Forced To Date A Big Shot Chapter 855

Chapter 855: Problem Occurs

As soon as this sentence fell, his subordinates had already returned and reported directly: "All the criminals who took their lives with the most heinous crimes have all been captured, and most of the lightly sentenced supernaturalists have returned, only one person escaped. "

Xue Xi: "Who?"

"Fang Yi."


In the courtroom.

Zheng Zhi stood there with his head down.

Jing Fei, Ai Si, and Lu Chao stared at him: "The boss is not here, you can do anything like this?"

Zheng Zhi sighed: "After all, she and I grew up together since childhood. I really can't watch her suffer so much."

Qian Xin was angry: "What has she suffered? When I was in jail, did I call it hard?! She served delicious and delicious food, what's wrong?"

Zheng Zhi also knew that he had done something wrong. He sighed and closed his eyes: "Wrong, I admit it, I should punish it as I do. This is the last thing I did for Sister Yi! "

"I told her clearly, since then, I and her have nothing to do with each other!"

Zheng Zhi is a friend they can trust, and Fang Yi is indeed not a heinous person. Therefore, in accordance with the rules of the special department, reducing his P9 to P4 is the greatest punishment.

Xue Xi came when Zheng Zhi took off his work card.

Seeing Xue Xi, Zheng Zhi didn't even dare to speak. He knew that he had done something wrong and didn't know how to face it. Simply tilt your head and want to leave from the side.

However, before I walked over, I saw Xue Xi speak up: "Is she really suffering in the cell?"

Zheng Zhi was taken aback.

Xue Xi lowered her head again: "She has always been taller than the sky, and she must be dissatisfied when she is locked up. Before Xiang Huai is locked up, would you dare to let her out?

Zheng Zhi was taken aback again.

Xue Xi lowered his eyes: "So, in fact, you are not afraid of me enough, so you dare to commit crimes knowingly, right?"

Zheng Zhi strained his chin.

Xue Xi sighed: "Have you ever thought about why she has to run away? She can obviously stay in jail for several years, and after she comes out, she will continue to serve the special department. But she is not. Did she tell you that she was worried about staying In prison, will I retaliate against her?"

Zheng Zhi nodded.

Fang Yi bought the person who gave them food and helped her bring a sentence, saying: "Xue Xi is the boss, based on my bad relationship with her, do you think she will let me go?"

At that time, Zheng Zhi was moved.

The boss is fair and just.

But women are emotionally impulsive. Fang Yi did something wrong and went to jail. But there should be no extra punishment.

Therefore, Zheng Zhi just cooperated with her.

Xue Xi's eyes were full of mist, and she asked slowly: "And you know, where did she escape after she left?"

Zheng Zhi was taken aback and said, "She said that she would find a small mountain village and hide in it. After a few years, the boss will come out and come back to receive the punishment."

Xue Xi slowly spoke, "But the news we got is that she went to Country M."

Country M...

Country M has always had a deep malice against China. Did she go to Country M to seek asylum?


At the same time, Fang Yi, who had delayed time with five mysterious organization people, came to the gate of the M Country Academy.

She knocked on the big iron gate.

A guard opened the door, Fang Yi looked at the other person directly, and opened his mouth: "The person you have been searching for, I'm looking for a fight."

"That person's ability is to copy."

In a word, the watcher's eyes widened.

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