Fast Through the Villain, Sweet and Wild Chapter 959

Chapter 958: Mary Goddess (48)

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Even if Zong Weizhao knew that Zong Chengwen was ambitious and had been coveting his position as a family member, Zong Weizhao was still uncomfortable when he learned the news.

After all, he is a blood-related brother, and Zong Chengwen can't ignore him no matter how much trouble he is.

He spent money to hire a nurse to take care of Zong Chengwen, who was lying in the hospital and did not wake up. He also sent people to the police station to get the surveillance video of the collision between the two cars on the elevated bridge.

After verification, he found that the driver of the black van was Li Bingtong.

Zong Weizhao was so angry that he choked with slobber, and felt that Erfang was here to collect debts.

This pile of piles, one by one, simply wanted to **** him off and then inherit the clan's fortune!

Now that Li Bingtong is no longer the wife of the Zong family, Zong Weizhao will naturally not show mercy to her.

Unexpectedly, Li Bingtongs family would show proof that Li Bingtong had a mental illness on the day before the verdict was handed down.

Zong Weizhao: "..."

When Zong Weizhao heard the news, all the antique porcelain in his hand fell to the ground. He was so angry that he blew his beard and stared, and complained to Xu Ying for a long time.

How come these two have mental illnesses?

I'm afraid it's not hereditary, right?

Zong Weizhao didn't sleep all night. After thinking about it, he was relieved and sent Li Bingtong to a mental hospital.

I dont know if its fate, Li Bingtongs ward is next door to Zong Bai.

The mother and child lived next to each other and lived a beautiful life of loving and killing each other.


Rong Huang did a good job in the college entrance examination and was the No. 1 in science in Forty-nine City.

Good students who score high in the exam will basically be scrambled by major prestigious schools, and Rong Huang is no exception.

In the end, Rong Huang chose National Tsing Hua University.

As for his major, Rong Huang chose the Academy of Fine Arts.

Compared with countless experiments and subjects in other majors, Rong Huang is more willing to be a salted fish.

It's most comfortable to use your wrists and paint on paper.

At the end of August, National Tsing Hua University informed the freshmen to report to the school and participate in the military training that lasted for half a month.

Early in the morning on the 28th, Rong Huang packed up and went to the National Taiwan University to report.

Zong Jue entered the second year of high school and was divided into liberal arts and sciences. During the past two days, he was busy with the opening exams and had no time to send her off.

Rong Huang smiled and accepted the loving kiss from Zong Yu, and satisfactorily went to the National Taiwan University with Xu Ying and Zong Weizhao.

As a well-known university, National Tsing Hua University has a very good style of study.

Along the way, apart from the seniors who were busy welcoming the new year, Rong Huang saw a lot of students hurrying with books in their hands.

Not surprisingly, their destinations are all libraries.

Rong Huang and Zong Weizhao's couple arrived at the dormitory under the leadership of the senior sister.

There were already two girls in the dormitory, and they saw Rong Huang come in and greeted Rong Huang enthusiastically.

After helping Rong Huang to spread the sheets and sort the clothes, Xu Ying and Zong Weizhao left.

Rong Huang placed the simple skin care products and leaned on the table to swipe his phone.

"I heard that the No. 1 students in the arts and sciences of the Forty-Nine Towns have chosen our National Taiwan University. I don't know which major they are in, so I can worship and worship the gods of study.

Rong Huang glanced at the talking girl, did not speak, and looked down at the message sent by Zong Yan.

Zongzong: If you are not accustomed to living, apply for day school.

Zongzong: The hot strips that you liked last time are back in the school shop. I bought you two packs and waited for you to come back to eat them.

Rong Huang returned with a kiss expression, and the corners of his eyes and brows were full of joy.

Phoenix disease is really a good duck.

Want to kiss.

Being immersed in a pink bubble, a loud knock on the door pulled Rong Huang back to reality.

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