Fantasy Simulator Chapter 438

Chapter 427: adapt

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Chapter 420 Adaptation

Sitting on the head of the bed, Chen Heng thought alone.

It is a clear and feasible path to get rewards through exams through our own efforts.

Dragon City Academy is the best college in this area, and its rewards for outstanding students are also very generous.

Not only there are various treasures, some basic money and the like are completely indispensable.

If Chen Heng can obtain excellent results in various assessments, he can not only benefit from them and obtain the awards issued by the college, but also can take advantage of these opportunities to beat his reputation.

Afterwards, whether you want to find funding or do something else, it will be easier.

Sitting there, Chen Heng flashed these thoughts in his mind.

At present, this seems to be the only way he can take.

After all, in terms of his family background, anything related to the Royal Beast is considered a sky-high price.

Want to go all the way to the end, this is destined to be a long and difficult process.

If it is really just an ordinary person, now I am afraid there is only one way to go.

For Chen Heng, the pressure is not that great yet.

"To some extent, divine power seems to also nourish one's own thought power."

Sitting there, Chen Heng felt the situation in his body, and then this thought flashed through his mind.

At this moment, he can feel the changes in his body.

Along with the body of the true spirit entering the lord, the power of this body is slowly changing, being transformed by the true spirit.

And the existence of divine power seems to have a very good promotion effect on the mind power of the beast guard.

To some extent, it can be regarded as very good news.

Chen Heng can feel at this moment that as time passes, the seed in his body is slowly becoming stronger, and the power in it is gradually growing and increasing.

This is good news.

According to the understanding of this world, the reason why the beast master can control the beast is because there are seeds of thought power in the body.

The seed of mind power, this kind of existence can only be possessed by those who possess the talent of the beast defender.

If you don't have the talent of the beast master, just ordinary people, then you are destined to have no relationship with the beast master, and you can only practice martial arts.

The seed that Chen Heng felt was the seed of thought power in his body, if nothing else.

At this moment, under the stimulation and nourishment of divine power, this seed of thought power is growing and growing slowly.

At this moment, it has gradually reached a new level.

It seems that you can only rely on passive growth?

Sitting there, Chen Heng felt the changes in his body, and then this thought flashed in his mind.

According to the memory of the predecessor, it seems that in this world, the growth of the mind of those beast guards basically depends on the natural growth.

Or, use various precious things to assist.

In the Dragon City Academy, there are a variety of medicines, as well as mind power spar specially used to nourish mind power, which can be used to stimulate the growth of mind power.

In addition, if you get a reward from the academy and you can enter the secret realm, it will also have great benefits for the growth of your mind.

Under normal circumstances, this is the most effective way to increase mind power.

As for things like practice, according to what Chen Heng knows, it doesn't seem to exist.

Of course, it may also exist, but at the level of Chen Heng, that level is not yet accessible.

Under this situation, Chen Heng wanted to increase his own thought power, and it seemed that he could only rely on the nourishment of divine power and his passive growth.

"The nourishment of divine power, this is considered an excellent one, which allows me to have a stronger mind power than others"

Sitting there, Chen Heng raised his head and looked to the outside world. At this moment, various thoughts flashed in his mind: "But the most important thing at the moment is to find an imperial beast."

Beast guards are famous for their envoys and beasts.

A beast master, only with his own beast can he truly exert his power.

For Chen Heng, the most important thing at the moment is to have a beast of his own.

Owning Royal Beast, this kind of thing is the sooner the better.

However, in this world, the cubs of the beasts that can truly serve as the beasts are very precious.

To obtain, often requires more stringent conditions.

According to what Chen Heng currently knows, there are often only a few ways.

The first way is to graduate honestly. When you graduate, Dragon City Academy will issue a special Royal Beast Cub and give it to you to train.

The price is the need to sign an agreement with the college to complete the tasks issued by the college or other units.

Alternatively, it is to seek funding from others, show the potential to surprise others, and let others prepare cubs for you.

Same as the first method, it also requires a huge price.

As for the third method, it is to perform well enough to perform well in some important assessments and competitions, and get rewards among them.

Of those rewards, there are often some excellent beast cubs who can act as their own beasts.

These are the main ways to get Royal Beasts.

As for other ways, there are of course, but the probability is too small, and Chen Heng is not going to consider it.

There are only three paths that can be clearly taken.

Considering the current situation, Chen Heng is going to take a look around all three.

Considering these, then the current goal is clear.

"Think of a way first and stand out in this monthly exam."

Silently, Chen Heng stood up. At this moment, he turned to look at the bedside and looked at the scenery outside. Various thoughts flashed in his mind: "Otherwise, I will always be a little transparent, and no one will pay attention."

All kinds of thoughts flashed in his mind, then he stepped forward and walked out of his room just like that.

Walking out of the room, outside the room, Lu Yao is still busy there constantly, looking like this seems to be packing things.

seems very hardworking.

Chen Heng took a look, ignored it, and was about to turn around and leave.

Just after walking a few steps, his body stopped again, and he looked behind him with some doubts.

Behind him, in Chen Hengs line of sight, Lu Yao was still there, constantly busy, sweating on his face at the moment.

The whole scene looks very normal.

"Am I feeling wrong?"

Standing on the spot, looking at Lu Yao's appearance behind him, Chen Heng frowned, and then this thought flashed in his mind.

A moment later, he shook his head, then turned around like this and left from this place.

Time slowly passed.

A few days later, Chen Heng left his home and returned to the college.

In the academy, the appearance there is still the same as before, which seems to be no different from Chen Heng's memory.

Its just that compared to other places, it really looks more lively and prosperous, as if its in the center of the world.

Of course, it is true in practice.

Walking on this campus, Chen Heng looked calm, just stepped forward and walked forward silently.

Around him, pedestrians kept walking by, all seeming to be in a hurry.

In front of , several figures passed by there.

After that, a young girl walked up to Chen Heng.


She walked up to Chen Heng, took a look at Chen Heng, and looked at his face, as if she was a little scared: "This is the list for the college entertainment competition. Are you interested?"

Listening to the voice, Chen Heng paused, then looked at the other party.

Under Chen Hengs gaze, the girl looked a little nervous in front of her, with a large bundle of flyers in her hand, which seemed to be a part-time job.

"Show it to me."

Standing on the spot, looking at the appearance of the girl in front of him, Chen Heng's face was calm, and he said casually, so he took a picture and probably looked at the content.

The above content is very simple.

It seems to be a season held by several famous companies in the academy, and they have specially given a generous bonus to reward those who have performed well in the competition.

This situation is very common in colleges.

After all, this is the core of this area, and there are many future beast guards in it.

Many companies want to discover some good seedlings from here, by the way, leave a great impression in the hearts of future beast beasts, and finally they can cooperate with them, or even solicit.

So like this kind of similar event, it can't be considered everywhere here, but it's not too rare.

However, this time the competition seems to be larger and the rewards are more generous.

Chen Heng probably took a look.

The registration fee is completely free, and as long as you are willing to participate, you can receive a generous prize.

If you enter the top ten, you will have a bonus of at least 500,000.

The rewards for the top three are even more generous.

Looking at the bonus, Chen Heng nodded, quite satisfied.

In this world, the cubs of Royal Beasts are extremely precious.

It is impossible to take out this kind of thing as a reward for an event.

But even so, it's not bad.

Chen Heng is already short of money at this moment.

The predecessor of was originally not rich. In order to cope with the huge expenses required for the cultivation of the beast master, it was basically in a state of making ends meet.

As for the previous half million, it is still the reward for the excellent performance of the previous predecessor and just got it.

After giving the money to his family, Chen Heng is now empty in his arms, basically he doesnt have to think about buying anything.

This time, the event came just right.

is to take a living allowance.

By the way, you can also see what level the people in this college are.

Chen Heng flashed these thoughts in his mind, then raised his head, looked at the girl in front of him, and said lightly, "Where can I sign up?"

"Do you want to register?"

Standing on the spot, listening to Chen Heng's words, the girl suddenly became a little excited. At this moment, she hurriedly said, "Just leave the identity information with me."

She looked a little excited, she quickly took out a form in her hand and handed it to Chen Heng.

On the form, there are basic information columns, and there are not many things that need to be explained. It is nothing more than name, class, teacher, identity and so on.

Chen Heng took the form and looked at it casually.

At the moment, there are not many people who have filled in their names on the form, and they are all warriors.

There are no beast guards.

It seems that even in this academy, beast guards are very rare.

Chen Heng's face was calm, this thought flashed through his mind, and then he filled out the form at hand, and left like this.

After Chen Heng's figure left and stood still, the girl secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at this, when Chen Heng was by her side just now, she felt really great pressure.

After Chen Heng was far away, she picked up the form curiously and looked at the information filled in on it.

After that, her eyes widened involuntarily.

"It turned out to be a master beast master."

She looked at the information above, and her face couldn't help showing excitement: "A master beastmaster is also here to participate."

"Now, I can get a lot of commissions."

She was a little excited, this thought flashed through her mind at this time.

At this time, a few people passed by.

Suddenly, the girl's eyes lit up, and she continued to walk over.

On the other side, Chen Heng continued to walk in the college according to his own habits.

The college in front of him is very spacious, but in Chen Hengs impression, it is very strange.

In theory, this seems not to be.

After all, even though Chen Heng is a shuttle, his predecessor is a student of this college after all, so he shouldnt be unfamiliar with the college.

But in fact, it really is.

The college in front of me is really too big, just an academy, but its scope is even bigger than some cities.

Such a large area, it is difficult to be familiar with all of them.

The character of 's predecessor is relatively withdrawn, so naturally I am not familiar with many parts of this college.

Chen Heng walked in this academy at this moment, and he felt a strange feeling.

But fortunately, Chen Heng didn't feel anything about this feeling.

After so many things and so many simulations, Chen Heng is already full in terms of adaptability.

Walked for a while in the college in front of him. After a while, Chen Heng turned around, left the place in front of him, and returned to his residence.

His residence was arranged by the college, UU reading www.uukanshu. com looks very spacious and gorgeous at a glance.

Strictly speaking, the conditions are even better than those at home.

Around, not only all kinds of home appliances are complete, but also the latest styles.

Every day, there are also dedicated maids here, and even robots come to clean and clean the place.

With such excellent conditions, it's no wonder that after the predecessor came here, he didn't want to go home.

Of course, for Chen Heng, these are all external.

Back to the room and put some things down on him, he turned around, left the place, and walked to the side.

Soon, he came to a spacious place.

"Users are welcome to return."

"Is it possible to simulate?"

came to this spacious room in front of him, and in front of him, there was a sound like this, resounding at this moment.

It was the sound of a machine, which sounded very stiff.

(End of this chapter)

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