From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289: The Daughter In Law Was Taken Over By Small Things 2

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At night, the little meat dumpling lay on Jian Yiling's body and fell asleep.

Zhai Yunsheng was waiting for him on the other side of the bed.

The little guy slept very dimly, completely unaware that someone had moved more than once when he was asleep and wanted to throw him out.

"He is no longer young, and he can sleep alone. I will buy him a small bed and put it next to him." Zhai Yunsheng made concessions.

Can't return the little things to his parents, at least kick him off their bed.

"He's only one and a half years old." Jian Yiling thought it was good for the little guy to fall asleep with him.

The meat dumplings have a slight milky aroma, which smells good.

The skin is soft and fleshy, and it is very comfortable to hold.

"One and a half years old is not young." Zhai Yunsheng emphasized.

"It's still young." Jian Yiling didn't hear Zhai Yunsheng's dissatisfaction, but simply believed that the one and a half year old baby still needs someone to take care of.

Zhai Yunsheng was sullen and couldn't refute Jian Yiling's words. He could only hold Jian Yiling with his arms in his arms as well as the little meatball.

Early the next morning, Xiao Rou Tuanzi woke up first without making any noise, so he looked at his beautiful aunt with watery eyes.

Zhai Yunsheng also woke up, facing the meat dumpling.

The meat dumpling was not afraid of Zhai Yunsheng at all, and even when Zhai Yunsheng was looking at him, he twisted his body and arched into Jian Yiling's arms, his head resting on Jian Yiling's chest.

This little bastard!

Jian Yiling was wearing loose pajamas. Because of her side-lying posture, she could see large areas of white skin on her chest.

And this best position is occupied by small dumplings.

It was because of him that he even wanted to sleep with his wife at night.

Zhai Yunsheng stretched out his hand and gently squeezed the fleshy little face of the meat dumpling.

Regenerative Qi did not dare to squeeze hard.

Otherwise, it's him who is unlucky when this little thing cries.

But with such a slight pinch, the little guy's mouth squashed.

A posture of storm.

"Shut up, don't cry!"

Zhai Yunsheng lowered his voice to warn the little dumpling.

Not only did his warning not have a positive effect, Xiao Tuanzi's eyes were directly red.

He was still crying, but he couldn't help it.


I cried super aggrievedly.

Jian Yiling was awakened and opened his eyes to coax the little dumpling:

"Just don't cry."

A blunt sentence, expressionless, without any emotion on his face.

But it was surprisingly good, as soon as she said she didn't cry, Xiao Tuanzi immediately stopped her voice.

The simple kid pointed at Zhai Yunsheng with a fat, fleshy finger, looked at Jian Yiling, and complained to Jian Yiling.

Then grieved and sobbed: "Bad bad, play singles!"

Little looks very pitiful.

Zhai Yunsheng took a deep breath.

It was actually put on by a kid!

"My uncle is kind to you, won't bully you, don't cry." Jian Yiling comforted.

Fortunately, the daughter-in-law is still facing herself, believing in her own person, knowing that she will not do such inferior things as bullying her children.


The small dumpling seemed to have heard it but it didn't seem to be, nestled in Jian Yiling's arms and sobbing, very aggrieved.

God knows that Zhai Yunsheng just squeezed his small face slightly, but people who didn't know thought he had pumped his small **** ten times.

Jian Yiling calmed the little dumpling for a while before he smiled again.

So Jian Yiling got up to make milk powder for the small dumpling, and returned with the bottle.

Zhai Yunsheng asked Jian Yiling, "Where is mine?"

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