Forsaken By Love Book 1 Chapter 123

Volume 1: Princess In The Dark Chapter 123 Zhang Jingyue

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Many looked at her reading, and while a few people present frowned as they saw the book, most did not think too much about it, but were more concerned about her attitude.

He Lixue continued to read the book, she slowly leafed through the book, and her eyes sparkled with excitement suddenly. There were certain aspects that were different from how she had learned to write code, and while the basics were not different, there were a few tricks and aspects which would help her tremendously in the future.

"Look at her," a mocking female voice suddenly sounded in the classroom. "Looking at a programming book, pretending to know what it is about, and acting as if she is actually one of us. She has no realization that she is actually not welcomed by any of us, and that she is merely a bottom feeder who has killed the dream of someone else."

He Lixue's lips curled slightly, as she felt it was quite ironic that this person was speaking like this, but she did not say anything and kept reading. She knew that they would be hostile towards her, so she was not annoyed by them. She just ignored them and pretended that they did not exist.

The woman who had spoken before had her face paling slightly, and she was angry. How dared she ignore her like this, did she not know who she was?

He Lixue did indeed not know who she was. While she was used to Lu Nanfeng, she had not followed him to various banquets and did not know who was within the upper class of society.

This woman, however, was aware who He Lixue was. She knew that this girl was the newest pet of Lu Nanfeng, and he adored her beyond belief; he even chased Lin Xiulan out of the country for her sake.

This woman was jealous of He Lixue. How had she managed to become the favored person of Lu Nanfeng when she had nothing? How had she even convinced him to open up a backdoor for her to enter the Imperial University?

She, Zhang Jingyue, was much more suitable for Lu Nanfeng. She had managed to get into the Imperial University on her own, and she was a very skilled person.

She was also attractive and beautiful. Although she could not compare to this He Lixue, she was still a rare beauty.

So why would Lu Nanfeng not look at her, but look at He Lixue instead? This was simply unacceptable! She was going to make the school life so hard on He Lixue that she would drop out, causing Lu Nanfeng to be extremely disappointed and give up on her.

This was Zhang Jingyue's plan, but she had not realized how vital He Lixue was to Lu Nanfeng.

The others in the class were all observing the two women as if they saw an exciting show, but they quickly lost interest, as He Lixue pretended as if she had not heard the loud woman's shrew-like scream.

The others snickered when they saw how He Lixue ignored the other woman. It was as if she had considered this Zhang Jingyue as a lunatic, unworthy of her attention.

Zhang Jingyue felt that everyone was looking at her with hidden amus.e.m.e.nt, and her face flushed red in anger. She rose to her feet and was about to stomp to He Lixue's side, ready to slap her across the face, but He Lixue just looked at her with apathy.

"Do you think Lu Nanfeng will cause your family to fall out with the Fenghuang Group if he heard that you had slapped me in the face?" she asked, her voice cold like the winter night, and her eyes so unfeeling that Zhang Jingyue began shivering.

The others raised an eyebrow in surprise. To think that this woman not only felt nothing about entering through the back door but also proudly used Lu Nanfeng to threaten another person.

This kind of shamelessness was a new level for them, but they had a hard time finding it dislikeable.

She had initially not wanted any drama; she had just sat down and begun studying a book she had brought. Zhang Jingyue caused everything that happened until now, so they had a hard time blaming it on He Lixue.

As to her using Lu Nanfeng as a threatening tool, they could not help but feel a little put off, but not enough to condemn her alongside Zhang Jingyue.

He Lixue was aware of this. While the majority of the classmates disliked her, they were not stupid people. They could tell right from wrong since they had been talented enough to enter the Imperial University, and thus it was no wonder that they could sense who had provoked who in the conversation.

Seeing that no one was supporting her, Zhang Jingyue's expression turned uglier than it had been before, and her eyes glistened with menace.

She swore that she would show Lu Nanfeng this woman's real face. She was sure that He Lixue was merely a golddigger who had gotten close to him due to his outstanding position in the current society.

Other women present had the same thought, but no one said anything, and Zhang Jingyue, who felt as if she had been insulted instead of doing the insulting, was so aggravated that tears flooded in her eyes.

She was about to cause yet another scene when the professor walked in through the open door and went to the podium to introduce the class.

Upon looking over the classroom, his eyes lingered on He Lixue's face, and a small frown appeared on his brows.

Like every other teacher, he was aware that this student had been brought by Lu Nanfeng, and he felt disgusted. Their department was a clean breath of fresh air; it was a place to nurture geniuses, a place where one had to prove their performance with actual hard work.

For her to enter like this, it was a disgrace, and he felt as if the entire department had been slapped across the face by her.

Looking at them, He Lixue smiled slightly, but she was not at all troubled. She was aware that she would be able to deal with them as soon as she wanted to. Even the professors were unable to teach her anything; she had merely come for the degree certificate.

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