Fantasy: God Level Store Manager Chapter 1729

Chapter 1729: So far I finally understand

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The huge golden Buddha figure sits above the clouds, the treasure face is solemn, like a smile but not a smile, the golden vestment is not stained with dust, and it looks high above the world.

The middle-aged monk stood quietly in the air, with an ordinary face, like a farmer who was still working just now, without shoes, and his clothes stained with dried mud.

Behind him, Bai revealed a half-demon form, his eyes glowed red, and the phantom snake screamed at the sky behind him, and the sky was full of clouds.

The priests and others couldn't hide their surprise, and it was hard to believe that ordinary monks were so powerful and would act for them.

"My Buddha is compassionate. I have come to save the snake demon and practice my teachings to correct evil and return to righteousness. As a fellow, I hope not to stop him."

A figure appeared in the Buddha's shadow, the golden robes were radiant, and the Buddha's light shone in a deep voice admonishing.

The Lord Buddha looked at the golden light in the sky, and his disappointment was hard to hide in his eyes.

He knew that some Buddhists would forcibly transform certain enlightened lives in the name of reliance on the Buddhists, but he didn't pay attention to them on weekdays.

Looking at the scene in front of me, I feel disgusted in my heart.

Just now, I kept saying that there was destiny, but now the other party disagrees and turns into correcting evil again.

In the name of lowering demons and eliminating demons, in the final analysis, it is only for one's own benefit. What is the difference between this calculation and those ordinary forces.

The Lord Buddha looked back at the priests and others, although they were injured, there was no intention to retreat. The clouds gathered, and the little snake demon faced the powerful enemy angrily.

Look at the tall golden Buddha towards the sky.

He sighed lightly and folded his hands together: "Looking back is the shore, you will just go back now."

The laughter came from the sky.

In their eyes, the Buddha is just a mysterious monk, carrying a treasure that can block exploration and space transmission.

It is naturally impossible for the other party to give up in a word.

With the blessings of Buddhism, they can even fight against the Venerable Half-Step. How could this monk who seems a bit weird have the Venerable cultivation.

Regarding the attitude of the four people, the Lord Buddha was not angry, but just talked to himself and recalled the past.

"I followed my master into the empty door to practice Buddhism since I was a child, and later resigned from my position due to certain things and embarked on the path of history. So far, I have finally realized what is Buddha and what is practice."

I paused for a while, thinking of the people and things I saw along the way, the words Wutian had said, the promises I made when I was the Lord of the Buddha, and the attitude of the owner of Origin Mall...

"Cultivation of one's own body is for cultivation, and cultivation of others...hehe."

The words of the Lord Buddha stung the four figures in the sky, and the light of the Buddha in the sky became brighter, and the huge Buddha figure like a mountain raised his palm again.

Spread the golden light and radiant fingers, and shoot down towards the Buddha like a mountain of five fingers.

In an instant, the priests and others felt the crisis of death, and the giant palm of the sky brought unparalleled oppression, which made people unable to give birth to a sense of confrontation.

The zergs flying in the air wailed and fell, the white figure remained in place, and the scarlet eyes stared at the golden palm of the sky.

The cloudy clouds in the sky shattered in an instant, passing between the fingers like a stream of water, the space trembling faintly, leaving dark cracks wherever they passed, disappearing and reappearing, repeating.

The speed of the giant palm seems to be very slow, but it is very fast. As the distance gets closer, the lines on the surface can even be clearly seen, covering the golden flames, illuminating everyone's eyes.

The Lord Buddha hunted in clothes, quietly watching the coming attack from the sky.

Unlike the previous palm, this time I went all out and didn't keep my hands at all. Even if asked Dao Pinnacle here, it would not escape the result of being suppressed.

There is indeed no need for both parties to talk too much. The so-called truth is all that the strong will listen to the weak. When encountering an equally strong opponent, you must always see the truth with your strength.

Perhaps only the Buddha is the only one who has always looked plain.

Bai looked at the monk not far away, then at the palm of his hand that almost covered the sky, gritted his teeth, and decided to believe him.

The top of his head was completely golden, covering the sky and the sun, which meant that the Tathagata suppressed Sun Monkey.

However, the real situation is similar to that if Wuzhishan is used to suppress the Tathagata, the result has been doomed from the beginning.


A disappointed and helpless sigh.

Without any energy fluctuations, the sound resounded extremely abruptly in everyone's mind.

At this moment, the wind stopped.

The increased temperature and strong pressure that had been caused by the fall of the giant palm suddenly disappeared, as if the breeze was blowing on the hills, clean and peaceful, and the irritable mood calmed down.

At this time, the giant palm was no more than a hundred meters away from the Buddha, and the golden flames were burning, almost touching his body. Suddenly, everything was calm.

The four figures in the sky showed a look of horror in an instant.

In silence, the golden palm that enveloped the entire sky dissipated silently from the edge. The speed was extremely fast, and it soon spread to the huge golden Buddha shadow.

The Buddha's shadow shattered, and the golden auspicious clouds all over the sky disappeared, revealing four figures in monk clothes.


Blood was spurted almost at the same time, the breath instantly faded and languished, the plain expression no longer existed, and the monk's eyes looked down with horror.

Just now they really felt the crisis of death, and the monk had the ability to easily kill them!

Maybe it is because there is no killer for the same Buddhism, but they can feel that something is faintly broken inside their body, and I am afraid that they will not be able to make progress in this life.

It is even possible that not only is this, the original cultivation base is gradually declining!

The priest and others in the stockade were completely dumbfounded.

They guessed that the Lord Buddha might be very strong when the Lord Buddha appeared, but they didn't expect to be so strong.

The power of that palm absolutely touched the realm of the venerable. If it were to fall, the whole village would not survive much at all, and it would be difficult for them to stop it.

But facing the monk in front of him, just a sigh, not only blocked the attack, but also easily severely wounded the four of them.

They had no doubt that if the Lord Buddha thought, they could be completely wiped out. The strength of the Lord Buddha far exceeded their imagination.

The broken golden auspicious clouds reluctantly gathered and swept toward the horizon at a faster speed than before. In a blink of an eye, there was a clear sky, and the sun fell on the barren land.

Many villagers stared at the sky blankly, completely wondering what was going on.

Obviously, it was the end of the world scene just now, with the baffling wind and sunshine, and the shock of the sudden change made them unable to understand.

Bai looked at the Buddha, and looked at the sky.

"They won't come again." The Buddha turned around and looked at Bai who was about to move, his voice was still flat, as if the matter just now had nothing to do with him.

This is also normal, just four questions, in the eyes of ordinary people, it is indeed unmatched power.

But in the eyes of the former controller of Mount Xume, it was really not enough, and he didn't have the qualifications to be taken seriously.

Bai is embarrassed to smile, she does have the idea of leaving the four of them in the rainforest of southern Xinjiang, and has always pursued the principle of retribution if there is grudges, and cutting the roots.

But the monk had said so, she could only hope that the other party would be unlucky on the way back, when encountering danger or attack by monsters, it would be better to hang up all. Fantasy: The latest chapter address of the god-level store manager: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/124898.htmlFantasy: the full text of the god-level store manager reading address: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/124898/Fantasy: God-level store manager txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/124898.htmlFantasy: God-level store manager mobile phone reading: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/124898/In order to facilitate the next reading, you can click "Favorites" below to record this reading (Chapter 1729 has finally been understood), and open it next time You can see it on the bookshelf! If you like "Fantasy: God-level Manager", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) ,Thank you for your support! (www.wuxiaworld)

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