Buddha gathered in the sky, and the original huge golden Buddha phantom gradually solidified, sitting crouched in the air.

This place is the ancient village of southern Xinjiang, and it will inevitably lead to changes after a long time.

"My Buddha is merciful."

As if the superimposed voices sounded, the golden giant Buddha raised his right arm, his palm swung away and the clouds fell towards the ground, the momentum was amazing!

From a distance, you can see that under the golden palm, thunder is constantly trembling, the space trembles, the white circles spread to the surroundings, the trees fall down, and the rocks fall.

After a while, a muffled sound appeared, the ground was faintly shaking, and the water surface of the terraced lakes also vibrated.

The howling wind was mixed with sand and stone branches and leaves, and the blowing station couldn't stand still and could only find a place to hide. The cry of panic and the roar of domestic animals sounded at the same time, a mess.

The smoke and dust dispersed slightly, revealing the scene below.

The semi-transparent color barrier prevents the golden palm from falling, and the surface is dim, full of cracks and cracks, and it quickly shatters directly, turning into starlight and dissipating.

Everyone, including the high priest, was pale, looking at the huge Buddha statue in the sky in anger, the gap was too big, and there was no possibility of blocking it.

"I have contacted the high priest, and they will be here soon." The black priest said in a deep voice, with a faint scarlet blood on the corner of his mouth, and he suffered the most severe shock.

The ancient villages in southern Xinjiang are composed of villages, some of which are strong and some are relatively weak, and they are united when they encounter foreign enemies.

There are patriarchs, priests and saints in each stockade, and the priests in all stockades are headed by the high priest.

Above the golden clouds, the four figures in the giant Buddha smiled. This is the most precious Buddhist technique in Kongchan Temple. Even a single blow is extremely terrifying.

Cangxi Guzhai could barely block it is still in their expectation.

Their goal is only holy beasts, and they don't want to kill evil in vain, and of course they won't keep their hands if the situation requires.


On the giant butterfly, the saint coughed softly, her pretty face was pale, her breath was unstable, and her eyes were dull.

White was angry and bared his teeth, with more white scales on his cheeks, and a huge white phantom could be seen behind him, resembling a snake but not a snake, his back was covered with fierce bone spurs, his head was also unusual snakes, and the snout of the snake was raised and even more fierce.

Xu is because of changes in mood, the originally clear sky gradually gathers dark clouds, blocking the sun, and the sky is facing the oppressive cloud and the Buddha light.

Seeing this scene, the four monks were even more delighted, and their idea of demonizing the snake in front of them became firmer and firmer.

The murmurs of the scriptures echoed between the heaven and the earth, seeming to be able to wash the soul. The girl in the white dress had only the golden Buddha figure above her eyes, and the white snake behind her screamed.

The Lord Buddha looked at the sky vision, sighed slightly, stepped out, and his figure disappeared instantly.

When it reappears, it is already at the center of the confrontation.

The priests and others were full of shock, staring at the figure that suddenly appeared in front of them, their feet were stained with brown mud, and their robes were a bit dirty because of farm work.

The golden giant Buddha in the sky radiates bright golden light, and his face is pitiful and pitiful, and golden lotus flowers appear faintly around him. Clouds turn into buildings on Qiongtai. The Sanskrit sounds are bursts and the sound of chanting is endless.

The four of the giant Buddha wanted to ignore it directly, but they always felt that the ordinary middle-aged monk in front of them was weird, seemingly ordinary to the extreme, but there was an indescribable pressure.

Combining the way of appearance and the attitude that seems to completely ignore the pressure of the position, the four figures in the Buddha's shadow think that the other party is definitely not as simple as it seems, and they are cautious.

The news may be inadequate, and it didn't mention the monk in front of him. Maybe he came here recently. There may be treasures that cover his breath and space transmission on his body.

However, even if they are both Buddhism members, if the other side forces them to stop them, they will also take action. The matter of protecting the mountain spirit beasts must not be missed! Fantasy: The latest chapter address of the god-level store manager: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/124898.htmlFantasy: the full text of the god-level store manager reading address: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/124898/Fantasy: God-level store manager txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/124898.htmlFantasy: God-level store manager mobile phone reading: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/124898/In order to facilitate the next reading, you can click "Favorites" below to record this reading (Chapter 1728, My Buddha's Mercy), and open the bookshelf next time see! If you like "Fantasy: God-level Manager", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) ,Thank you for your support! (www.wuxiaworld)

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