Fantasy: Invincible Starts From The Egg Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091: Ye Chen's Cleverness

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Although Baqiao's armor cuts off magic, this thing is made of iron after all, so how could it not conduct heat.

As the temperature got higher and higher, Baqiao's armor showed signs of turning red.

You know, this armor was black before.

Ye Chen walked leisurely in the flames, and just walked away from him when he just arrived at Baqiao and laid the flames.

You must know that Baqiao is the place where the flames are the most dense. Although Ye Chen will not be hurt by the temperature of the flame, the surrounding air will also become hot because of this.

Ye Chen didn't want to suffer this crime there, so he ran out of the fire first.

Nangong Songyue and Xiao Yan were both standing under the tower at this time, Xiao Yan also put on this hooded cloak, and now the most important thing is to hide his identity.

Just before going up, Ye Chen reminded Nangong Songyue and asked her to take this properly.

Only then began to climb up, but these people couldn't hold back the three moves in Ye Chen's hands.

With a direct move, Ye Chen knocked him to the ground, and Nangong Songyue was relieved, following Ye Chen directly, and the two slowly walked up like this.

Finally caught up at the last minute.

"Don't worry, he will be fine."

Nangong Songyue seemed to feel the confusion in Xiao Yan's heart, and slowly held her hand.

Xiao Yan listened to Nangong Songyue's words, slowly looked at her, and gently nodded at her.

"Yeah! Brother Ye Chen will be fine!"

This is because the dense fog on the tower attracted a lot of people around, and everyone was discussing what happened on it.

At this time, Xiao Yan and Nangong Songyue mingled among the crowd asking for information.


Ye Chen saw that the flame was almost burned, and the armor on Ba Qiao was completely red now. Ye Chen waved his hand, and the flame here suddenly disappeared.

However, the burnt marks in the house are still telling what just happened here.

"Now, what do you want to say."

A stainless steel long sword appeared in Ye Chen's hand, slowly approaching Baqiao while talking.

Ye Chen guessed that his own flame sword was probably something that his armor would block, so he found a stainless steel sword from the ring.

Ye Chen wanted to try if this long sword could pierce the armor that had been completely burnt down.

It can be said that Baqiao is completely immobile now, and can only be slaughtered by Ye Chen.

"I admit, you are great."

Baqiao looked at Ye Chen, who was slowly approaching, and finally spoke.

Ye Chen's smile disappeared instantly as he listened to Baqiao's words.

"What you said, wasn't I great before?!"

"Now you should say your last words, otherwise I'm afraid you won't be able to speak later."

Listening to Ye Chen's words, Baqiao, who had been imprisoned, actually laughed out loud.

"I didn't expect you to laugh out loud in this scene. I have to say, I start to admire you a little."

Although Ye Chen said in his mouth, the movement in his hand did not stop, and the long sword in his hand aimed at Baqiao's chest.

Then a burst of star power instantly clung to the long sword in Ye Chen's hand, and with the appearance of the flame, Ye Chen pierced out directly. He didn't want to give Baqiao any chance.

But the thing of piercing Baqiao's chest in the imagination did not appear, and Ye Chen seemed to have a pair of invisible big hands directly blocking his long sword.


Ye Chen looked at the long sword that was only one distance away from Baqiao, pressed it down again, and found that he couldn't make any progress at all.

"How is this going."

Xingli instantly climbed up Ye Sing's eyes, and saw a cloud of black mist before the long sword.

Ye Chen frowned, he didn't know how to deal with this thing.

"I shouldn't have delayed that for a while, it's in trouble now."

Ye Chen drew a distance from Baqiao again. Because the long sword couldn't be drawn out, he was abandoned by Ye Chen.

As Ye Chen let go, the flame on the stainless steel long sword slowly dissipated without the support of Ye Chen's star power.

As the flame disappeared, the long sword was directly swallowed by the black mist, and there was not even a trace of scum left.

Ye Chen slapped his tongue at this scene, and the expression in his eyes became serious.

"I should thank you! Then I will reward you so that you will die without suffering!"

Ye Chen smiled slightly as he listened to Baqiao's words.

"You have confidence in yourself! It's a pity that you met me."

Ba Qiao didn't care about him at all when he listened to Ye Chen's words, because he was right now because he was trying to justify himself.

But no matter what, Ye Chen couldn't escape his palm now.

"Okay, now your performance is over, the rest is up to me."

Ba Qiao said softly, but because the armor was still hot, he still stood still and couldn't move.

Ye Chen smiled and looked at Ba Qiao in front of him quietly, now he can only speak harshly.

"You're not good at this, so you can only talk ruthlessly?"

Ye Chen took out one long sword after another from the ring while talking to play, and threw it directly towards Baqiao.

The black mist around Baqiao has been there to protect him from being hit by the weapon thrown by Ye Chen.

"Does that thing only surround him?"

Ye Chen sighed softly, he couldn't get through now, and it would be too dangerous if he rushed past.

But it seemed that the black hand would only move around him.

"That's the case."

Ye Chen suddenly remembered something, and rushed directly out of the tower, toward the guards who were blocking the crowd below, and at a glance saw a guard who was suppressing those people.

"I'll choose you!"

Ye Chen's eyes lit up, and he hit him flying with a punch.

Where did that guard stand Ye Chen's attack, he fainted directly.

Ye Chen mentioned him and flew back to the tower.

Baqiao was there looking at Ye Chen quietly, not knowing what moth he wanted to fix.

But soon he saw it.

Ye Chen threw the guard over directly.

Ba Qiao frowned and manipulated the black mist to directly knock the guard aside.

"Ye Chen, don't challenge my bottom line!"

Seeing Baqiao's movements, Ye Chen nodded gently.

I added a shape to this thing in my heart.

"It looks like he can adjust this thing at will, how should I deal with him?"

Just when Ye Chen was at a loss, he suddenly remembered the long sword he had left there at that time, with its own flame on it. At that time, the black mist didn't even swallow it directly. It can be seen that they might be afraid. Of its own flame.

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