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Even though He Lixue had complete and utter faith in her ability, she had no interest in being arrogant. She was just going to do enough to stand on top of the class and show the people who doubted Lu Nanfeng's personality that he had not put an uneducated person into the course.

The professor was snorting in disdain as he looked at He Lixue. He only saw her as a way to gain those outstanding computers, but he absolutely had no hope for her to be able to deal with the coursework.

However, as he looked at her hands, he frowned. She held a very prestigious book in her hands about programming, a book that he had been searching for for many months. He had wanted to buy it, but he did not have enough capital to buy it, and now that he saw it in her hands, he could not help but feel jealous. Why was Lu Nanfeng treating such a wasteful person so well?

Although he wanted it, he did not cause problems. He knew that if he took the book away from her, then she would likely complain to Lu Nanfeng, and his position would be vacated. This was something he could not afford to gamble with.

"Everyone, put your own books away and concentrate on the teachings."

Everyone looked around only to find that the only one who was holding a book was He Lixue. Hearing the professor's words, she packed it down and looked at the board, but her eyes were full of languidness.

The stuff that was being taught at the beginning of the year was too simple for her to pay attention to. But she had been the one to decide to go to school, so she had to accept even the most tedious part of it.

She was scribbling things on the notebook in her hand, and not paying attention to the teacher. He thought she was eagerly taking notes, but she was just writing syntaxes.

Those who were seated next to her looked at her notebook and frowned. What was this? They were clearly not notes. Instead, it looked like a strange string of symbols that they did not understand.

Many of the people who had joined the class knew the most basic part of coding, but to understand the level that He Lixue was writing right now, they were clueless.

Zhang Jingyue had seated herself close to He Lixue so that she could mock her during the class, and seeing that she was scribbling something that made no sense she called out, "Professor, Miss He seems to be bored with your class, she is writing weird symbols and letters and numbers in a weird order."

Hearing this, the professor was unhappy, and he walked to He Lixue's side. Looking at the symbols on the paper, his eyes suddenly widened, and the words he was about to say were stuck in his throat.

Although he had never owned the book that He Lixue was reading previously, he had read it before, and now that he saw the code she was writing out, his heart began beating rapidly.

He had never seen anyone trying to write code on a notebook before, but he instantly understood what it was about.

Clearing his throat, he said to the class, "Don't worry about Student He; she knows the basics of coding."

It was clear that she knew much more than just the basics; she was genuinely a talented genius! Why would someone like her have to go through the back door?

He was shocked to the core as he slowly walked back to the podium and continued teaching. This time he would glance at He Lixue from time to time, and see that she was still scribbling on the paper, he was eager to end the class and see whether or not it would become a real string of code when she turned on her laptop.

Unfortunately, he did not have the time to speak with He Lixue as many of the students asked him questions after the lecture, and he had to leave for the next class upon completion.

Another professor joined for the next lesson, and he gave them their first task. They had to create a game app for the mobile phone. This was a rather difficult task at the beginning of the year, but the Imperial Capital was known to be ruthless when it came to workload.

He Lixue ended up alone, no one wanted to have her in their team, and she smiled slightly.

There were only those two lessons that day, the rest of the time was reserved for them to study on their own, and if they had questions, they could enter the office and contact the professors available at that time.

Many of the youngsters at the university started up their laptops and began conversing in teams about what they wanted to create.

Only He Lixue was alone, but she did not even seem to consider the program before leaning against the back of the chair, and her hands flew over the keyboard.

The speed of her hands was so fast that everyone looked at her in shock, and even worse was it when they saw that she was actually creating a game.

They had three months to finish the project, but He Lixue had already begun the creation of the app, was this not a bit too swift?

In fact, a simple gaming app was no challenge for He Lixue, and she smiled slightly. She was going to shock them completely when they saw the game she had created.

She quickly decided on a game inspired by the fantasy novels that were extremely popular amongst the youngsters these days, and she planned on launching it later on the app stores.

She was not going to create it just for school; she might as well try to earn some money from it.

Reaching this conclusion, the smile on her face turned even more brilliant, and she began planning the full program's structure.

She was also planning on contacting other departments, to help her with the art and the script.

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