Fast Through the Villain, Sweet and Wild Chapter 957

Chapter 956: Mary Goddess (46)

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"Zong Bai, calm down, we were together just now..."

Zong Bai paused and turned his head to look at Sang Lingxuan. His original gloomy expression became even more terrifying, "What? You don't want to?"

Since seeing the intimate scene of Zong Yan and Rong Huang, Zong Bai's desire for destruction has reached its peak.

Why is Zong Yan the heir of the Zong family, but he is a traitorous son with an unknown father?

Why should a beautiful and clean woman like Rong Huang treat Zong Yan with one heart and one mind, but disdain him?

Zong Bai could not wait to kill Zong Yu personally and kill Li Bingtong, who made him bear the humiliation of having a child.

The killing intent in his heart became more and more vigorous, and he urgently needed to vent it.

And the most suitable candidate right now is Sang Lingxuan.

Originally being with Sang Lingxuan was just to tease her.

Who made Sang Lingxuan love him so much?

So its not impossible to dedicate everything to him, right?

Zong Bai didn't seem to see Sang Lingxuan's panic and fear. He smiled and touched her face. His voice suddenly became soft and terrifying, "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."

If Sang Lingxuan didn't know that Zong Bai was a mentally ill person, she would definitely believe Zong Bai's words.

But she knew that Zong Bai was sick.

To be more precise, he is a person with mental illness.

Zong Bai's gentle voice was like a cold and sticky snake, crawling across her skin inch by inch. Sang Lingxuan was almost scared to death, and suddenly regretted agreeing to let Zong Bai send her back.

Sang Lingxuan wanted to shake off Zong Bai's hand, but Zong Bai covered his mouth.

Zong Bai swiped the room card with one hand, and dragged Sang Ling into the room along the way.

The door slammed shut, and Sang Lingxuan's eyes were overwhelming despair.


It's only the first ten days of June, and it's until the end of the month for Zong Jue's holiday.

Rong Huang had nothing to do every day, except for sleeping and eating, and within a few days his double chin was raised.

Rong Huang was facing the mirror, touching the double soft flesh on his chin, with a bitter expression on his face, and his long hair turned dazzling red.

"Shui Shui, you said I will build an alchemy furnace and see if I can make a weight loss pill?"

Shui Shui was held in his hand by Rong Huang, still not forgetting to eat the flowers, "My lord, if you want to try, try it, in case it works."

Rong Huang was even more moved by Shui Shui's words.

Rong Huang threw out the boiling water, turned around and grabbed the phone to open the QQ group.

The college entrance examination results have not yet come out. During this period, the school still needs students to fill in some things, so each class has a class group.

The group leader is the monitor.

"Have you heard?"

"What did you hear?"

"What did you hear?"

"My second uncle works at the Eastern District Police Station. I received a call from a taxi driver a few days ago, but guess what?"

"Stop in the middle of speaking, be careful of your bald head."

"Come here, I went to drink water just now."

"My second uncle caught Zong Bai and Sang Lingxuan in the hotel."

"Fuck! They went to make stuffed with sauce right after the graduation party?"

"No, my second uncle said that when they arrived, Sang Lingxuan had fainted, and the sheets were full of blood."



After a series of greetings, the group was silent for a long time.

"Did Zong Bai do it? Is he so fierce?"

Finally someone asked the curious questions of the group of friends in silence.

"My second uncle said that Zong Bai directly cut Sang Lingxuan's wrist with a utility knife and put a lot of blood. If they hadn't arrived in time, Sang Lingxuan would not have returned balabala..."

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