Forsaken By Love Book 1 Chapter 122

Volume 1: Princess In The Dark Chapter 122 Disregard

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Many of the people who had observed He Lixue and Lu Nanfeng frowned when they saw how she was smiling brilliantly, not at all aware of the fact that her appearance had caused the others to be upset.

When they heard her words, many snorted decisively and felt that she was disgusting and too arrogant. She had not depended on her own skill, but had entered through the back door, and even so, she still claimed to be able to deal with them easily when it came to the subject of writing code.

He Lixue did not care about what people thought of her, nor did she care about whether or not they believed in her power, as long as she knew what she was capable of, and Lu Nanfeng did not feel any pressure, then she was happy.

After walking down every road of the university, they reached the IT department's computer room. Here, He Lixue raised an eyebrow in surprise when she saw that the computers that Lu Nanfeng had donated were all extremely expensive and had very good specifications.

"I cannot let you work on bad computers for three years," Lu Nanfeng said with a smile on his face. "Since you are going to be here, then you might as well have the best of the best."

Lu Nanfeng and He Lixue had not been lowering their voices, so when the many people who were surrounding them heard his pampering words, their hearts instantly began bleeding.

Many women were jealous of He Lixue. They also wanted such a wonderful man who was capable of protecting them, spoiling them, and giving them exactly what they wanted.

However, finding a person like Lu Nanfeng was harder than finding a needle in a haystack. He was the man all women wanted, but could not have. He was rich beyond understanding, and his eyes were flashing with adoration whenever he looked at her.

He Lixue was aware that she was spoiled, and she knew that this man loved her. She was also aware that such blatant display of affection might make many jealous of her, but at the same time it also warned them not to get close to her, as they would have to be able to withstand the rage of Lu Nanfeng, should she complain about them to him.

After looking through everything, Lu Nanfeng took He Lixue back to the mansion with him, and they spent a long evening enjoying each other's company. The following day was the first day with lectures, and thus He Lixue ended up begging for mercy to be allowed to sleep so that she could be energetic the following day.

When they woke up the following morning, He Lixue felt as if all her energy had been drained from her body, while Lu Nanfeng was as if he had received a boost instead; clearly he had sucked her dry the night before.

However, now was not the time to consider such matters, and He Lixue hurried to get ready. She wore an off-white dress, and her long hair was tied in a high ponytail. She had a pair of sneakers on her feet, and her entire being looked youthful and adorable. She did not seem like someone who was older than the other students at the university.

As she arrived at the university's gate, she quickly pecked Lu Nanfeng's lips and jumped down from the car before vanishing in the crowds that were entering the university.

She had already familiarized herself with the surroundings the day before, and thus her face was full of smiles as she walked to the classroom. She had been given a schedule and knew when and where what lessons were held, and as she arrived, she found that half of the students in the class had already entered.

Many of them were in cliques, chatting and laughing amongst themselves, but none of them were smiling when they saw He Lixue entering the classroom. Instead, their faces pulled ugly expressions and disdain. This woman was clearly the one who would drag their hind legs all the year, so why would they want to look at her favorably?

He Lixue had already expected this, and she was cold and casual, completely ignoring everyone, and a slight smile stayed on her lips as she surveyed the room.

She saw that there were many seats that had been left unused, and she soon found a good one, not too far back, but not at the front either, and sat down.

Seeing that she completely did not put the others in her eyes, they were shocked and stared at her with deep disbelief. How could anyone be so calm when they were being isolated from the class?

But He Lixue was not acting. She had never been a person who followed the lead of others, and she did not need someone to guide her or chat with her. While it was true that making friends was better than making enemies, she was not willing to lower her head just for the sake of having people liking her.

So what if she had walked in through the back door? No one would be able to surpass her in the class anyway. What was the problem with not having taken the exam? If she wanted to, then she could have aced all the questions. Mo Yunhuang had personally taught her everything she knew, and while she was not too happy thinking about him, she had to admit that he had been serious in his teachings. She was clearly leagues above the rest of the students.

Looking at them all staring at her, He Lixue scoffed, before picking up a book from her bag, and began reading it.

The book was about programming, but it was not a simple beginner's book, it was a hard-to-come-by copy of a code writing book that a famous hacker had made before, and she had always been looking for it.

Lu Nanfeng had given it to her as a present when she was accepted to university, and she had gotten numerous ideas as to how to improve her own code writing. She could not wait to try it out.

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