From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337: Qin Chuans Position In Xunyu Has Improved A Lot In The Past Two Years

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Jian Yiling, who was in the Zhai family mansion, was watching the news and saw a clip of Qin Chuan being interviewed.

Seeing him clarify the relationship with himself.

Jian Yunnao, who accompanied Jian Yiling to watch the news, was helping Jian Yiling peel the grapes.

Put the peeled grapes in a bowl for Jian Yiling to eat.

Seeing the content of the news, Jian Yunnao frowned and said: "Why did you go there early if you want him to be an afterthought?"

Dislike it.

Jian Yunnao turned his head and said to Jian Yiling: "Sister, let's ignore him, whether he apologizes or why, he is a human-faced animal with an uneasy heart."


On the other side of Jian Yiling, sitting Jian Yichen, he was making fruit yogurt for Jian Yiling.

Cut various fruits into small pieces and mix them with yogurt.

The two of them were like full-time nanny. They didn't go out to work. They stayed in the Zhai house all day to speak with Jian Yiling to relieve their boredom.

It's like Jian Yiling's right and left guardian.

Qin Yufan came to see Jian Yiling and saw this scene as soon as he entered the living room.

Jian Yichen's careful and gentle appearance made her look stagnant.

Although he has always been hippie smiling, he has never been unequivocal, gentle and attentive in business matters.

"Yu Fan."

Qin Yufan realized that he was looking at Jian Yichen again when she heard Jian Yiling calling herself.

"How are you? I heard that you have a little baby stuffed in your stomach?" Qin Yufan came to visit Jane Yiling when she heard that she was pregnant.


"Really good." Qin Yufan said with envy.

He is a little older than Jian Yiling and is still single today.

Her destiny...

Thinking of this, Qin Yufan's gaze fell on Jian Yichen again.

But Jian Yichen's attention was on the fruit yogurt he made for Jian Yiling, and he didn't even look at Qin Yufan.

In fact, his attitude is already obvious, but she has never given up.

"I'm here to bring you some news." Qin Yufan didn't forget that he was looking for Jian Yiling's business.

"What's the matter? Is your half-brother **** planning to do anything to harm my sister?" Jian Yunnao hurriedly asked.

"I don't know if it hurt Yiling, but I heard him by chance contacting someone from Xunyu. It feels like he is planning something. It's better for you to be careful."

"I got it." Jian Yiling replied, his tone of voice could not be more plain.

Qin Yufan said to Jian Yiling very seriously and solemnly: "Yiling, although Xunyu is only a natural science research association in name, it is actually not so good. In the two years since you were away, Qin Chuan has He has become an A-level member of Xunyu. He has a high status in Xunyu. He can use Xunyu to do many things. Don't underestimate it."

It's not that Qin Yufan thinks too much.

But Xunyu does have such strength.

"I know, I will take it seriously." Jian Yiling replied.

She said she should pay attention to it, but on her little face, she really didn't pay any attention to worry.


Qin Yufan should almost get used to Jian Yiling's unresponsive reaction.

"In short, you must keep things in mind about Xunyu." Qin Yufan repeatedly urged.

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