From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1323

Chapter 1323: Yiling Is Pregnant 1

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Xing Wei asked Zhai Yunsheng: "Master Sheng, our little sister-in-law is so tough. When you have children in the future, could it be that you will bring the children at home and the little sister-in-law will go out to make money to support the family?"

Knowing that Zhai Yunsheng was in a good mood, Xing Wei deliberately teased him.

Zhai Yunsheng curled his lips and smiled: "When has my Yiling been tough? She is very squeamish."

Hehe, squeamish...

Master Sheng, are you sure?

Direct Qin Chuan from his own company. I heard that on the board of directors of Qin Chuan Company, Jian Yiling is so domineering and domineering.

Han Mengyu said, "By the way, Master Sheng, lets talk about it, come back to trouble, this Qinchuan matter is not over yet, we cant take it lightly. Although Qin Chuan lost the company he founded, he took him The Qin Group inherited from my father hasn't been greatly affected, and coupled with the fact that he has been with some hidden families now, I think he will definitely find a way to fight back."

Of course Zhai Yunsheng knew that Qin Chuan would not just let it go.

However, neither he nor Yi Ling planned to stop like this.

Some things are not a question of whether they are cruel enough, it is that if they do not rush to kill them, the other party will cause trouble to themselves sooner or later.

Rather than being passively beaten, it is better to settle the matter early.

On this point, his and Yiling's ideas are exactly the same.


Jian Yiling is pregnant.

Jian Yiling did an examination in the hospital.

The HCG value of the blood shows that she has been pregnant for two weeks.

Jian Yiling was very happy, touched her belly and smiled sweetly.

She has a baby, and Asheng's baby.

It was Liu Ting who took Jian Yiling's blood sample for testing. Now he is holding the report sheet and feels a bomb in his hand.

"My goodness! Isn't this killing me? Is it easy for me? If Brother Mo knows... I'm afraid it's not the end of the world for a volcanic eruption! I can't hide this and not report it. If I report it, I may be beaten. Is it so difficult?" Liu Ting felt that his deadline was approaching.

Liu Ting began to fill his own 100 ways of death in his mind.

"If I went to find Brother Mo to tell him the news, he happened to be doing an experiment, shaking his hand, and directly causing an explosion, I would have no bones left. I must not tell him when he is in the laboratory. His baby sister is pregnant; if he was planting flowers when I went to look for him, and he was holding a shovel in his hand, would he get excited and shovel me twice with the shovel? If the shovel is on the aorta, I shouldnt wait. When it comes to emergency surgery, I must not choose to tell him when he is planting flowers..."

Liu Ting murmured for a long time.

When he recovered, Jian Yiling had already left the laboratory.

"I'm going! What the hell! Dean Ancestor, where have you been!"

Liu Ting hurried to chase.

Dean, you should not consider the personal safety of the child's father in your stomach, but also consider the safety of the people in their hospital, otherwise the trees in their hospital should also be considered!

Liu Ting chased after Jian Yunmo's office upstairs too late.

The atmosphere in the office is frozen.

Liu Ting saw that every nerve on Jian Yunmo's face was tight.

His hand on the table tightened, tightened, tightened again, and the page under his palm was pinched into a ball.

Liu Ting felt that what Jian Yunmo was holding was not the piece of paper, but his fragile little heart.

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