From Sidekick To Bigshot Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339: Its Hard To Say Who Is Watching Whose Show Today

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The man replied: "Xunyu's punishment for those who do not obey the blocking arrangement is very serious. If Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling want to be punished by the organization [www.boquge.xyz], they can not appear. "

This means that no matter if Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling should not make an appointment, they will not escape.

The man's words made Qu Zhen and Sheng Yingying feel at ease.

Qu Zhen and Sheng Yingying know how strong the background of Xunyu is.

Anyone who offends Xunyu will not end well.

Even Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling, who are second to none in the capital, are like ants in front of the huge and mysterious Xuanyu.

"What kind of punishment will it be?" Sheng Yingying couldn't help asking.

The man glanced at Sheng Yingying.

Qin Chuan explained: "These two are my friends."

The man answered Sheng Yingyings question: "First, he will be blacklisted by Xunyu. Once it is blacklisted by Xunyu, all companies of Xunyu will not cooperate with them, and will treat him as long as there is a chance. Suppress."

"Secondly, we will have special execution officers to punish those who violate the rules, so that the offenders will be traumatized both physically and mentally. It is not convenient for me to elaborate on the specific details."

"It turned out to be like this." There was a smile on Sheng Yingying's face.

Following the man, he reported to Qin Chuan the arrangements for tomorrow.

Qu Zhen and Sheng Yingying beside them felt relieved.

The people in Xunyu are indeed very reliable.

As long as Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling are destroyed, they will be at ease.


Twelve days after noon the next day, Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling arrived at a temporary meeting place of Xunyu in Beijing on time.

This is a church, not open to the public. It is only used by people from the territories to meet and discuss important matters.

Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling are both wearing casual clothes, one black and one white, holding hands, without bodyguards behind them.

As soon as I walked in, I saw Qu Zhen and Sheng Yingying who had arrived before them.

This man and a woman, one fat and one thin, two people who were not members of Xunyu appeared on the territory of Xunyu.

Qu Zhen also pretended to say hello to Zhai Yunsheng and Jian Yiling: "Master Zhai, grandma, don't come here without problems."

Zhai Yunsheng grinned evilly, pulling Jian Yiling onto the high-tech chair next to him and sitting down.

She also pulled Jian Yiling onto her lap and sat.

"Yiling, you see, there are two monkeys about to sing for us. We will watch them carefully. Do not watch the monkey play by Bai Jian." Zhai Yunsheng lowered his head and said sexyly in Jian Yiling's ear.

Sheng Yingying sneered, and fought back: "It's hard to tell who is watching whose play today!"

Sheng Yingying's expression was sarcasm, the catastrophe was imminent, she didn't even know it, and she said she wanted to watch their good show? It's so funny!

After a while, the people from Qin Chuan and Xunyu came, let's see if Zhai Yunsheng can laugh like this!

Qu Zhen sighed and said, "Master Zhai, Grandma, don't blame us for doing this. We were forced to be helpless. No one wants things to this point."

Jian Yiling's eyes were sharp: "No one is forcing you, it's your own choice."

Qu Zhen said helplessly: "When we chose to follow Mr. Qin, Master Zhai could not give us a sense of security. We were afraid that the loyalty alliance would be destroyed in the hands of Master Zhai. We all have labor and little ones, and there are so many under our hands. Brothers who work for us, we cannot collapse."

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