Fantasy Simulator Chapter 437

Chapter 426: request

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Chapter 419 Request

"Dragon City Academy"

Walking on the road, thinking of the name, Lu Yao sighed secretly, and a complicated emotion emerged in her heart for no reason.

It is a thought formed by many emotions such as yearning, longing, and desire.

In this world, the so-called Dragon City Academy should be an academy that everyone is eager to enter.

After that, Lu Yao remembered the original scene again.

At the beginning, when I knew that Lu Kong was admitted to Longcheng Academy, the joy of the whole family and the celebration of the people around him.

All around, people who had nothing to do with their family and had little contact with them all came to celebrate.

The whole house was filled with smiles, but Lu Kong was still hiding in his room quietly, seemingly innocent.

Think now

Lu Yao sighed again.

Judging from what she knows about her brother, if it is not a last resort, it is absolutely impossible for him to bow his head to other people and seek funding from others.

But now, it is for the family, and choose this way.

This can't help but make her a little complicated, and she doesn't know what to say at this time.

In fact, this is what she thinks too much.

Chen Hengs predecessor is far less conscienceless than she imagined.

The reason for this is only because I have changed individuals now.

But anyway, the facts have already happened.

From the outside, it seems that Chen Hengs actions are actually to take care of the family.

Li, and had to make a compromise.

As for the idea of the predecessor, no one knows except Chen Heng himself.

Changed her clothes, Lu Yao then walked out and walked outside like this.

Not long after, she walked to a supermarket and walked directly in.

At this time, she had changed clothes on her body, and she looked like an employee inside.

"Xiao Yao, why are you here so early today?"

stepped into it, and some surprised voices came from the people around: "Didnt you hear that your brother is back today?"

"You don't need to spend more time with your brother at home?"

"no thanks."

Lu Yao smiled, and then said: "My brother rested in the room after he had eaten, so there is no need for me to accompany him."

"I'm bored at home, so I will come here soon to accompany you."

While speaking, her tone appeared very brisk, with an inexplicable liveliness, completely different from the feeling at home before.


A tall woman ran over and hugged Lu Yao, she seemed a little touched: "As expected, it is Yaoyao from our family, but she has a conscience."

"Speaking of which, how does your brother feel?"

"How about your height and looks?"

She asked curiously, so she asked.

"It's like that."

Lu Yao showed a smile on her face, looking very happy: "There is another good news."

"After I, I can continue to class."


The woman showed a look of surprise on her face, and then she said, "Congratulations."

"But why suddenly?"

"Because my brother is back."

Standing on the spot, Lu Yao spoke softly and explained.

Different from the world that Chen Heng has experienced in the past, it is very difficult to go to school in this world.

Not only need to pay high tuition fees, but also need to meet various conditions.

If you dont have enough tuition, you can only enter the general stage at most, and it is impossible to reach the advanced stage.

Before that, Lu Yao was ready to drop out of school.

There is no way.

The situation at home is just average. It is already very difficult to be able to support her brother to attend school alone.

If she still has to go to school in this situation, she can't afford it at all.

So before that, she had been prepared to drop out of school, and even came to work outside in a sensible way to make up for her family.

But now that Chen Heng is back, everything is fine.

With the money that Chen Heng brought back, there is nothing missing at home.

Before setting off, her parents also passed her breath, so that she can continue school without much pressure.

Therefore, the girl's mood at the moment is also quite good.

But in the surroundings, listening to Lu Yao's explanation, the faces of the people around him were a little complicated.

"Dragon City Academy"

Standing beside Lu Yao, the woman's face showed a look of wonder and admiration: "It's great."

"Why don't I have such a brother."

Before, Lu Yao hadn't talked about her family's affairs, but simply came to work.

Everyone at the scene only learned today that Lu Yaos brother turned out to be a student in Longcheng Academy.

In this world, this is definitely an enviable thing.

Unknowingly, the people around slowly came up, surrounded the Lu Yao group, and asked questions there.

"What are you doing?"

Aside from , a scolding voice came, and then a middle-aged man stepped forward.

"Don't hurry to work?"

He looked at the people around him, hummed, and drove them away.

"Xiao Yao, you stay for a while."

After a while, he looked at Lu Yao in front of him, his face suddenly became harmonious, with a full smile on his face, which looked particularly cordial: "Your brother is a student of Longcheng Academy?"


Being left alone by the person in front of him, Lu Yao looked a little nervous, but listening to his question, he finally nodded.

As she nodded to confirm, the manager in front of her eyes lit up, and her tone suddenly became eager: "That."

"I really didn't notice it at ordinary times, it turns out that Xiao Yao, your brother is so good"

His face suddenly became eager, his attitude changed quickly, and even vaguely brought some kindness.

In front of the people around him, he directly announced that he had doubled Lu Yao's treatment, and then asked somewhat vaguely that he could ask Lu Yao to do him a small favor.

The problem is not too big, just ask Lu Yao to go back and ask her brother if she can bring him something from Dragon City Academy.

In Longcheng Academy, there are many unique products, all of which are the first to be produced.

And these things are often restricted for purchase, and only students in the Dragon City Academy are eligible to purchase them in a limited amount.

If outsiders dont have acquaintances, there is no way to buy them.

Obviously, the person in front of me had this idea.

Lu Yao nodded nervously, saying that she would ask about it, so that the other party should not hold too much hope.

Judging from what she knew about her brother, it seemed like this kind of thing, he probably didn't bother to pay attention to it at all, and might not agree to it.

However, listening to Lu Yao's words, the man in front of him was relieved. A smiling face had never changed, and he personally sent Lu Yao to the work counter aside.

One afternoon passed quickly.

In normal times, Lu Yao has to stay in this place at least until evening before he can leave.

But today, because of the extra care of the people around, she only left here for more than an hour.

Even according to the previous managers statement, if she wants to, she doesnt have to come here at all, and she can only work half a day a day, just behave.

Wages are twice as high as before.

This kind of inexplicable treatment made Lu Yao a little confused.

The same is true for the people around. Today, basically everything is rushed to do, leaving only some light work for Lu Yao, which is very different from the usual style.

This obvious difference in attitude made Lu Yao feel bewildered, but at the same time she had a deeper understanding of the gold content of Longcheng Academy.

Leaving the place of work, she walked towards her home.

Open the door to the room. At this moment, her father and mother are no longer at home, so she should have gone to work.

Only a teenager is in the house.

Chen Heng is still in his room at the moment, sitting there, his face is calm, as if thinking about something.

Lu Yao cautiously walked into the room, looking at Chen Heng's appearance, she couldn't help feeling a little nervous.

But thinking of the things she had been entrusted before, she stepped forward and knocked on the door of the room.

"Please come in."

In the room, an indifferent voice came from it.

sounds very cold.

However, Lu Yao is already a little used to this.

Now this is not bad, if it was before, the attitude was even worse, it is also possible.


Walking on the road, she walked in cautiously, looked at Chen Heng in front of her and said, "Are you busy now?"

"No, just thinking about things."

Sitting on the head of his bed and listening to Lu Yao behind him, Chen Heng turned around, and then casually said: "What's the matter?"

"That one."

In response to Chen Hengs gaze, Lu Yao couldnt help but hesitate for a moment, and then she said, I have something to trouble you.

"what's up?"

The indifferent voice sounded again, but it was not as Lu Yao imagined, and he was rejected in the first place.

As if feeling Chen Hengs attitude, Lu Yao spoke cautiously and looked at Chen Heng and said, Thats right, I have a friend who wants you to help bring some things back.

"However, he will pay double the amount."

seemed to be afraid of Chen Heng's dissatisfaction. Standing still, Lu Yao quickly added that he seemed to be afraid that Chen Heng would be angry for this.

To be honest, at the beginning, she didnt want to help.

She is not a person who likes to trouble others.

It's just that the manager gave it out all at once, giving her no room to refuse.

And the other party also said that just let her try, it doesnt matter if she doesnt succeed.

So, she came over and tried to talk.

As the words fell, the place fell silent for a while.

The atmosphere in the same place couldn't help becoming a little dignified, and it seemed to be more silent at the moment.

Standing on the spot, looking at Chen Heng's calm face in front of him, Lu Yao suddenly regretted a little inexplicably.

Perhaps, she shouldn't have told Chen Heng about this.

This way, he wont be upset or embarrassed.

At this moment, Lu Yao couldn't help flashing this thought in her mind, and she seemed a little nervous.

However, this solemn atmosphere only lasted for a moment.

Sitting on the head of the bed, Chen Heng quickly raised his head, looking at Lu Yao in front of him, and nodded casually: "I see."

"Go back and tell that person, and then I will send the things back so that he can prepare the money."

He calmed down, and said lightly, just as he agreed directly.

What Lu Yao said is really not a big deal.

It's nothing more than someone asked her to help, hoping to get something from the academy through Chen Heng.

This kind of thing is actually quite normal, and many people around have done it.

The reason why this body's predecessor has not done it is simply because it is too arrogant, and there are not a few friends around who can see it.

If it is the predecessor, facing this kind of thing, most of them will directly refuse.

But now it doesnt matter if it is Chen Heng.

Its nothing more than a good thing, and its okay to help others.

Multiple friends and multiple paths, its nothing bad.

And it was not someone else who came to ask him for help, but his cheap sister.

When things are not serious, you can help if you help, no big deal.

Sitting on the head of the bed, Chen Heng's face was calm, and various thoughts flashed in his mind.

But in front of him, Lu Yao was a little surprised.

She thought that she would definitely be rejected by Chen Heng this time.

Unexpectedly, it didn't, and it was even agreed.

This made her a little surprised, and she felt an inexplicable surprise for a while.

"All right."

Looking at Lu Yao, who was a little confused in front of him, Chen Heng spoke softly and said casually: "If there is nothing to do, just go ahead."

"I have nothing to do with you."

He spoke softly and said.

"Ah good. Good."

Standing on the spot, Lu Yao nodded quickly after listening to Chen Heng's words, and then walked out of the room.

Walking out of Chen Hengs room, her face seemed to have some dazed expressions. It was only after a while that she suddenly thought of something, picked up her mobile phone, and called someone.

After a while, the phone was connected, and then a compliment came from the phone, which kept ringing at this moment.

It can be heard from the voice, it seems to be the middle-aged manager before.

After a while, the phone was hung up in the compliment of the other party.

At this time, Lu Yao was still a little at a loss, not knowing what to say.

Getting used to the past, she never expected that it would be so easy.

She was ready to be scolded by Chen Heng.

Unexpectedly, it succeeded directly.

While this surprised her, she was also a little surprised at Chen Heng's change.

In the past, Chen Hengs predecessor was not like this.

"Brother. Really changed a lot"

After a while, this thought flashed through her mind, and she couldn't help but feel completely relaxed at this time.

and on the other side.

Chen Heng sat alone in his room, still thinking there at the moment.

The general background of this world, Chen Heng is already clear at this moment.

The background of this world seems to be very large.

The power of mankind has already stepped out of its home planet, into the starry sky, taking root in various places, and even fighting against various cosmic civilizations.

Even under this background, powerful beast guards and warriors are still the top powers in this world.

A powerful beast guardian, and one of his beast guards is enough to suppress a civilization and fight against the entire interstellar civilization.

Under this situation, Chen Heng, as a beast master, can be said to be more than an ordinary person in his identity.

Of course, this is also true in practice.

As a beast defender, he naturally awakens his own thought power and can use it to strengthen himself, instantly comparable to a warrior who has practiced for many years.

And if you can find a suitable beast, then it will be even more powerful.

A powerful beast master can control and cultivate extremely terrifying beasts, and its strength is extremely terrifying.

It can be said that the prospects are very bright.

But the problem is also big.

The most obvious problem is lack of money.

Good, lack of money.

In this world, the status and strength of the beast master is beyond doubt.

Only to some extent, things that can be used for beast guards are also extremely precious.

Whether it is a powerful beast, various materials and medicines used to increase one's own thought power, or even various auxiliary methods, these all require a lot of money.

If you dont have enough wealth, there is no way to go too far.

At this point, Chen Hengtian suffers more.

Because he is not a very good person.

Family cannot provide much help for it.

Therefore, he can only rely on himself.

If you only rely on yourself, if you want to gather enough money and buy a powerful enough beast, then the difficulty will be **** level.

is almost impossible.

The only way out is to seek investment from others, or to take the initiative to join the expedition, risk huge risks and obtain high returns from it.

is not a good way.

But for Chen Heng in front of him, there seems to be no special way.

Sitting on the head of the bed, Chen Heng was lost in thought.

Funding is definitely to be sought.

He is not his predecessor, he obviously lacks these things, but he does not want to bow to reality.

Accepting funding from others is a must, otherwise, Im afraid there is no way to go too far.

Of course, even if you accept funding, there are also big differences.

Therefore, Chen Heng fell into thinking.

"According to the rules of this world, even if you want to accept funding from others, you must try to sell it at a good price. First, you can get the attention of others, and second, you can get more resources."

Sitting on the spot, Chen Heng's face was calm and inexplicably thinking: "If you want to sell a good price, you have to get ahead, have enough popularity, and perform well enough."

The truth is the same. UU reading www. uukanshu.com

People want to support you because of your bright future.

In this case, naturally the better your performance, the more funding from others.

Because only you are good enough, those people have enough confidence to support you and press the treasure on you.

Otherwise, why?

So, how to get ahead, this is a question that Chen Heng is currently thinking about.

It seems to be a good choice to do it through exams and other places, but its too high profile.

Sitting in his seat, Chen Heng flashed this thought in his mind.

In Longcheng Academy, there are many assessments.

Leave aside those additional assessments, just for daily assessments, there are monthly exams once a month, semi-annual exams, and general exams once a year.

If you can get excellent results in the exam, you can get extra rewards.

(End of this chapter)

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