From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1333

Chapter 1333: I Won't Care About You From Today

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Qin Chuan's eyes dazzled, and he slammed Mo Shiyun to the ground.

Mo Shiyun was in plaster. After she fell from the bed to the floor, she couldn't even get up.

"Qin Chuan, don't be angry, I just love you, I just love you too much."

"Mo Shiyun, starting today, everything about you has nothing to do with me, and I won't care about you anymore."

Although Qin Chuan indicated that he did not love Mo Shiyun, he would still take care of her daily life, give her money and arrange a place to live.

All this is their former love.

And now, she ruined even this last bit of affection.

Mo Shiyun quickly climbed to Qin Chuans feet and hugged Qin Chuans legs, begging: "Qin Chuan, havent we got along well in the past two years? At that time, we all thought Jian Yiling was dead. You are a little sad, but the days go on, and we have some happy moments."

Mo Shiyun really hopes that Jian Yiling is really dead and never come back again.

If it weren't for Jian Yiling to come back, these changes between her and Qin Chuan would not have happened.

The hatred for Jian Yiling that had been put down once again poured out like a surging river.

It's not that she is stingy, it's not that she is holding grudges, it's that Jian Yiling refuses to give her a way to survive and wants to take everything from her.

She clearly begged her so bitterly.

She even knelt down.

She didn't even mind that Qin Chuan was thinking of her in her heart, and she no longer wanted to compare her with her.

She has accepted the fact that she is inferior to Jian Yiling.

But Jian Yiling completely ruined her life.

Qin Chuan shook Mo Shiyun away: "It has nothing to do with whether she is alive or dead. It's what you are doing."

Mo Shiyun asked Qin Chuan back: "Do you think what I do is mean? What about you? Zhai Yunsheng is not kind to you, nor is it a grudge? Jian Yiling helped you Qin family more than once, you still It was not because of my own selfish desires that I chose to be the enemy of the Zhai family and united with everyone to destroy the Zhai family."

Mo Shiyun has been forced to be on the edge of the cliff, she will be broken into pieces at any time, there is nothing she dare not say or do.

Mo Shiyun's words plunged into Qin Chuan's heart like a thorn.

Is he mean?

It should be true that everything he did, one by one, was hurting people he once trusted.

He tried to bring everything back to the original point, to bring himself back to peace.

As a result, he was farther and farther away from himself in the memory of previous lives.

It was as if two souls lived in his body, they were fighting, tearing him.

He has to kill one to be peaceful.

Now he has failed. He has no way to make this life overlap with the previous life. All emotions are opposite.

He once loved Mo Shiyun deeply;

He hates Mo Shiyun now;

He used to hate Jian Yiling;

Now he loves Jian Yiling deeply.

Qin Chuan did not answer Mo Shiyun's question, he resolutely left the ward.

Mo Shiyun sat on the ground and shouted angrily and desperately: "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

She just wants to stay by his side, why is he not willing to satisfy her even with such a simple request.

Mo Shiyun was mad, shouting and crying.

After a while, after calming down, she opened Weibo again and saw the message below the comment she posted.

She knew that even if Zhai Yunsheng and Qin Chuan deleted her Weibo, the current situation would not be changed.

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