Fate Online: Shadow Book 1 Chapter 113

Volume 1 Chapter 113 Revenants 1

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"Good thing those assholes finally stopped chasing after me" Michael mumbled in relief.

After all, getting chased like he was some kind of a damn criminal is not a good feeling, even though his "past" history is a criminal through and through before, and he was even a World Class Criminal.

Suddenly, a call was coming from Tina.

Michael didn't accept it immediately, and instead climbed onto a tall tree and hid behind its branches and leaves before accepting the call.

"What is it?"

"Are you really being hunted down by the Golden Shield? They are a large guild you know, they have many members scattered throughout the empire"

"How did you even know that? It's not like you've already travelled every part of the empire"

Michael chuckled, while Tina pouted with a frown.

"Of course it's from the forums, and I also saw a lot of them from the town and villages I've been through"

"Oh? You could travel on your own now? I thought you're still stuck at Level 10?"

"I'm already Level 15! I'm not the same naive girl who didn't know how to play anymore!"

"Hahaha! Then you're still a novice!"

"Hmmp! Shut up!"

Tina angrily ended the call with a cold snort.

Michael just chuckled, and swiped the window in front of him aside, and started observing his current location.

In fact, he didn't need to be wary as he's only inside a monster map, where the levels of monsters are in between Level 12 and 15, and the closer that Michael gets to a town, village or city, the levels of monsters becomes lower, and they would look more harmless than the 'typical' monsters.

The reason that he's still on guard is because the members of Golden Shield is still relentlessly chasing after him all the way here and only left when he entered the vicinity of this map, but Michael didn't want to take the chances that they didn't plan an ambush for him ahead.

So he slowly got down from the tree that he had been hiding in and slowly moved forward while at the same time, making sure that the monsters doesn't see him.

Michael then slowly made his way over to a thick shrubbery and lied there, all the while he took out his map from his [Storage] and unfurled it on the ground in front of him.

"Tsk, there's only a over a kilometer left before I reach the place where Tina is"

Michael sighed to himself, after all, he could have arrived there earlier if it weren't for his pursuers and was forced to run in circles just so that they wouldn't figure out where he's truly headed.

When Michael is in the process of checking his map, Tina suddenly sent a whisper or a private message.

"Where are you now? Is the Golden Shield is still chasing after you? I told you they are rabid dogs"

"I know, but I'm already a short distance away, just making sure that the members of Golden Shield are not following closely behind me"

"Okay, I'm waiting for you at the northern gate of the village, be there quickly!"


The Michael closed the window in front of him and once again focused his attention back on the map in front of him, as he closely examined the places where there might be possible ambushes just in case they truly wish to pursue him to the ends of the earth or continent.


Michael then rolled up the map and threw it back inside his [Storage] space, before he suddenly disappeared and reappeared a few meters away before dashing out when he's finally sure that the Golden Shield had stopped their pursuit and retreated back to Stormwind Fortress.

But the reason behind it was that the army from whom Michael surrendered the treasure map had suddenly issued an expedition for the location of the treasure, and so Golden Shield didn't have the choice but to immediately stop the pursuit of Michael and instead focus their attention at the expedition, especially now that the other guilds are also vying for the position to join the army, and players from the Golden Shield aren't the people who'd let themselves get left behind just because of vengeance.

Which made Michael sigh with relief as he didn't want to tussle with them anymore and waste more time on meaningless things, but he wouldn't have minded it though if Genesis and the others are with him.

While Michael is on his way to meet Tina, Genesis and the others are causing havoc inside Sharval Kingdom.

During the past few days, the Revenants had taken another three missions. All of whom, the targets were the bigwigs of a guild, and every job has been successful so far with one hundred percent success of every assassination, which just boosted the notorious fame of the group more, and every guild had even put them on the watchlist, to kill them on sight, or hunt them down if they discover clues about them.

Every guild in Sharval Kingdom had literally regarded the Revenants as the public enemy of all guilds, but that didn't stop their clients from employing their services, and instead, commissions they are receiving from their clients gradually grew as their fame became more apparent.

And most of their clients are players who wanted to take revenge but can't, so they instead turn to the Revenants.

And where do they get their clients from? From the word of mouth, especially from their first clients, whom had referred someone in need of the Revenants services towards their private channel, where clients and members of the Revenants lurks and talks regarding the details of what they wanted for the Genesis and the others to do.

Even the guilds who regarded them as their enemies is even employing their services aren't exemptions.

From their very first clients, the numbers of the members inside the private channel slowly grew to a hundred or maybe even more.

They don't have any division of ranks inside, they can only talk and submit the task that they wanted inside the private channel where they would get a notification if one of the members of the Revenants takes them up on their offer, where they would also surrender half of the rewards for the task they had submitted.

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