From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320: Kick Qinchuan Out 1

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"No, didn't Weiyin create it very early... then Jian Yiling..." Someone asked a question.

Long Yuetian smiled and told everyone the truth: "Jian Yiling has always been the real behind-the-scenes boss of Weiyin. Back then, I helped her who had not yet grown up create and manage it on her behalf."

Jian Yiling was a minor and could not formally manage the company.

At that time, Long Yuetian owed Jian Yiling's life-saving grace, so Long Yuetian helped Jian Yiling deal with Weiyin.

Long Yuetian's introduction cut off the last trace of luck.

This is over.

Jian Yiling is Zhai Yunsheng's wife.

Qin Chuan took the lead in destroying the Zhai family's enterprise.

So now Jian Yiling can make Qin Chuan feel better?

The fool also knows that this is impossible.

It is absolutely impossible for things to be good today.

Long Yuetian added: "By the way, I will tell President Qin one more thing. The funds for the initial construction of the Luohaisen Hospital are earned from you."

With the idea of angering Qin Chuan, Long Yuetian deliberately used Jian Yiling's start-up capital to create Luo Haisen and said that Chengdu was the money his company made for Jian Yiling.

In fact, Qin Chuan helped Jian Yiling earn part of the money Jian Yiling founded Luo Haisen.

But there are other sources of funds, including other companies invested by Jian Yiling, patent fees, scientific research results, and her brother's private money.

It takes a lot of money to build a hospital. At that time, Qinchuan's revenue was not so high, and it was not enough to support the huge Luohaisen.

Everyone looked at Qin Chuan carefully.

After Jian Yiling came in, Qin Chuan's expression was unpredictable, his brows were slightly frowned, his eyes were dark and deep, and his lips pressed into a straight line.

He did not speak, making the atmosphere of the entire conference room more depressing.

Jian Yiling did not pay attention to Qin Chuan's expression. Accompanied by Long Yuetian and others, she slowly walked to the chairperson and sat down.

Today is the board of directors, the chairmanship is reserved for the largest shareholder, and Qin Chuan can only sit on the second place.

She is not the only woman on the scene, but she is indeed the youngest and looks the most delicate.

Jian Yiling announced: "Qin Chuan, from today, you are no longer the president of this company, and you no longer enjoy leadership in this company."

Although Jian Yiling is petite, her aura is not small at all.

Qin Chuan still has shares in the company.

But because his shares are not as much as Jian Yiling's, Jian Yiling has an advantage in the company's decision-making.

As soon as Jian Yiling said this, everyone's hearts were raised in their throats.

It is indeed the person who founded Luo Haisen. The first sentence from this up is to let Qin Chuan step down!

Too ruthless!

Everyone looked at Qin Chuan in unison, they didn't know how Qin Chuan would respond.

Will he be willing to give up the company he founded?

Even if he inherits the Qin Group from his father, even if he loses this company, he is still President Qin who is in full control, but this company still has a different meaning to him. No one will be willing to change it. The decision-making power of the company raised by oneself is handed over to others.

Qin Chuan was calmer than everyone thought. He said to Jian Yiling: "Ask the other shareholders, do they agree with your decision?"

Although Jian Yiling is the largest shareholder, her shareholding does not exceed 51% and she does not have a single vote.

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